My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 39

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After Bloodforge disappeared around the corner, Skyline turned to continue down the hallway. He stopped when he saw the corpses of the group of Ponies start to float and combine with one another. Every now and again he'd see something thin glisten in the light of the hallway. The corpses of the seven Ponies mended and stitched together into three amalgamations of flesh and limbs. Skyline looked in horror as limbs kicked out into the air while mouths let out gurgling moans of pain. He began to gag and then vomit. All that came out was yellow stomach acid since he hadn't eaten yet. He spat out what little stomach acid resided in his mouth and looked back up.


Standing between the corpses was a beautiful navy blue mare with bubblegum pink mane and tail. Her mane seemed to wriggle around like worms. Her crystal blue eyes stared at Skyline and he felt like her gaze was petrifying him. One of the hooves of the mound of flesh fell to the floor. The beautiful navy blue mare sighed in annoyance before a strand of her mane wriggled and slithered through the air. It wrapped around the fallen limb before it placed it on the mound. Another strand slithered towards the amalgamation of flesh and it began to stitch the hoof to the mound of flesh. It was stitched on the opposite side of where the hoof actually fell from.


"Come now Marionette," the mare said to the navy blue mare before she added, "You're scaring the foal." She then pointed towards Skyline as he continued to stare into the dead eyes of one of the mounds of pony flesh. Marionette looked at Skyline before she turned to the mounds of flesh and nodded. The three amalgamations turned and proceeded down the opposite hallway. The sound of flesh wetly sliding across the floor and painful, gurgling moans started to fade before Marionette turned back to Skyline.


"I do apologize for that young one," Marionette apologized before she looked up towards the mare and said, "I had asked Bloodforge if I could follow him. I know I'd find my puppet material should I follow him. He seemed to not care, but we didn't see many ponies until now."


"I wish you could make them look more appealing," the mare said.


"I can't control how my strands stitch them together. I can only control the puppets movements," Marionette admitted before a scream echoed from the hallway behind Marionette. A smile formed on Marionette's face before she added, "oh, more materials." She turned tail and skipped towards the direction where the scream originated from.


"She's full of shit," the mare said after Marionette disappeared from view. Skyline looked up at the mare before he looked back down the hallway where Marionette had gone. I don't know how much more I can take. What other twisted Ponies are we going to encounter here? Skyline thought before him and the mare started to go down the hallway. They turned another corner and headed in the opposite direction Marionette went.


After meeting Marionette, the two didn't meet up with another Pony for a while. As they traveled down the hallway, Skyline looked into each room in The Cellblock. Each room was just like his: no bed, white padded room, sink, and toilet. After passing several rooms, the mare stopped and looked into one room that had a Pony sleeping on a bed of what looked like rags. She rolled her eyes and sighed before she trotted into the room and shook the stallion. The stallions stretched and looked at the mare and yawned, "What?"


"You do realize the door is open Chrono," the mare said. Chrono looked at her then looked at the open door. He nodded while he yawned before he set his head back down on the pile of rags. The mare rolled her eyes and walked back out into the hallway.


"Will he be alright?" Skyline asked.


"Yeah, he'll be fine," the mare said a little annoyed before she continued down the hallway. Skyline quickly caught up to the mare and for a while, they walked through the hall in silence.


"How do you know so much about the Ponies here?" Skyline asked to break the silence.


"I had a friend who worked with the staff before he decided to get himself killed," the mare said with a smile. Skyline was about to ask her something else when the right wall in front of them exploded as something crashed through it and into the opposite wall. Walking out of the hole in the right wall was a wood brown stallion with a burnt umber brown mane and tail. His front hooves were coated in emeralds. The stallion noticed Skyline and was about to follow whatever was thrown through the wall, but stopped when he saw the mare next to Skyline.


"I hadn't anticipated running into you," the stallion said as he turned to face Skyline and the mare before he lowered his body, ready to pounce.


"If that's who I think went through that wall," the mare said as she examined her right front hoof before she finally looked at the stallion and added, "I'm the least of your worries Diamond Cutter." On cue, the bronze yellow stallion that went through the wall lunged out of the hole and slammed his right hoof that was coated with silver metal into the side of Diamond Cutter's face.


Diamond Cutter went flying into the hole in the right wall and slammed into something that let out a metallic whine. The bronze yellow stallion looked at Skyline and the mare with one eye before he ran into the hole after Diamond Cutter.


"Nice to see you too Metallic," the mare yelled before she let out an annoyed sigh and continued down the hallway past the two holes. Skyline quickly followed but stopped when a shockwave rocked the hallway. Skyline stumbled before finding his balance only for another shockwave to cause Skyline to stumble again. Skyline continued to stumble as the shockwaves became more rapid. He looked towards the mare in hopes she could help him but saw she was having the same struggle as him.


There was another loud crash as the wall five feet behind Skyline exploded as Metallic was once again flung through one wall and crashed through another. When the shockwaves subsiding. Skyline quickly scrabbled towards the mare and the two quickly rushed down the hallway before the shockwaves could continue. Once they felt they were free from the effects of the shock waves. They once again walked down the hallway.


They rounded one final corner and Skyline recognized the long hallway that went to the wall that opened up to an elevator that went to the surface. Skyline stopped as his eyes widened at the horrific sight scorn down the long hallway. Blood coated the walls of the hallway as Pony bodies lay on the floor. Large claw marks gashed into the wall.


"Sweet Celestia," Skyline gasped.


"Yeah, seems some of the staff tried to escape to the surface, but it looks like something caught up to them," the mare said as she walked past Skyline and headed towards the dead end. Skyline stared in utter shock at the gross scene before he snapped out of it and started to follow the mare.


When they reached the end of the hall, the mare began to try and figure out how to open the elevator door. She jumped when she heard the elevator start to move behind the wall. She looked down at Skyline who had pressed the secret button to use the elevator.


"How do you know where that is," the mare asked quizzically.


"I might have seen it in a vision of sorts," Skyline said with a weak smile. The mare nodded before her attention was turned to the screams coming from down the hall.


"Contain all the experiments! Don't let them escape!" a booming voice ordered.


"Seems the mercenaries decided to join the party," the mare said with a smile. There was a loud clang before the wall split open to reveal the elevator behind it.


"Someone's using the elevator near the east wing. Stop them!" the booming voice echoed before an army of hooves echoed throughout the hallway.


"Time to go my little Pony," the mare said before she grabbed Skyline in her hooves and chucked him in the elevator. Skyline grunted as he hit the floor. The mare reached in and pressed the button before she turned tail to face the end of the hallway.


"Wait, Ms., you need to come with me," Skyline protested as he stood back up and started towards the mare. He stumbled back as the mare's tail whipped at his muzzle.


"Stay in there," the mare said without looking at Skyline as she continued, "The elevator won't ascend to the surface if you don't keep still." A group of ponies in riot gear turned the corner and saw the mare before they started towards her.


"But Ms. you can't take them all on your own," Skyline protested again.


"Enough with the Ms. Bullshit," the mare said just as the doors to the elevator began to close. She turned her head and looked at him with one slanted eye as a smile formed on her face. A forked tongue flickered from her mouth and before the doors fully closed. She added, "My name: is Viper."