My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 26

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Metallic and Diamond Cutter pushed away from each other and skidded back. Two of my greatest creations battling it out to the death Nip Tuck thought as a smile formed on her face. I wonder what will break first: Metallic's Liquid Metal or Diamond Cutter's Emeralds.


Liquid Metal started to seep out Metallic's left front hoof while Emerald's grew out of Diamond Cutter's right front hoof. The two stood across from each other for a few moments before they suddenly charged at one another.


Metallic's right front hoof and Diamond Cutters left front hoof collided creating another shockwave. They began flinging hooves in hopes of making contact with their opponent's flesh. Each collision of metal and Emerald created shockwaves that shook the dome above The Arena. However, no matter how hard the collision was. Metallic's metal and Diamond Cutter's emeralds never broke, cracked, or dented. Diamonds Cutter charged at Metallic once again, but when his right hoof collided with Metallic's left. He leaped over Metallic and flung his hoof towards Metallic's back. Liquid metal quickly poured out of Metallic's skin and coated his back before it hardened like a suit of armor.


Diamond Cutter's hoof slammed into the metal and created another shockwave. Liquid Metal seeped out of Metallic's tail and coated and hardened. He swung his tail towards Diamond Cutter. Emeralds grew out of Diamond Cutter's skin and coated his torso. Metallic's tail slammed into Diamond Cutter's body and launched him away from Metallic. Diamond Cutter flew through the air and before he hit the ground. He twisted so his hooves hit the ground first and skidded a few feet on the ground. He looked back at Metallic and smiled.


Slants opened on Metallic's right front hoof. He punched the air and buzzsaws shot out of the slants. They soared towards Diamond Cutter, but Diamond Cutter also punched the air and crescent-shaped Emeralds shot out of his left front hoof. The crescent emeralds and metal buzz saws collided and ricocheted off one another.


Liquid Metal quickly seeped out of Metallic's body and coated his entire body with liquid metal before it hardened. Likewise, Emerald grew out of Diamond Cutter's body and coated his body. Both wore suits of armor made of metal or Emerald respectively. Both stallions stood tall as the buzz saws and crescent emeralds scattered all around The Arena, embedding in the ground, walls, and even the ceiling.


A metal buzzsaw came through the glass of the skybox, pass Nip Tuck's face, and embedding in the top right corner. Nip Tuck never flinched as the glass broke and she felt the wind whoosh past her. A Chester cat grin formed on Nip Tuck's face. That's right, fight for me. Nip Tuck thought before she began to laugh. Her laughing started as a low chuckle before it escalated into her laughing out loud and yelling, "Fight for your mother's affection!" the metal suit changed to liquid before seeping back into Metallic's his body. The Emeralds covering Diamond Cutter receded back into his body.


"Your metal is very formidable," Diamond Cutter complimented.


"Likewise, you Emeralds are sturdier than I thought," Metallic complimented back.


"Thank you, but my Emeralds will break your metal," Diamond Cutter said matter-a-factly.


"My metal will crack your Emeralds before it ever breaks," Metallic retorted.


Liquid Metal seeped out of Metallic's left front hoof and coated it before hardening. From the side of his hoof grew a blade that shimmered in the lights of the dome. Emeralds grew out of Diamond Cutter's right front hoof. A blade made of Emeralds grew out of the side of his hoof as well. The two stood across from each other for a few seconds before they charged at one another.


Metallic swung his blade at Diamond Cutter while Diamond Cutter swung his at Metallic. The two blades met in the middle as sparks flew from the collision and created another shockwave. After the shockwave, the two began wildly swinging their blades in hopes of finding purchase. However, with every swing, the blades collided and created a shockwave as sparks scattered around them.


After the tenth time the blades collided, Emeralds grew from Diamond Cutter's left front hoof. He swung his left hoof towards Metallic, but liquid Metal quickly seeped out of Metallic's right front hoof and hardened. He blocked Diamond Cutter's attack. Emeralds grew out of Diamond Cutter's skin and coated his head with a sort of helmet made of Emeralds. Likewise, Liquid Metal seeped out of Metallic's skin and coated his head in metal like a helmet as well. The Liquid Metal hardened just before both stallions head-butted each other. The two pushed away from each other and skidded back as they stood ten feet away from one another.


The metal coating Metallic's head and front hooves changed to liquid and seeped back into his skin. The Emeralds coating Diamond Cutter's head and front hooves receded back into his skin. Both stallions were breathing heavily as sweat rolled down their face. They had been battling for nearly two hours and yet neither Metallic's Metal or Diamond Cutter's Emeralds showed any signs of breaking, cracking, or denting. Both were on their last leg of energy as liquid metal seeped out of Metallic's skin and coated his right front hoof and hardened while Emeralds grew out of Diamond Cutter's skin and coated his left front hoof. Both took a deep breath before charging one another.


Both stallions charged at one another at full speed and flung their hooves at one another. Metallic's right front hoof and Diamond Cutter's left hoof scraped against one another as they passed by. Metallic's right hoof slammed into the side of Diamond Cutter's face as Diamond Cutter's hoof slammed into the side of Metallic's face. The force of the blows sent the two soaring backward. Both stallions skipped on the ground before skidding to a stop. Both lay on the ground motionless. The seconds turned to minutes and yet neither one moved. After ten minutes the wall opened and two groups of stallions rolled out two carts. The groups split and went to either Diamond Cutter or Metallic. After a few seconds of the groups checking on the two, a stallion radioed into Nip Tuck


"Ma'am, it seems both Metallic and Diamond Cutter are knocked out," the stallion said over the walkie-talkie. Nip Tuck's magic wrapped around the walkie-talkie


"Take them both back to their rooms," Nip Tuck ordered.


"Understood," the stallion said before the groups placed Metallic and Diamond Cutter on separate carts and wheeled them out of The Arena.


"Ma'am," Jukebox said from the speakers before he continued, "What are we going to do about tonight's meals? There's not enough meat to make the meals for The Cell Block." Nip Tuck thought for a moment before she figured out a plan.


"Send some of the staff to the skybox, I have a list of Ponies in The Cell Block that are worthless to me. They'll be added to the grinder to make the meals," Nip Tuck explained.


"Understood," Jukebox said through the speakers. Nip Tuck's smile grew as she sat back in her chair. Can you feel it you dumb bitch? Can you feel that fear? That's your reign ending while mine begins. Nip Tuck thought.




The platinum blonde stallion walked through the door of The Clinic. As he did, a nurse mare walked over to him and reported, "The patient hasn't woken up yet sir."


"What about his brain waves?" the platinum blonde stallion asked.


"That's just it: he's in a coma, but his brain waves are all over the place," the nurse stated.


"It's apparent that his broken mind is in a battle. Two sides are fighting to see which will control his body," the platinum blonde stallion said before he added, "I wonder which one will win?" the platinum blonde stallion smiled as he looked down at Skyline laying in the bed.