My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 27

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline sat on the throne made of the dead tree as wails echoed around him. The red mist creatures were being brutalized by the pitch black smoke creatures. He got up from the throne and walked towards Nip Tuck who was watching the carnage unfold around her. When she saw him walking towards her she attempted to move away, but the chains that bound her refused to let her move.


"What's wrong mother?" Skyline mocked before he added, "Isn't this what you wanted? To create a monster?"


"I'm not a monster!" a voice screamed out. Skyline turned tail and his smile grew as his eyes fell onto a second Skyline.


"I was wondering when you were going to show up," the first Skyline said.


"Can't you see what she's doing?" the second skyline questioned before he continued, "She's twisting us into the monster she wants. She wants us to lead her army. She wants my mind to fall apart!"


"So what?" the first Skyline said before he continued, "you can't tell me absolute power doesn't feel marvelous. Besides, you can't act like you're innocent. You're to blame here as well."


"I didn't create sick, twisted monsters!" the second Skyline argued.


"You created me didn't you?" the first Skyline questioned before his body began to change. His body morphed into shadows as it grew to the form of a stallion. His eyes changed from green to teal and his pupils slanted. The second Skyline watched as the first morphed into a shadow stallion. The shadow stallion laughed and continued, "You created me because you felt weak and helpless as your friends were taken away from you. Then when you had to kill your own teacher, your weakness gave birth to me. I gave you the strength to keep going, I gave you the power to crush any fear. Now as you get just a taste of the power bestowed on you, you want to take it back?!"


"If that means becoming a monster, then I'll gladly refuse this power," Skyline said. The shadow stallion cracked a smile at his response.


"You say that like you actually have a say in the matter," the shadow stallion stated.


"I will not allow you to change me into a monster!" Skyline yelled.


"Oh really?" the shadow stallion said as the panther made of thick black smoke slowly stalked past him and towards Skyline. Skyline slowly stepped back as the shadow stallion asked, "You and what army?" the panther lunged for Skyline but found no purchase as the tiger made of thick white fog intercepted it. The two creatures collided with one another before pushing away. The tiger skidded back before roaring. The panther roared back just as something slammed into the ground behind Skyline. The Dragon made of white fog rose up from the dust, reared back and roared as the ground next to Skyline lifted up and the Pony-sized trapdoor spider crawled out. A sphere bounced around Skyline before it stopped and rolled next to him. It unfolded into the three-banded armadillo. A fist made of pure white fog blasted out of the ground behind Skyline. The massive hand slammed into the ground and dragged the two-story gorilla from the ground.


"Well then," the shadow stallion said as the other creatures of black smoke joined the panther. The shadow stallion's smile grew as he said, "Let's see who's army is superior?" the two-story reptilian creature let out a massive roar as the two-story gorilla pounded it's chest and roared back before the white fog creatures and black smoke creatures charged at one another.


The panther lunged for the tiger, but the tiger leaped to the side before it lunged for the panther. The panther roared and invisible blades cut into the tiger's fog body. The tiger let out a wail of pain before it roared back and the panther felt an invisible wall slam into its body and caused it to slam into the ground. The panther stood back up and the two stared at one other before charging at each other again. The two met in the middle in a barrage of teeth and fangs.


The panther's right paw slammed into the tigers face, but the tiger shook the blow off and pounced on the panther. It quickly leaped off as white blades jetted out of the panther's body. The panther stood back up as the blades sunk back into its body. The tiger roared and the panther roared back before the two charged at one another again.


The Dragon made of thick white fog soared through the air and dodged each lightning bolt shot at it. The rattlesnake tail continued shooting lightning bolts at the Dragon in hopes to make contact. The Dragon suddenly dive-bombed for the fox and its snakes. Its wings extended to stop its descent before it vomited out blue mist. The Copperhead snake tail shoved the rattlesnake and breathed out flames towards the blue mist. The mist and flames collided; however, the flames began to freeze when the mist connected. The fox jumped back as the large chunk of frozen flames slammed into the ground. The Dragon soared towards the fox.


The black mamba vomited green gas to create a smoke screen, but the Dragon quickly stopped and began flapping its wings to rid the air of the gas. However, a lightning bolt shot out and slammed into the Dragon's body. The Dragon roared in pain before it fell to the ground. It lay on the ground before it slowly stood back up and roared at the fox. The fox growled at the Dragon before the two charged at one another.


A sphere of green mist slammed into the spiders front legs that had morphed into a shield. The shield quickly morphed into two miniguns and rapidly fired out sliver spheres made of mist towards the fiddler crab. The large cannon quickly morphed back into the fiddler crabs large pincer before it scuttled away as small silver spheres slammed into the ground behind it. The fiddler crabs large pincer quickly morphed into a large battleax before it charged towards the Pony-size spider.


The two miniguns quickly morphed into swords before it charged towards the fiddler crab. The crab swung its battleax down towards the spider. The spider raised its swords to block the attack. The weapons collided and created a shockwave that caused the two creatures to slide backward. The two stared each other down before they charged towards each other.


