My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 38

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline walked through the open wall with the mare just before the wall closed behind him. The room shook as the elevator started to lower. The mare looked down at Skyline with one eye and said, "You might want to brace yourself."


"Why?" Skyline questioned as he looked up towards the mare.


"While you were having your little powwow with The Professor. The Ponies in the Cellblock began to attack their handlers," The mare said before she looked at him fully and added, "And now the whole Cellblock is nothing but a bloodbath."


The elevator shook as it stopped. Skyline swallowed hard before the doors began to part and open. His eyes widened as he stared at the blood that splattered the wall. On the wall to the right was a mangled stallion corpse. His two front hooves were torn off and it seemed he was gutted as a large gash went from the bottom of his chin. All the way down to his pelvis. His insides sprawled on the floor and his face frozen in a grimace of pain and fear. Skyline began to dry heave at the sight before wiping the spit from the corner of his mouth.


"It's such a shame," the mare stated before she trotted towards the hallway. Her hooves splashed on the bloodstained floor and stepped on the stallions organs that lay on the ground. However, she didn't seem to notice or care that her hooves were covered in the stallion's blood. Nor did the fact that one of the stallions entrails had stuck to her right back hoof. She turned to Skyline and asked, "You coming?"


Skyline looked up towards the mare before he looked back at the stallion. He slowly walked towards the mare, careful not to place his hooves in the pool of blood. He felt his stomach lurch as he passed by the stallion. Once he stood next to the mare. He let out the breath he was holding. He looked up at her as she nodded and the two went down the right hallway.


As they traveled down the hallway, Skyline began to hear screams near the end of the hallway. Two stallions and a mare ran past the hallway screaming at the top of their lungs. Following suit were three Pony skeletons engulfed in flames. They let out bone chattering screams as they followed the three Ponies. Then, a stallion slowly followed the three Skeletons Ponies. The stallion looked down the hallway where Skyline and the mare were with one eye and smiled before continuing to follow the skeletons. Skyline stood still like a statue in hopes the stallion didn't see him. Once the stallion disappeared from sight, Skyline let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He looked up towards the mare that had a smile that mimicked the stallions.


"Hades thinks he's hot shit. Just because he can summon things of Tartarus," the mare scoffed.


"Things of Tartarus?" Skyline questioned. He had remembered a lecture from Mrs. Cheerilee about Tartarus and how it was used as a prison for unholy creatures that couldn't be purified with the Elements of Harmony. However, could those Skeleton Ponies actually be creatures of Tartarus?


"Well, that's what he calls them. However, no need to worry my little Pony," the mare said as she smiled warmly at Skyline and added, "As long as you're with me. You've got nothing to fear." Skyline nodded before he followed the mare down the hall. They turned down the left hallway, opposite where Hades went.


They rounded another corner at the end of the hallway and found themselves in front of a group of staff members. Seven in total turned to see the mare and Skyline. One of the Ponies jaws dropped. Which in turn, caused the baseball bat he held in his mouth to drop to the floor.


"Oh shit, oh shit she's out!" one of the stallions screamed before he fell to the floor and whimpered, "I don't want to die!" a much larger stallion walked past him. He was a very tall stallion. Skyline marveled at how tall the stallion was. If Skyline stood on the mare's back, their combined height would only reach the stallions bottom Jaw. Skyline assumed the mare stood five foot six and he stood at least three foot seven. This stallion must have been at least eight feet tall. The stallion was not only tall but built like a truck. Should the stallion buck one of them: Skyline felt the force of the blow would not only shatter bone but propel the shattered bone out of their bodies.


"Come on you foals. There's seven of us and only one of her," the tall, built stallion said before he continued, "She can't kill all of us." There was a small rumble from the group before the stallion who fell to the ground slowly stood back up and slowly picked up the bat he had dropped. The mare didn't seem deterred by the group as she simply sighed and looked past them.


"Bloodforge, do you mind taking care of this small speed bump darling?" the mare asked sweetly.


"With pleasure," a voice chuckled behind the group. The group of seven Ponies stopped in fear as their eyes widened. The stallion in the back slowly turned to see Bloodforge standing behind them with a wicked smile on his face.


Bloodforge lifted his right hoof before it began to change into red liquid. It took the shape of a scythe blade and then hardened. Without warning, Bloodforge lunged for the stallion. His scythe cut through the air and into the stallion. The scythe's blade cut through the stallion's head like a hot knife through butter. The top half of the stallion's head slid off and hit the floor with a wet thud. The stallion stumbled as his lower jaw hung from the loose skin as gurgling noises came from his exposed wind tunnel.


Bloodforge then lunged for the next stallion. This time he brought down the scythe blade towards the second stallions midsection. Once again the scythe blade easily sliced through the Pony's body. Blood sprayed from each half of the stallion as each half fell to the floor in opposite directions. One of the stallions forgot his fear and charged towards Bloodforge with a meat cleaver clenched between his teeth.


The stallion swung his meat cleaver towards Bloodforge. The blade lodged in Bloodforge's right shoulder. However, Bloodforge didn't even seem deterred by the weapon lodged in his shoulder. His left hoof changed into red liquid before it took the shape of a sphere with spikes on it. Like the end of a flail. Bloodforge spun on the back of his hooves. The handle of the cleaver was retched from the stallion's mouth. The sphere with spikes slammed into the right side of the stallion's skull. The stallion fell to the floor before Bloodforge smashed the sphere with spikes into the stallion's head. Caving in the stallions skull as bone fragments and brain juice splattered on the already bloodstained floor.


Bloodforge slowly lifted the sphere as blood and pink chunks of brain slowly slip from the tips of the spikes. Bloodforge turned his attention to the cleaver in his shoulder. Red tendrils started to slowly slither from the wound before they dislodged the cleaver and flung it to the floor. Bloodforge's wicked smile grew before he began attacking the rest of the group. Skyline watched in horror as Bloodforge slices stallions with his scythe blade while he used his sphere with spikes to crush the other's bones and skulls.


Bloodforge's sphere with spikes was driven into the tall, built stallion's skull with a loud, wet crack. Bloodforge still had his large wicked smile on his face as his scythe blade and sphere with spikes changed into red liquid before they morphed back into his hooves. The blood that stained the floor began to slowly slither and wriggle towards Bloodforge's hooves. His hooves absorbed the blood like a sponge and when the final speck of blood had been absorbed. Bloodforge let out a satisfying sigh. He smacked his lips like he had just gulped down a tasty drink.


Bloodforge trotted over to Skyline and the mare before he stopped in front of Skyline and extended his hoof and said, "Bloodforge." Skyline's eyes slowly went from Bloodforge's hoof to his smiling face. His wicked smile was replaced by a welcoming one like a Pony being introduced to a new friend.


"Sk-Skyline," Skyline stuttered before he slowly lifted his hoof and hesitantly hoof bumped Bloodforge's hoof. He quickly retracted his hoof as he felt a small prick at the tip of his hoof. Bloodforge smacked his lips again.


"A little tart, a small after kick, and a hint of," Bloodforge began before he stopped and his wicked smile once again returned. He looked at the mare and said, "Oh you know how to pick'em" the mare simply shrugged before Bloodforge lowered his head towards Skyline and whispered, "a word to the wise: sometimes, it's good to let it out." Bloodforge stood back up and nodded towards the mare before he walked past Skyline and the mare. Skyline looked back at Bloodforge with a puzzled look. A shiver when down his spine as he heard something in his head let out a very low chuckle.