My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 28

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Come on, come on!" Skyline pleaded as he groaned and attempted to summon any of the fog creatures. He had woken up several hours ago in his cell and attempted to conjure up any of the creatures. Sweat rolled down his brow as he attempted to force his powers to work. Please, please. Come on just a little bit of their power to get me out of here Skyline pleaded again. He attempted to try and use his power for more than an hour before he fell to the cement floor. He placed his head on his hooves and sighed.


"Damn it! Why won't it work?" Skyline asked himself. There was a small squeaking noise and when he looked up. He saw a small white mouse sitting there staring at him. He shooed the mouse away, but all it did was run towards the door before turning around and staring at Skyline again.


Skyline closed his eyes and was about to sigh again, but as he closed his eyes. He saw himself lying in the middle of the room. His eyes shot open as he looked around before he closed his eyes again. Once again he saw himself lying in the middle of the floor. He then saw that he was getting closer to himself. When he opened his eyes, he saw the small white mouse standing in front of him.


He looked closer and saw that the mouse was made of thick white fog. He quickly jumped up in shock and shouted, "I did it!" the mouse scurried towards the door in surprise before Skyline quickly placed his right hoof to his muzzle. Crap, did they hear me? Skyline questioned before he waited to hear a Pony on the other side of the door. After a few seconds, the mouse returned to Skyline and looked at him.


Skyline moved closer to the mouse and whispered, "Can you escape this cell and find a way to escape this hellhole?" Skyline asked. The mouse scratched the back of its right ear before it cocked its head sideways. Skyline sighed, but before he could ask again. The mouse turned tail and bounded for the door. Skyline watched as the mouse squeezed under the door and disappeared.


Skyline closed his eyes and saw the hallway outside. Alright, let's find an exit Skyline thought as the mouse started to scurry down the hall. It quickly stopped and lay flat on the floor as two stallions walked around a corner. The white floor hid the mouse. As the two stallions talked, Skyline found he could not only see what the mouse saw but hear what the mouse heard. It was like he was right there watching the two.


"Can you believe Rook got sent to The Line?" one of the stallions said. He was a hefty stallion with a dark blue coat and green mane.


"Well look who he was facing," the second stallion said. He was a short, chubby stallion with a gray coat and coal black mane. He looked behind him and looked directly at the mouse, but didn't seem to see it before he said, "Doesn't matter what you can do. Vortex is the strongest fighter we have here."


As the two walked down the hallway. The mouse followed them and listened to their conversation. The mouse stopped once again as the gray stallion looked behind him again.


"The hell's wrong with you?" the dark blue stallion asked as he too looked back, but saw nothing.


"I feel like we're being watched," the gray stallion stated.


"No shit, there are cameras all over this damn place," the blue stallion said.


"I know that," the gray stallion hissed before he looked back again and added, "I feel like there's someone standing behind us. Watching us."


The blue stallion rolled his eyes and continued down the hallway. The gray stallion quickly trotted towards the blue stallion as the blue stallion asked, "So what's on your agenda now?"


"I'm heading to The Line. What about you?" the gray stallion asked.


"Master Control. The mare there had to pull a triple after that stomach bug went around," the blue stallion said.


"Yeah, watched one of the guys try and work the grinder at The Line while battling that. Lost his footing and fell right into the damn thing. You think putting dead bodies in that thing makes a lot of noise. Having a living Pony fall into that and listen to it grind them while they scream is even worse. Shit's going to haunt me for at least a month," the gray stallion said.


The two stallions split up and the white mouse followed the blue stallion. The blue stallion started to ascend a set of stairs and as he continued. The mouse struggled to keep up as it climbed each step. Damn it. I'm going to lose him at this rate Skyline thought. The small mouse began to shift and morph into a small spider. It began to crawl up the wall and follow the stallion until he reached a steel door.


The blue stallion opened the steel door and walked into the large room. The wall opposite the door was covered in TV screens with each one monitoring the Ponies inside their cells. Sitting in front of the wall of monitors was a small pink mare. Her front hooves were crossed and her head rested on them. The blue stallion rolled his eyes, walked towards the sleeping Pony, and shook her awake.


"I'm up, I'm up," she said as she shot awake and looked around. When she saw the blue stallion in the room she sighed in relief and said, "Thank Celestia it's you. If it was that brown nose chubby asshole. I'd probably be sent to Viper's room." She got up from the chair and started to stumble.


The blue stallion quickly caught her before she collapsed to the ground. As she thanked him he said, "Can't let you stumble all the way to your room. You'd probably fall down the stairs and break your neck."


The pink mare looked at the stallion shiftily before she asked, "You think this will get you closer to my flank?" the blue stallion just shook his head and sighed.


"Not every guy here is a sex-crazed donkey," the blue stallion said.


"I'll believe it when I see it," the mare said just as the blue stallion helped her towards the steel door. Once the door closed, the small spider made of fog quickly morphed back into the mouse and scurried over to the control panel. It scanned the monitors until it found the one that showed Skyline.


"Wow, I look terrible?" Skyline said to himself. His mane was tattered and his coat was coated with dried blood and dirt. He then shifted his body to make it look like he was sleeping. This way, if they were watching him while he looked for a way out they'd just assume he was sleeping. Once he was comfortable, the mouse went to work examining the control panel.


The panel was covered with green and red buttons. Each green button was paired with a red button and under each one was a room number. The mouse looked back at the monitor that showed Skyline and saw the number 145 on the bottom of the screen. The mouse scurried around the panel until it found the two buttons for room 145.


"Which one opens the door?" Skyline asked himself before the mouse pressed down on the green button. A surge of electricity went through Skyline's body as he screamed in pain. The electricity only lasted for a few seconds before it ceased. Skyline lay on the ground for a few seconds before he took a deep breath. Not that button Skyline thought.


The mouse then pressed the red button next to the green one and Skyline felt his legs shoot out and lock up. Just like when he heard the clicks from the door. The mouse quickly pressed the red button again and Skyline's legs relaxed. The mouse looked back at the monitor showing Skyline as he maneuvered himself to get more comfortable. Maybe there's a purge button like in the movies? Skyline thought before the mouse scurried around the board to look for any way to unlock the door to his cell. After several minutes of searching, the mouse couldn't find a button to unlock the steel door.


"The hell? Usually, there's a purge button in the movies. Why doesn't this board have one?" Skyline asked himself. The mouse sat on the edge of the board and looked at the wall full of monitors. As the mouse surveyed the wall, skyline noticed that there were labels on the top of each monitor. When he looked at the label above his monitor, he saw the name: Spirit Walker.


The mouse scanned the other monitors and what labels were above the screens. It stopped on a monitor showing an empty cell with Pony carcasses hanging from the ceiling. Skyline felt his stomach retch as he saw the lifeless bodies swinging slowly back and forth on what looked like meat hooks. The floor of the cell was coated in dried up blood. One of the carcasses looked to be sliced open in the middle with its inner organs removed. While another was missing its bottom half of its skin as the bottom half of its spine dangled from the exposed skin. The carcass closest to the camera slowly circled around and Skyline saw the chubby tan stallion, his face twisted in agony as it looked like all of his hooves had been severed and part of his face was torn off.


A smile formed on Skylines face as he uttered, "Serves the bastard right." However, his smile soon faded as he swallowed hard just before the mouse peered up to see the label above the monitor. A single name was labeled on the screen: Viper.