My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 34

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline stared at Splice in shock as she began to explain, "My sister and I found this facility after she came to my home in desperation. She explained her plan and her goal and I loved it. A super-powered Equestria that could destroy any threat that came to its doorstep. We began ten years ago. We hired mercenaries and staff to work here and everything was going perfectly. Until we started running out of room for new test subjects, so I suggested using the massive arena to have them fight to weed out the weak. However, my sister felt that was too barbaric. She couldn't see the genius of my plan and so during the night I snuck into her room and stabbed her." Splice didn't seem remorseful that she killed her own sister.


"So you killed your sister because she disagreed with you?" Skyline said disgustedly.


"I killed the thing that replaced my sister!" Splice roared as she added, "Nip Tuck became weak and worthless to her plan. So I took over her project and started the Suicide Dome. Within the first few months, I weeded out the weak and made more room for even more test subjects to strengthen my army. For ten years I've kept this facility up and running so I can keep the strong and discard the weak. I'm doing my sister's work justice."


"You're nothing but a monster," Skyline hissed as more fog slithered out of his body. The fog took the shape of the white tiger, pony-sized spider, armadillo, and two-story gorilla as Skyline said, "You can't be left to continue your sick experiments."


"Oh, my," Splice purred as red mist slowly crawled from her body. The mist started to take the shape of the mist creatures Skyline saw in his nightmares. A large pony-sized cobra rose up and hissed as the wolf next to it growled. A pony-sized scorpion crawled up next to Splice while a bull dug its right front hoof into the ground. A large four headed hydra rose up from behind Splice. Splice looked at the red mist creatures and purred again, "You think I'm intimidated by you and your little fog creatures? How cute."


Skyline snarled at her before he let out his best war cry and charged towards splice. The fog creatures followed him. Splice chuckled and skipped towards Skyline as the red mist creatures charge with her. The two sets of creatures met in the middle as the war began.


The red cobra lunged for the white tiger, but only bit into the dirt as the tiger jumped back. The tiger charged, but the Cobra quickly dug into the dirt and swam through the dirt floor. The dirt didn't cover much of the steel floor underneath so the snake's body could be seen slithering under it. The tiger watched the snake and waited for the opportune time. The snake suddenly turned and slithered towards the tiger. It burst out of the dirt, mouth open. Ready to sink its fangs into the tiger's fog body. However, the tiger was ready and leaped back while swiping its right front claw at the cobra's face. It found purchase as the claw raked across the cobra's face and caused it to slam into the ground. The tiger seemed to smile as the snake slowly rose up and hissed in anger. The right side of the cobra's face was cut open and small streams of red mist was oozing from the wound. The snake began to convulse before it vomited out a large glob of black mud. The tiger jumped back as the glob hit the ground and began to eat away the dirt floor like acid. The steel underneath began to sizzle and creak as the mud ate away the steel.


The Tiger growled low as the snake vomited another glob of black mud. The tiger roared to create the invisible wall. However, the glob of mud passed right through the wall. The tiger quickly leaped to the side but felt the heat singed the tiger's right shoulder. It wailed in pain as it rolled on the ground before it stood back up and roared again. The snake went to vomit another glob of black mud, but nothing came out. The snake seemed to hiss in frustration before it slithered towards the tiger as the tiger roared again and charged at the cobra.


The red wolf howled as more red mist slithered from its body and formed the pack of wolves and rushed towards the Dragon. The Dragon roared and took to the air before the wolf pack reached it. The Dragon reared back and vomited out blue mist. The wolf pack quickly dispersed, but three of the wolves were unable to escape the mist. They froze instantly and shattered. The lead wolf howled just as the pack of wolves puffed into red mist. The red mist swirled up into the air above the Dragon. The mist suddenly reformed into the wolf pack and plummeted onto its back. The wolves landed on the Dragon's back and began biting and clawing at its back. The Dragon roared in pain as it flew towards the ground. It turned and slammed its back into the ground and scraped the wolves from its back.


The Dragon lay on the ground for several seconds before it rolled onto its stomach and started to rise as the wolves began to slowly start to rise as well. The Dragon roared towards the wolf pack as they howled back and charged at one another. The Dragon leaped into the air and slammed into the ground and spun around. Its tail cut through the air and slammed into three of the wolves and flung them across The Arena. The Dragon wailed in pain as two wolves jumped onto its back again and bit into the Dragon's fog body. The Dragon rolled to crush the wolves on its back, but the wolves leaped from the Dragon's back before they could be crushed. The Dragon got to its feet and roared before the wolf pack and Dragon charged at one another.


