My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 17

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The screen showed a replay of Devastator and Razors punching match before the end of the match. She watched the replay before she turned to Discord and asked, “What am I supposed to see?” Discord rolled his eyes and sighed.


“Look closely at their strikes,” Discord said as he pointed to the screen as the replay started again. Twilight looked more closely at the replay and saw it. Their punches never connected. The two would throw a punch, but stop a few inches away from the others face. The other would act like they were hit and then throw a similar punch. Discord saw her realization and mused, “It’s all fake.”


“No, it isn’t,” Gnel said in a protective and somewhat angry tone. Twilight looked towards him and noticed he had accumulated more food than before. She remembered he had cotton candy before the first match started, but now he had a large tube of popcorn that seemed to be half empty, a drink in the chairs holder, and a half-eaten pretzel in his right hand. He took a small bite of his pretzel before he continued, “It’s not fake, just preplanned. That’s why it’s considered entertainment.” 


“Yes, because watching brutes grope each other is so entertaining,” Sheik said sarcastically. 


The next match started with Jukebox announcing the next wrestlers. The first was an anthropomorphic shark named frenzy who didn’t get his own music and simply walked down the ramp to the ring. Then, music blared from the speakers and a large, built red earth pony stallion walked onto the ramp as Jukebox announced his name as Tank. Tank trotted down to the ring and quickly climbed through the rope. Twilight marveled at Tank’s frame and thought that even the stallion was much larger than Big Mac. When the bell rang, Tank overpowered frenzy and dominated most of the match until Tank pinned Frenzy and the bell rang. According to Gnel, the match was known as a squash match was one wrestler would dominate over the other to show just how strong the dominating wrestler is. 


The next match was between a masked Satyr and a much smaller Pony. Gnel explained once again that this was a cruiserweight match. Gnel then explained the different weight classes in the LCW starting with the cruiserweight class, then the light heavyweight, heavyweight, and finally super heavyweight. As he finished explaining, Jukebox climbed into the ring and announced the next match.


“This eight-man elimination tag team match is scheduled for one fall!” Jukebox announced as the lights suddenly died and the arena was engulfed in darkness. Small lights began to flicker to light around the dome as creepy country music started to come to life from the speakers. Jukebox waited for several seconds before he continued, “Introducing first: at a combined weight of eight hundred and forty pounds. Father Courtland, brother Braeburn, brother Macintosh, and brother Empire. The Apple Family!” Twilight’s ears perked up as she looked towards the ramp. 


There was nothing at first, but then a large stallion walked out with a glowing lantern with the handle was firmly between his teeth. A small cloud of mist emanated from the glowing glass. Then, she saw three more pony figures behind him. The stallion holding the lantern soon walked down the ramp towards the ring with the three other Ponies behind him. When they reached the end of the ramp, the stallion removed the lantern from his mouth and held it with his right fore-hoof before he blew the light out. The arena was once again engulfed in darkness. The lights suddenly exploded to life causing Twilight to wince and shield her eyes. The crowd cheered and Twilight squinted to see the Ponies in the ring. Her eye’s widened when she saw who was standing there.


Holding the lantern was a large steal gray stallion with a thick brown bearded and mane fashioned in dreadlocks. One the stallion’s right side was Braeburn. His vest seemed to be patched erratically with different types of fabric and what looked like Pony’s skin since some had cutie marks on them. He wore his usual cowboy hat, but along the rim, small Pony figures hung from small nooses. Braeburn stared out into the crowd with an occasional eye twitch. On the other side was Big Mac. His large frame, mane and tail color, and fire engine red coat were unmistakable. However, he wore a sheep’s mask over his face. The mask looked disheveled and had pipes and weird metal fragments protruding from it. Big Mac let out a long breath and white steam poured from the pipes in his mask. Finally, behind the three was the largest Stallion Twilight had ever seen. He easily towered over Big Mac and was far more muscular than him. She knew that if Big Mac cloned himself and had his clone stand on his back.  The two would only reach this stallion’s chin. The large stallion in question was a dark brown color with a thick orange beard and tail and a shaved mane. 


