My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 37

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline jumped to the side just before Splice's right hoof with talons made of red mist slammed into the dirt. He rolled and stumbled before coming to a stop. He got to his hooves to see Splice pick up a glob of dirt before crushing it in her talons. She glared over at Skyline before her glare turned into a smile which sent a shiver down his spine.


Skyline turned tail and ran towards the right wall, hoping that it would automatically open as soon as he got closer. He felt his hind legs tangle up before he fell face first into the dirt. He lifted his head up and looked at his back hooves that had red magic around them. He looked up towards Splice as she slowly stalked towards him. Her horn glowing to keep the magic wrapped around Skyline's back hooves.


Her smile started to disappear as her expression turned to disappointment. Splice quickly grabbed Skyline by the neck as her red mist talons cut into his skin. She lifted him up as Skyline tried desperately to claw at her hoof. She seemed not to feel his hooves hitting hers as she spun around and flung Skyline away from the wall. He grasped at the empty air just before he skidded across the dirt floor for several seconds before coming to a stop.


"You're such a disappointment," Splice said as she walked towards Skyline. Skyline started to scramble to his hooves, but he suddenly fell back down as Splice's magic wrapped around his hooves again to keep him from running. When she reached him, she grabbed Skyline by the neck again and continued, "You were supposed to be my greatest creation!" She lifted him up and slammed him back down to the dirt floor. He gasped as the air in his lungs was sucked out. 


"You were supposed to lead my armies to the castle's gates!" splice yelled again as she picked Skyline up and slammed him to the ground again and continued,  "you were supposed to make me the ruler so I can make Equestria great!" Splice once again lifted him up before slamming him down on the ground. she then began to lift him up and repeatedly slam him to the ground. He grunted and cried in pain with every slam as the pain in his back and body intensified. she lifted him up one final time before she flung him across The Arena. 


Skyline skidded across the dirt floor before coming to a stop. He lay on the ground coughing and wheezing as pain tore through his entire body.  He rolled over onto his belly and began to stand on unsteady legs as more pain shot through his legs and hooves. His back felt like someone was stabbing it with a knife, his head throbbed, and with every breath, it felt like his lungs were on fire. He looked towards Splice and winced as more pain shot through his body. Splice stalked towards him and hissed, "Now, because of you: I have to start from scratch. Ten years." Her voice was filled with venom as she continued, "Ten fucking years down the drain!" Skyline felt his legs suddenly spread as he felt his body be pushed down into the dirt. He tried desperately to move but to no avail.


"I guess I should place some of the blame on myself. I shouldn't have placed such high hopes on one colt," Splice said before she lifted her right front hoof as her talons grew longer. Along each talon grew chainsaw teeth that began to whirl. Splice looked down towards Skyline and said, "However, I won't make that mistake again. I'll make sure everyone in the new facility knows what happens when they cross me. Your skinless corpse will be displayed for all to see so that they will know." She raised her hoof ready to strike and continued, "Not to disobey their mother."


Skyline closed his eyes and waited for the chainsaw talons to rip into his flesh. The pain never came, but a shrilled shriek of both pain and shock echoed. Skyline opened his eyes to see a large purple Dragon clamp down on Splice's torso. Its head snapped back and flung Splice's body into the air. Splice grasped at the empty air just before the Dragon's forked tongue shot out of its mouth and wrapped around Splice's torso. The tongue pulled Splice towards the Dragon's maw. When splice was between the Dragon's jaws, they snapped shut and Skyline watched in horror as the Dragon began to chew.


The sound of broken bones came from the Dragon's mouth as it opened and closed. Skyline couldn't look away as the Dragon's dagger-like teeth sliced into Splice and tore away her flesh. Blood trickled from either side of the Dragon's mouth. After several seconds the Dragon tilted its head back and swallowed. Skyline followed the lump down its throat before it disappeared.


The Dragon smacked its lips and wiped the blood from the sides of its mouth before its right claw violently slammed onto its chest just before it let out a massive belch. A small plume of flames puffed from the Dragon's mouth. It then turned its attention to Skyline. Skyline's ears bent back as he stared at the Dragon's large emerald green eyes. It gave him a bloody, toothy smile as it began to glow purple and shrink. The Dragon started to morph as it shrunk and took the shape of a Pony. The light dimmed and standing where the Dragon once was; was a purple mare with an ash gray mane and tail. Her eyes were emerald green and slanted like a snake's eyes with a broken Horn.


"Now I've eaten some nasty shit, but that takes the cake," the mare chuckled before she trotted over to Skyline and extended her right front hoof towards him and added, "Now let's get you out of here."


Skyline looked at the mare before looking at her hoof. He took her hoof just as she helped him up. When he got to his hooves, he slowly backed away and asked, "Who are you?" the mare seemed not to hear him as she looked around the arena before she trotted over to the wall Skyline was running to earlier. She placed her right front hoof on the wall and began to run it up, down, and across the wall until a small round section of the wall pushed in and the wall split open.


"You coming?" the mare asked as she turned towards him before she added, "or do you want to spend the rest of your life here?" Skyline looked at her for several seconds before he began to follow her, in hopes that she would lead him out of this hellhole and into his parent's arms.