My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 33

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline looked from the newspaper article to Nip Tuck and glared at her as he roared, "You're lying!" Nip Tuck chuckled at his outburst.


"The news never lies," Nip Tuck said before she stopped and thought. She then adjusted, "Well maybe sometimes it stretches the truth, but I assure you this article is the truth."


The bird let out an angry chirp, causing Fluttershy to jump. She looked at the bird and asked quizzically, "who's lying?" she's lying, she has to be lying! Skyline thought. Fluttershy asked again, "Who?" Nip Tuck! She's saying my parents are dead. That can't be true! Skyline thought again.


"Fluttershy, what's going on?" Twilight asked.


"He's saying Nip Tuck is claiming his parents are dead," Fluttershy said as she turned to her friend.


Celestia snarled at Nip Tuck's name and glared towards the white Robin as she hissed, "How much blood is on her hooves. How bloody is her pear coat?" pearl? Skyline thought. However, he couldn't ponder on it long.


"So you see my dilemma. I have nothing to use to break you. However, that was until I came up with a brilliant idea," Nip Tuck said.


"And what could that be?" Skyline asked, amusing the mare as he kept her talking while his right eye was closed. The mouse was still trying to find a weakness in the Tesla coils, but not finding any purchase.


"If I can't get your parents, I'll get the other members of your family," Nip Tuck said with a bit of delight in her voice. Skyline eyes widened as she revealed her new plan. He had been so worried about his parents he hadn't thought about his other family members, his thoughts fell on his family: His aunt and uncle in Appaloosa, they had wanted to get away from the city and live in the country. His cousin in the Wonderbolt Academy, she had always wanted to join them and when she had gotten the acceptance letter on her birthday. She literally shot towards the academy that instant. His grandparents in Los Pegasus, they had left three weeks ago to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Skyline glared at Nip Tuck as he snarled when she continued, "It should be easy to find your family members. Just have to pay off some Ponies, send my mercenaries to their location, bring them here, infuse them, and finally make them fight."


"I won't let you do that," Skyline growled.


"And how do you intend to stop me?" Nip Tuck cued. Skyline glared at her as the mouse in the generator room tried to figure out how to destroy the coils.


A distorted chuckled echoed in Skylines mind as the shadow stallion stated, "I can help you if you want?" Skyline bit his lower lip. He didn't want to let it take control again. He knew what horrors the shadow stallion would bring. You will help destroy the coils and that's it! Skyline thought.


"You say that now," the shadow stallion purred in Skyline's head as he heard the chains that bound the shadow rattling. There was a long pause before the shadow stallion said, "Fine, but you'll want more in due time." Skyline winced as a sharp pain went through his spine.


Nip Tuck looked at Skyline and asked, "What's wrong little Pony?"


"Back spasm," Skyline lied before he added, "From being thrown back into my room so many times." The mouse suddenly twitched and convulsed before its white fog body morphed into a large pitch black rat. The rat exploded into strands of smoke that began to spin like a drill and started to force its way into the Tesla coils. Sparks flew through the air as the smoke continued to drill.


"I'll have to reprimand my staff for handling my children," Nip Tuck said. Skyline glared at Nip Tuck as she walked back towards her chair and sat back down. Her horn illuminated and her magic wrapped around her wine glass as the door opened and two stallions walked into the skybox. Nip Tuck pointed to Skyline and said, "Bring Spirit Walker back to his cell." One of the stallions went to grab Skyline. However, before he could, the lights suddenly went out for several seconds before the emergency lights clicked on.


"Warning! Warning," A robotic mare's voice echoed through the speakers as she continued, "Tesla Coils 1,4,6, and 7 have been damaged. Tesla Coils 3 and 5 are operational, but won't last. All personnel should evacuate the facility."


"The hell's going on," Nip Tuck said as she turned to the two stallions for answers. They didn't give her an answer as the robotic mare's voice appeared again.


