My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 36

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

When the dust cloud settled, a lavender dome covered Skyline. Inside the dome with Skyline was a small glowing white orb made of thick white fog. The orb began to morph and take shape. Splice watched in pure shock as the orb morphed into a tall, white unicorn made of thick white fog as a lavender glow illuminated by its horn.


"Pony Espers?" Splice said in shock before she questioned, "How? When? How can you be able to summon something like that when I've never been able to even conjure something that even resembles that of a Pony?!"


"I," Skyline began before he looked at the white Unicorn. Its white mane flowed in the windless air before it turned towards Skyline and walked towards him. The white Unicorn sat down in front of Skyline. Skyline felt worried eyes looking at him as he looked at the featureless face of the Unicorn. The Unicorn suddenly grabbed Skyline and embraced him. The sudden shock of the action was soon replaced with warmth as Skyline nuzzled against the thick fog of the Unicorns breast. To Skyline, this felt like a motherly embrace.


Splice's left eye twitched as she watched the two in the lavender dome. She looked up at the two-story turtle and ordered, "Kill them! Kill them now!" the sickly green turtle looked down at Splice before it glared at the lavender dome as the coral orange mist began to slither from the corners of its mouth.


Another orb made of white fog shot past the lavender dome and soared towards the red mist and sickly green gas creatures. It shot towards the turtle and soared upwards towards its head. The orb began to morph and take the shape of a white Pegasus. Its right hoof reared back and as it drew closer to the turtle's head. It flung its hoof forward and slammed it into the chin of the turtle. The turtles head snapped back just before it shot out the large ball of mud engulfed in flames.


The ball of flaming mud slammed into the glass dome ceiling. The glass shook and creaked as spider web-like cracks scattered across it. The white Pegasus soared up into the air before closing its wings and dive-bombing into the turtle's mouth and down its throat. The turtle's mouth snapped shut and it shook its head in confusion. It then let out a massive roar of pain just before the white Pegasus burst out of the turtle's chest like a vortex. The turtle fell backward and slammed into the ground just before it exploded into a large puff of green gas. The dome ceiling shattered and shards of glass rained down towards the dirt floor.


The white Pegasus flew towards the lavender dome shield that housed Skyline and the white Unicorn. A round window opened on the dome shield to let the Pegasus inside. The white Pegasus flew through the open window and landed next to the Unicorn as the window closed. Splice's horn glowed as her magic created a dome shield around her. The glass shards collided with Splice's dome shield and bounced off. She glared across The Arena at the Lavender dome shield. Each shard of glass that hit the lavender shield disintegrated to ash.


The sickly green gas and red mist creatures began to dodge and weave as the glass rained down. The hydra made of red mist, however, didn't move and seemed to not be affected by the falling shards of glass. Once the shards of glass ceased, the white Unicorn let her dome shield fall. She let go of Skyline before turning towards Splice. The white Pegasus walked next to Skyline and looked down towards him. Even though the white Pegasus's face was devoid of features such as eyes or a mouth like the White Unicorn, Skyline could sense that the Pegasus had a cocky grin on its face.


The white Pegasus ruffled Skyline's mane with its left front hoof before it walked next to the White Unicorn. Splice let down her dome and glared at the white Unicorn and Pegasus. Her right eye twitched several times before she pointed her hoof towards the two and roared, "Destroy them!" the sickly green gas creatures and red mist creatures let out roars and war cries before charging towards Skyline, the white Unicorn, and white Pegasus.


The white Unicorn turned to the Pegasus and nodded, Skyline felt a sly smile form on the Pegasus's face before it extended its wings. The Pegasus's feathers looked more like jagged, serrated daggers then actual feathers. With one powerful flap, the Pegasus shot into the air leaving a trail of dirt and a small dent in the steel floor behind. It soared into the air before spinning like a twister. The Pegasus suddenly disappeared from existence for several seconds before a small popping noise came from the air and a massive white tornado slammed into the ground between the creatures and white Unicorn.