“That’s father Cortland,” Gnel whispered to Twilight as he pointed to the middle stallion holding the lantern.  He then pointed to Braeburn, Big Mac, and the large stallion and continued, “That’s brother Braeburn, brother Macintosh, and in the back is brother Empire.” He smiled and added, “They’re like the weird, creepy hick family.” Twilight nodded and suddenly jumped as a crackle of thunder echoed throughout the arena. The crowd cheered as more crackles of thunder echoed through the speakers.


A lightning bolt shot from the rafters and towards the ramp with a crackle of thunder. When the bolt hit the stage it exploded in a massive wall of flames. When the flames died down the sound of several Theremins with low chanting started to slowly creep out of the speakers as Jukebox announced, “And their opponents: From the deepest pits of Tartarus; Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. The Four Ponies of the Apocalypse!” When the chanting and Theremins hit their crescendo. Another crackle of thunder echoed and a cackling Pegasus shot from the entrance way of the stage. He had a sickly green coat and dark brown mane and tail. He had face paint on the right side of his face which made it look like the right side of his smile stretched all the way to his right ear. He let out another cackle and flew back towards the stage and landed on the right side as another Pony walked out from the entrance. He was a large blood red earth Pony stallion with his whole face painted like a Pony skull. His mane was colored and done up like flames were shooting out the back of the skull. The stallion joined the Pegasus on the right side as the feeling of suffocation started to fill the arena. Twilight took a sip of her drink and instantly spat it back out. The drink tasted like old mulch with mold mixed in with it. 


“Sorry, should have warned you not to drink or eat when Famine comes out,” Gnel apologized. Twilight looked at him and then to the newest Pony on stage. He was a flamboyant white Unicorn stallion with a puffy red mane and tail. His right side of his face had a ruby red diamond painted with what looked like small cracks in the paint. From his horn emanated a pink cloud that seemed to disappear in the air. Gnel leaned over to Twilight and whispered, “Apparently his horn produces a gas cloud that makes all food and drinks taste terrible.” Twilight nodded before she jumped again as a much larger crackle of thunder echoed throughout the arena. The lights suddenly died and the arena was coated in darkness. The chanting started again, but seemed to be altered and was distorted. Twilight felt a cold chill run down her spine as a spotlight exploded to life at the entrance of the stage. The light illuminated a Unicorn standing on the stage who was surrounded by white mist. Twilights jaw dropped as wings unfolded and extended on either side of his body.  


The lights suddenly exploded to life as the Alicorn walked out from the mist and stood at the edge of the ramp. He was a black Alicorn with flames painted from his hooves to his shoulders and flank. His mouth was painted in a way that showed he had long fangs protruding from his mouth. His eyes seemed to glow blood red with emerald slanted pupils scanning the arena. Around his horn was painted a red inverted star with what looked like trickling blood from parts of the radius. The Alicorn walked down to the ring with his wings still extended as the other three followed suit.  He stopped in front of the ring and glared at the four stallions in the ring before both wings folded to his side. The sickly green Pegasus cackled and his wings opened wide and he took flight, circling the ring. The Pegasus let out another cackle before he dive-bombed towards the ring. He landed on the top rope and cackled again before he licked his lips and a large toothy grin formed on his face. 


The large blood red earth Pony stallion leaped up and stood on the apron of the ring and glared at the Apple Family in the ring. The sickly green Pegasus let out a much louder, much more annoying cackle. This made the Blood Red Stallion turn his glare at the Pegasus. His glare then turned back to the Apple Family before he climbed through the middle rope and stood in front of the four Ponies. Famine, the flamboyant white Unicorn stallion let his horn glow as pink glittering stairs appeared and he walked up the stairs and into the ring. The lights suddenly died and a second later, they came back alive and the Red and Black unicorn stood in front of his three partners and his glowing blood red eyes stared at the Apple Family. The two groups stared at one another as the Unicorn referee gingerly walked between the groups. His horn glowed and a light blue aura wrapped around the red and black Alicorn and Famine’s horn. 


“What are they doing?” Twilight asked Gnel. 


“The Referee is using his magic to keep Famine and Death from using their magic,” Gnel explained. Twilight nodded as the Referee slowly climbed out of the ring. When the bell rang, the ring was filled with utter carnage.