"Warning! Warning! Tesla Coil 3 damaged. Emergency power wavering. All personnel should evacuate immediately," the mare's voice announced before she came back with more urgency in her voice, "Warning! Warning! Magic disruptor has gone down, magic disruptor down. Warning! Warning! Cellblock locks have been disabled. All personnel should stay clear of Cellblock."


"For fuck's sake," Nip Tuck cursed before she floated a Walkie-Talkie up and ordered, "Master control. What's happening?"


"Sweet Celestia, the Cell Block doors just unlocked and all the inmates are running loose," the mare in master control said. Nip Tuck snorted before she moved the wheel on the side of the Walkie-Talkie to another channel.


"Alpha, do you have a handle on this situation?" Nip Tuck asked.


"Sweet Celestia no! No!" a stallion screamed before the sound of gurgling came from the Walkie-Talkie's speaker. She turned the wheel to speak again, but a stallion screamed from the speaker, "Shoot her! SHOOT HER!"


The two stallions in the skybox stood there dumbfounded as their eyes widened with every scream of terror coming from the Walkie-Talkie. A smile formed on Skyline's face before he turned towards the stallions and hissed, "Boo." The stallions backpedaled and tripped over their hooves as they rushed out the door. Once the lights had turned off, Skyline had felt his body unlock and he fell to the floor. He quickly stood back up before the lights came on to make them think everything was alright.


"What have you done!?" Nip Tuck roared.


"Stopping you," Skyline retorted. Nip Tuck glared at Skyline as her magic crushed the wine glass and Walkie-Talkie. Her magic dropped the broken shards of the glass and crushed Walkie-Talkie before her magic suddenly wrapped around Skylines body.


"You son of a bitch!" she screamed as she lifted Skyline up and launched him towards the window overlooking The Arena. Skyline's body crashed through the window and he felt his body free fall towards the dirt floor. His hooves grasped the empty air as his world started to slow down. He didn't expect this reaction from her, he didn't expect to be falling to his death, and he didn't expect to find himself in The Arena again.


White mist rushed out of Skyline's body as it flew through The Arena before taking the shape of the white Dragon. It roared before it soared towards Skyline and grasped him in its talons. It flew towards the ground and gently placed Skyline on the ground before it landed on the ground behind Skyline. Skyline turned to the Dragon and said, "Thank you." The Dragon, however, didn't pay attention to Skyline. It was glaring up at the skybox as Nip Tuck used her magic to float down to the dirt floor.


"You've ruined everything!" Nip Tuck screamed before she went on, "I now have to start from scratch! Do you know how far you've set my research back?!"


"You won't be starting from scratch because I'm not letting you leave here alive! You can't be allowed to live after all the horrors you've done! Your coat has changed to a sickly red color from all the blood on it! you must be stopped" Skyline yelled.


"My coat?" Nip Tuck said before she laughed and added, "I wash my coat on a daily basis so it isn't ruined by the blood." She seemed proud of it which made Skyline feel sick.


"But your coat should be p," Skyline said before Celestia's words cut into his mind. Her pearl coat. Celestia's words continued to repeat in his mind before he looked back at the red Unicorn mare and stated, "You're not Nip Tuck."


The red Unicorn mare looked at Skyline in confusion before she laughed, "How can I not be Nip Tuck darling?"


"Because Celestia said Nip Tuck has a pearl colored coat," Skyline admitted. The red Unicorn mare glared at Skyline before a crooked smile formed on her face and she began laughing.


"How you've been talking to that bitch is beyond me," the red Unicorn mare said before she looked at Skyline and said, "Never the less, let me properly introduce myself." She then lifted her hoof as a gesture to shake Skylines as she said, "My name is Splice." Splice? Skyline thought.


"Who's Splice?" Fluttershy asked as she turned to Celestia and Luna.


Celestia's eyes widened as her face went pale. She then mirrored what the red Unicorn mare said next, "Nip Tuck's Sister."