Skyline felt the vacuum begin to pull him towards the tornado. He quickly dug his hooves into the dirt to try and stop his forward motion, but to no avail. He felt a warm sensation coat his body as it stopped moving towards the tornado. He looked at his front hooves to see a lavender glow coating them. He looked over towards the white Unicorn and its lavender glowing horn. Before he looked back towards the white tornado.


The sickly green gas creatures and red mist creatures dug into the ground trying to keep from being pulled into the tornado. They found no purchase as one by one; they began to be sucked into the tornado. The only one of the creatures not affected by the vacuum seemed to be the red mist hydra. However, it seemed to need to step back a few times as the vacuum slowly started to draw it closer towards the tornado.


As the green gas and red mist creatures swirled inside the tornado they wailed and roared in anger and panic. The Unicorn's horn began to glow brighter as several dozen lavender orbs formed around it. The orbs morphed into foot long arrows before they soared into the white swirling vortex.


There were wails and roars of pain within the tornado before green gas and red mist slithered from the vortex and back into Splice's body. As quickly as the tornado appeared, it disappeared. The only creature left falling to the ground was the red mist cobra. It hissed in panic as it fell towards the ground. The white Pegasus reformed itself in the air above the falling snake before it flew towards it. The Pegasus soared past the cobra as its wings sliced through its mist body. It split in two and exploded into red mist before even reaching the ground.


Splice's right eye twitched even more frequently as she watched the white Pegasus flew down and land next to the white Unicorn. Her anger grew to the point she was visibly shaking. She looked back at the red mist hydra that also was glaring at the three. She turned towards the three and screamed at the top of her lungs, "KILL THEM NOW!"


All four heads let out a roar before the hydra charged towards the white Pegasus and Unicorn. The white Pegasus once again extended its wings before shooting into the air towards the hydra. The hydra's heads snapped at the white Pegasus, but it was too fast for the massive beast. The Pegasus flew around the hydra as its wings sliced into the creatures red mist body. The hydra roared in anger as its heads tried to bite down on the Pegasus.


Before it could find purchase, five lavender arrows pierced into the hydra's mist body causing it to wail in pain. It turned its attention towards the white Unicorn as four dozen more lavender orbs formed around it and took the shape of arrows. The Unicorn's horn glowed brighter before the arrows shot towards the hydra.


The hydra roared in pain as the Pegasus dived down its back as its right-wing cut into the creatures red mist body. The hydra's heads turned towards the Pegasus but wailed again as the arrows pierced into the hydra's torso. The Hydra couldn't fight back from the onslaught of the Pegasus flying around its body cutting into it with its wings while the Unicorn was firing arrows at it.


"Enough of this!" Splice screamed as her horn glowed and she disappeared in a red flash. She reappeared behind Skyline with another red flash and her magic wrapped around his throat. Skyline yelped in shock as he was lifted up by his neck. He clawed at the magic with his forehooves but found no purchase.

The Unicorn turned towards Splice and its horn began to glow to produce more arrows. Splice glared at the unicorn and threatened, "Don't even dare." Before she lifted the choking Skyline and added, "Or I'll crush his windpipe." The white Unicorn stood there for several seconds before its horn dimmed. The white Pegasus slammed on the ground next to the white Unicorn. Even while Skyline was choking, he could feel the glares from both white Ponies.


"Now, dismiss your Espers," Splice hissed.


"I," Skyline gasped before he choked out, "I don't know how."


"Then I'll help you," Splice growled. Lighting began to static around each hydra head as each head slowly opened its mouth. Each head reared back before snapping forward and shooting a lightning bolt towards the white Pegasus and Unicorn. Four lightning bolts shot through the air with a crackle of thunder behind each.


The white Pegasus placed its right wing around the white Unicorn before they were engulfed in the lighting and the explosion that followed. Dirt and flames flew into the air as Splice's smile grew before her magic violently threw Skyline to the ground.


"And now to deal with you," Splice said as the red mist hydra dissipated into red mist and slithered back into Splice's body. She lifted her right front hoof as red mist crawled around it and formed talons around her hoof. She did the same with her left front hoof before she looked at Skyline and said, "I was going to have my Espers take care of you. However, after all the shit you've put me through. I feel I need to deal with you." The talons on her left fore-hoof grew several inches longer before she added, "Personally.