The red scorpion lunged its stinger towards the white pony-sized spider, but the spider leaped back as the stinger dug into the dirt floor. The scorpion's pincers morphed into chainsaws as the teeth spun rapidly as the Scorpion charged towards the spider. The spider's front legs morphed into battle axes and it charged towards the Scorpion. The axes and chainsaws collided and sparks flew through the air. The scorpion's stinger flung towards the spider, but a ninth leg grew from the top of the spider's head and grabbed the Scorpion's tale before it could find purchase. The two continued their power struggle before they jumped back from one another.


The scorpion's right chainsaw morphed into a cannon and it shot a glob of black mud towards the spider. The spider quickly leaped to the right before its two front legs morphed into Tommy guns and rapidly fired blue spheres at the scorpion. The Scorpion's left chainsaw morphed into a shield and slammed the end to the ground just as the spheres collided with it and began to push the scorpion back. The Scorpion's right cannon morphed into a kunai and chain and flung it to the right. It latched onto the wall and pulled it towards the wall and away from the barrage. Its shield morphed into a large box that had four compartments. The four opened and each shot out a rocket made of black mud. Eight small doors opened on the scorpion's back and shot out more black mud rockets that looped around and soared towards the spider.


The dome shook as a massive explosion of flames and black mud erupted causing not only the glass ceiling to shake but the ground as well. The scorpion waited as the dust started to settle to see what was left of the spider. A blue sphere soared from the dust cloud and slammed into the Scorpion causing it to fly back into the wall. The scorpion was dazed but found its footing and watched as the spider soared out of the dust cloud and into the air. The spider's legs had morphed together to form wings and its web sack had morphed into a sort of jet engine.


Miniguns grew out of the bottom of the wings and began to spin before they rapidly fired small blue spheres at the scorpion. The scorpion's eight legs quickly morphed and fused to create four tires. They spun and the Scorpion raced along the dirt floor to avoid the onslaught. Both its kunai and chain and rocket launcher morphed into cannons that fired black mud towards the spider to try and ground the creature.


The red bull and white sphere collided and created a shockwave that pushed the two away from each other. The sphere bounced back before the hologram of the clock appeared and it's handspun before landing on a red symbol. The clock shattered and flames engulfed the sphere before it soared towards the bull. The bull slammed its hooves to the ground and the dirt around it rose up and formed into a murder of crows. The bull snorted and the crows soared towards the sphere. The crows formed a sort of wall to intercept the sphere. The sphere slammed into the wall of crows but was able to break through it. However, in doing so its speed had decreased immensely. The bull was able to turn tail and buck the sphere back. It winced as the flames licked at its flank. The sphere was shot backward and slammed into a wall. It stayed embedded in the wall for several seconds before it began to spin and dislodge itself.


The hologram of the clock face appeared once again over the sphere. However, the bull stopped its front hooves to the ground and the dirt rose up to form more crows. The hand of the clock spun and landed on a black symbol. The clock face shattered and the sphere's shadow began to slowly grow on the ground and as it did, black tendrils rose up from the bottom. The tips of the tendrils formed into snakeheads that let out a cry that sounded like a whale call. The bull stopped its right hind leg and the crows shot towards the sphere and tendrils. The snakehead tendrils suddenly shot towards the crows and the two met in the middle as the crows pecked and scratched at the tendrils while the snakehead mow snapped at any crow that got near. Several of the tendrils were able to devour some of the crows, while others simply ripped others apart.


The bull snorted again and charged towards the battle between crow and snakehead tendril. It raced around the action and charged towards the sphere. The clock face appeared again and the hand began to spin again. This time it stopped on a mint green symbol. The snakehead tendrils seemed to fade away as the sphere began to multiply. There were two, then four, then eight. Within a matter of seconds, the sphere had multiple into three hundred. They began to bounce around The Arena and ricochet of the walls, ceiling, and one another. The bull skidded to a stop and bucked the first sphere that got close. It's back right hoof seemed to just phase through the sphere as another bounce on the ground and slammed into its right side. The bull let out a wail of pain as it fell to the ground. It lay on the ground for several seconds before it stood back up. It tried to kick another sphere, but once again. Its hoof went through the sphere as another sphere slammed into its left side. The bull, now enraged began bucking at every sphere that got near in hopes of finding purchase.


