My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Where-where am I?” the Unicorn stallion asked himself as he looked around the inky darkness. The darkness was so thick and heavy he couldn’t tell if he was looking left or right. He continued to look around before a voice echoed in his mind: Find your prize. The stallion looked around and asked, “Hello?” again the voice echoed in his head: find your prize. The stallion attempted to illuminate the darkness with his horn, but when he tried. No magic seemed to come from his horn. He looked around one more time before he set out to find this Prize the voice mentioned.


The Unicorn stallion traveled through the inky darkness, but it felt like he was simply walking in place. He began to trot, but still, he felt like he was still standing in place. He then began to gallop, but once again he felt like he was simply staying in one place. The darkness was so thick he felt like it was choking him. Then, he saw it: a light like a spotlight illuminating something in the distance. He started walking towards it and for the first time since coming here. He felt he was actually moving. The Unicorn started to trot and then gallop towards the light as it began to get larger.


As he finally drew to the spotlight, he stopped and his mouth dropped at what it was showcasing. A large dragon skeleton lay in the middle of the spotlight. It lay in a way like it had died in its sleep as its skull was close to its tail. The stallion walked into the light and his golden armor shimmered in the light. He slowly walked towards the skeleton when a voice echoed all around him.


“Who disturbs my slumber?” the voice questioned all around the stallion. The sheer volume of the voice shook the stallion to his very core. He swallowed and said nothing. This prompted the voice to ask again, “Who DARES to venture into my domain?!” the voice, then ordered, “SPEAK!”


The Unicorn stallion jumped and spat out, “I am Shattered Blade. An Equestrian Royal Guard.” There was a long pause before Shattered Blade added, “I was told of a great being that could help in times of need.” This made the voice burst out laughing. Shattered Blade’s ears bend back and his legs quivered as the laughter seemed to grow louder.


“Why would she send one of her puppets to request my help?" The voice questioned.


“She does not know I’m performing the ritual,” Shattered Blade said. Assuming the voice meant Celestia.


As though the voice could read his thoughts, it said, “The Princess does not know about me, but the Queen does.”


“You mean Queen Aurora?” Shattered Blade said in astonishment before he explained, “Queen Aurora has been gone for several millennia now. Her Daughters, Celestia and Luna now rule over Equestria which is in great turmoil.” There was a long pause as the voice seemed to be thinking.


“Tell me about this great turmoil your land is in,” the voice asked.


“Equestria is waging war with the Changelings who want to control Equestria and use its love to fuel the conquest of the entire world. The Jackals and Satyr refuse to interfere, the Griffons want a ridiculous amount of bits before they even will consider helping us, and the Dragons want the total control of Equestria for their help. Our forces are suffering heavy casualties and the Hive continues to pump out more and more hoards of Changelings,” Shattered Blade explained. There was another long pause before the voice would ask another question.


“What have you heard of me?” the voice asked from behind Shattered Blade which made him jump and turn to the inky darkness behind him. He then turned back to the spotlight in the sky and explained.


“My grandfather told me of a great being that would help Equestria when it's needed. The being was said to hold supernatural powers to destroy the enemy. He said the being would sleep in a different dimension until needed, but one day he disappeared from our plain and was never seen again,” Shattered Blade explained.


“Your grandfather is wise to respect the old legends,” the voice praised before it added, “How did you find the ritual young pony? It should have been lost in your world.”


“My grandfather was a great Unicorn who kept all the old tombs and as a colt, my grandfather would tell me all the old stories in his archives. I had found a Ritual Tomb but noticed a page was ripped out. I asked my grandfather, and he said it was how he found it. As I started to get older, the old stories were just that: stories. That is until I found an old tomb hidden behind a secret wall in the Royal Library. It was like the Ritual Tomb my grandfather had, but it only had one page. I remembered the page that seemed to be removed and assumed it was that page. The page seemed to speak to me, so I kept it in my room and memorized it,” Shattered Blade explained.


“I see,” the voice interrupted his story before he added, “as you are well aware of: this ritual requires a sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice?”


“My life,” Shattered Blade said without a second thought.


“No,” the voice echoed before it added, “I require your magic.”


“My Magic?” Shattered Blade questioned.


“Yes, all of your magic,” the voice said before he warned, “But know this: I require all of your magic and once the ritual is complete. You will no longer have magical abilities. You will no longer be able to use the simplest of magic. Are you willing to go through with this?” Shatter Blade stared at the spotlight and then at the Dragon’s skeleton.


“I agree to your terms,” Shattered Blade finally said. He felt his body suddenly be lifted up, and he felt magic be violently forced out of his horn. It felt like shards of glass were scraping inside his horn. He screamed in pain as tears welled up in his eyes. The magic slithered towards the Dragon skeleton and into the bones.


After the last bit of magic was dragged out of his body, Shattered Blade fell to the ground. He was breathing heavily as he slowly looked up towards the Skeleton. For several seconds it stayed stationary until the bones began to rattle and an amethyst glow came from the eye sockets before the bones were engulfed in flames. The bones began to move as the Dragon skeleton stood up. The voice now began to laugh as it seemed to be coming from the Dragon skeleton. Its skeletal wings of the Dragon opened and the voice yelled, “I have finally been REBORN!”


The spotlight disappeared and Shattered Blade felt his body start to fall into the inky darkness. He felt his mind spin as he started to drift off to sleep, but before he did. He heard the voice said, “Thank you, my friend. For allowing me to once again pour Chaos into this world.”