The white sphere bounced around the Minotaur as it swung one of its battleaxes, trying to find purchase. The Minotaur would swing down at the sphere, but it continued to bounce around the Minotaur before it's anger grew and roared. The Minotaur slammed its ax to the ground and created a shockwave. The sphere bounced away from the shockwave before stopping and beginning to spin. The hologram of the clock face appeared above the sphere as the hand began to spin. It stopped on a yellow symbol just before the clock face shattered.


Lightning started to swirl around the sphere before it shot towards the Minotaur as a crackle of thunder followed suit. The Minotaur grasped the battleax in both its hands and swung towards the sphere. It collided with the side of the ax and created another shockwave that also shot lightning bolts all around them. Using all its strength, the Minotaur sent the sphere soaring backward. However, the sphere curved through the air and shot back towards the Minotaur as another crackle of thunder clapped through the air. The Minotaur readied its self for the next attack. When the sphere drew closer, the Minotaur swung. However, the sphere was able to fly under the ax, bounce on the ground, and shot up towards the Minotaur. The sphere slammed into the jaw of the Minotaur and sent it flying into the air. The Minotaur floated in the air before crashing into the ground.


The Minotaur slowly stood back up and grunted as the sphere spun again and the clock face appeared above it. The hand rotated and stopped on a red symbol. The clock face shattered and flames engulfed the sphere before it shot towards the Minotaur. The Minotaur grabbed the other battleax from its back and charged towards the sphere.


The large gorilla stood up and beat on its chest before charging at the reptilian creature. The reptilian creature roared and charged towards the gorilla. It tried to cut into the gorilla's fog body with it jagged claws, but the gorilla was able to dodge and get around the reptilian creature. The gorilla wrapped its arms around the creature's abdomen before it German suplexed the reptilian creature to the ground. As the creature slammed into the ground, it shook and cracked as dust and dirt soared into the air.


The gorilla stood back up and was about to attack again, but the reptilian creature's tail swung out of the dust cloud. It cut through the air and slammed into the right side of the gorilla. The gorilla wailed in pain as it fell to the ground. The reptilian creature rose up from the dust cloud and let out a massive roar. The serrated fins along its back began to glow blue just before it unleashed a stream of blue flames from its mouth. The gorilla wailed in pain again as the flames burned its fog body.


The flames ceased and the fins on the reptilian creature's back began to glow blue again. However, electricity began to spark around the gorilla's hands and it suddenly rose up and punched the reptilian creature in the chest. The reptilian creature roared in pain as electricity shot through its body. The reptilian creature stomped backward and roared again before it charged towards the gorilla again.


"Do you honestly think all this effort will help you?" the shadow stallion asked as he slowly stalked closer to Skyline who was walking backward.


"I-I won't let you turn me into another monster!" Skyline stuttered.


"But this is what you wanted!" the shadow stallion said before he continued, "You felt weak, you felt useless. So you created me to give you power and that's what I'm doing. You have the power to fight back!"


"I didn't want this!" Skyline yelled.


"This is the price you pay for power!" the shadow stallion screamed just as the white tiger was slammed into the ground. The Dragon roared in pain as snakes wrapped around its body and bit into its fog body. The Pony-sized spider was flung into the air before the chain that was wrapped around its body flung it towards the ground. The spider slammed into the ground as the chain slithered back towards the fiddler crab. The sphere was trapped under one of the Minotaur's hooves as it pressed down and tried to squish it. The gorilla wailed in pain as blue flames scorched its body once more. The shadow stallion watched before it turned back to Skyline and stated, "You've lost."


"No! No, I won't let you take over!" Skyline yelled as tears welled up in his eyes.


The shadow stallion laughed before he said, "You still think your parents are coming to save you? They're never coming for you. You'll be stuck here forever. With me." A sadistic crooked smile formed on the shadow stallion's face.


"No, no they're coming for me. They'll find me!" Skyline cried.


"Face it! Your little delusion of your parents coming for you is nothing but false hope," the shadow stallion hissed.


"No! You're wrong! You're WRONG!" Skyline cried.


In that second two flashes of white passed by all the creatures made of thick black smoke. Each one dissipated just as to large white orbs made of white fog hovered on either side of Skyline. The shadow stallion snarled at the two white orbs.


"You!? Why! Why now! Why are you two interfering?!" The shadow stallion yelled before the two orbs shot towards him. There was a bright light that blinded Skyline.




"Doctor! Look," one of the nurse Ponies said as she pointed to Skyline. He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. The platinum blonde stallion walked over to Skyline's bedside and smiled as he saw the young colt beginning to wake up.


"Give him more sedatives. He can't fully wake until he's placed back into his cell," The platinum blonde stallion said as the nurse Ponies did what they were told. Skyline felt the grogginess once again appeared and as he slowly fell back asleep. A single thought went through his mind. I have to get out of here.