Lightning shot out of the middle hydra's head and slammed into the chest of the gorilla as it let out a wail of pain. It stepped back before it flung its right fist towards the hydra. The gorilla's fist slammed into the chest of the hydra. Making it let out a silent gasp as all the air escaped its lungs. The hydra snarled and all four of its heads slowly opened as lightning sparked between each heads fangs. The gorilla slammed its two fists together and electricity sparked around its fist and forearms before charging at the hydra.


The gorilla punched the hydra in the gut and electricity shot through the hydra's body. The hydra shot out lightning bolts all around the two as it roared in pain. The right head quickly wrapped around the gorilla's right arm and its left head wrapped around the gorilla's left arm. The two heads bit down into the gorilla's fog body and the gorilla let out a wail of pain. The gorilla was able to free its right arm and began slamming its fist into the back of the hydra to try and free itself from the hydra's grasp.


Skyline did his best battle cry and charged towards Splice again. Splice simply smiled and sidestepped Skyline's attack. He skidded to a stop and charged towards her again. Splice's horn glowed and her magic tripped up Skyline as he fell face first into the dirt. She snickered at this and mocked, "Come on darling. You're not even trying."


Skyline snarled at her as he staggered back to his hooves and charged again. Splice rolled her eyes and sighed before her magic lifted up skyline and then slammed him to the ground. He gasped in both shock and pain as the air in his lungs was sucked out. Splice sighed, "Honestly, how far do you think you're going to get?"


Skyline coughed and wheezed as he started two-story-tall. Splice sighed again and readied herself for another attempt. Before Skyline could do anything. The shadow stallions voice echoed in his mind, "Need more help?"


Skyline glared at the shadow stallion as the chains bounding him in place rattled with every movement the stallion tried. Skyline admitted, "Yes, I need help." The shadow stallion seemed to smile at his statement, but as Skyline went on. His smile would fade, "I do need your help, but I'm not asking for it. I'm demanding it."


"Demanding it? What right do you have to demand me?" the shadow stallion questioned.


"You said I created you, you reside in me. So I demand payment," Skyline said.


"Oh please like I'd," the stallion began.


"You will give me that power because you are nothing more than my powers manifestation!" Skyline roared before he continued, "You are nothing more than an afterthought and therefore you will give me that power!"


The shadow stallion looked at Skyline for several long seconds before it began to morph and shift into a shadow colt. The chains fell off its body as it slowly walked towards Skyline. However, Skyline did not back away as the shadow colt stated, "You will one day become what you hate. You may not like it, but you will one day embrace who you truly are." With that, the shadow stallion seemed to phase into Skyline's body.


"I won't let you hurt any more innocent Ponies," Skyline wheezed as thick black smoke poured out of his body. The smoke began to morph and take the shape of four new creatures. The first was a saber-toothed panther. Its two long canines were made of thick white fog. The second was a nine-tailed fox. Each tail was the body of a different type of snake and made of thick white fog. The third creature made of thick black smoke was a pony-sized fiddler crab. Its right pincer was as big as its body and made of thick white fog. The fourth creature was a six-foot-tall Minotaur with two battle axes made of thick white fog and its right horn looked to be broken off.


An eruption of black smoke exploded from Skyline's body and morphed into the shape of a two-story creature with a reptilian visage, a robust build, an upright posture, a long tail and rows of serrated fins along its back made of thick white fog. It reared back and roared. The sound of a leather glove being pulled down a stringed instrument echoed throughout the dome.


Skyline looked towards Splice and expected her to look shocked and scared, but she had a shit-eating grin on her face as she stated, "Oh, you think you're the only one that can pull off that trick?"


Sickly green gas slowly poured out of Splice's body and began to morph into four creatures. The first was a sickly green manticore. It leathery bat wings extended as it roared to announce its presence. The second was a sickly green grizzly bear with three heads. Each head had Amethyst glowing eyes. 


The third was a sickly green seven-foot long millipede that curled up on it itself as its mandibles twitched with anticipation. The final creature was an eight-foot-long crocodile that opened its mouth and let out a gurgling hiss.


"And as for your large friend there," Splice said as she looked at the two-story reptilian creature and an explosion of sickly green gas erupted from her body. It began to form into a two-story-tall turtle with a long tusk protruding upward from each side of his lower lip. It stood on its back legs and hunched over as parts of its shell opened letting out coral orange mist. It's five talon fingers curled into fists as it looked towards the reptilian creature. It reared back and let out a roar that sounded like the combination of a trumpet and an elephants war cry.