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Author's Note: As you might have already guessed, this work is based on the X-Men comic book `Days of Future Past' and the recent film from 20th Century Fox, `X-Men: Days of Future Past'.

Note that I'll be using the Sentinels as they were portrayed from the comic books, not the film.

This storyline takes places a few months after the end of Season 4 of `Friendship is Magic' and six years after the events of the original G1 `My Little Pony' cartoon series simultaneously.

Disclaimers: `My Little Pony' belongs to Hasbro and `X-Men' belongs to Marvel respectfully. No profit is being made out of this work.

My Little Pony: Days of Future Past


The Sentinels. Nobody knew where they originally came from… or how exactly they set foot on Equestrian ground. Perfected, proficient and invincible, these colossal man-made robots were programmed to hunt relentlessly and stop at nothing. First, they were after the ponies… and shortly then, everyone else. They were merciless, cruel and took no prisoners.

Nothing could stop their destructive nature. Within a few days, Equestria was swept into a new age of darkness. Lands were set ablaze, cities were left in ruins and countless lives were taken. Yet only a small handful of survivors remained…

In the late hours of night, a fierce and bloody battle raged on in Ponyville. Princess Celestia had dispatched her royal guards to protect the town's citizens, but they couldn't sustain the enormous invasion for long. The Sentinels swarmed in like a grand fleet of bombers and decimated everything in their sight. Their numbers only increased when hundreds overwhelmingly poured in.

The body count had risen to the thousands. The Sentinels heartlessly dealt with the ponies in the most horrendous of ways. Whether it was crushing them under their mighty feet, smashing them with their gargantuan hands or strangling them with their strong metallic tentacles. Worst of all, however, they would scorch them by means of their heated energy blasts emerging from the palms of their hands, leaving no if not little trace of them behind.

Who would have ever imagined that something so formidable and devoid of pity or remorse was capable of so much devastation? Nobody was prepared for this. It was far beyond evident that the ponies were about to lose the war…


Another loud explosion rocked the castle. In its throne room, Twilight Sparkle stood securely with her friends: Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash couldn't keep her feet off the ground and flew in circles, sensing their enemies drawing closer and closer.

“They're near! They gotta be!” Rainbow Dash said, glimpsing at every corner of her eyes.

“Relax, Rainbow Dash!” hushed Twilight, trying to keep her cool. “There's still time left. If they manage not to-“

“She's right! They're heading this way!” Pinkie Pie alerted, twitching as her Pinkie Sense kicked in.

“Well, fine by me!” Applejack yelled unafraid. “Let `em come, I ain't afraid of any overgrown tin cans! I'll give `em a kick or two in the head if I have to!”

“I think that would be much easier said than done.” remarked Fluttershy.

The sound of heavy footsteps grew stronger, followed by painful cries of ponies echoing through the walls. The six of them stayed on high alert, ready for any impending strike. They were not, however, anticipating Spike the dragon bursting through their doors, holding a scrolled up letter in his hands.

“Twilight! We have to leave, NOW!” Spike urged, unrolling the letter and showing it to Twilight to read. “There's no time to waste. Princess Celestia wants all of you at Canterlot immediately! It's urgent!”

“But we can't leave Ponyville defenseless!” Rarity said.

Twilight read the letter carefully before making any rash decision. “No, we can't. But according to what Princess Celestia says, we may have a better chance of victory if we leave this instant!”

The other ponies gasped in fright.

“NO!” Fluttershy cried out.

“Twilight, you can't be cotton-pickin' serious here!” Applejack exclaimed. “How in Sam Hill could we…”

Something interrupted the conversation when they felt the ground shaking and heard rattling above their heads. Within moments, cracks formed from the ceiling and spread down to the walls. The roof was raised and detached from the castle, held in the hands of a Sentinel, peering down with its soulless stare.

It sighted the ponies as an eerie and unnaturally yellow glow emanated from its eyes. It analyzed them, collecting various data for records such as their names, their physical appearances and their cutie marks. And then in its deep, cold and inhuman voice, it spoke.

“Ponies detected. Terminate all life forms.”

“I'll terminate YOU, metal brain!” Rainbow Dash huffed.

Not willing to be a poor sitting duck, she extended her wings and charged straight at her foe impetuously. The Sentinel remained still, adamant at the forthcoming aggressor, as it exposed its palm at her. Twilight could only guess what was going to happen next and was forced to shout out:


But it was too late. The Sentinel's fiery energy blast exploded from its hand, tearing away Rainbow Dash's skin, exposing her skeleton and then reducing her to a handful of ash within mere seconds. She had no time to even scream.

Everyone was stunned. The Sentinel spoke again:

“Foolish organic creature. Did you think your pathetic arrogance could outsmart, let alone defeat, our vastly superior intelligence?”

In an immediate fit of extreme rage, Twilight used her telekinesis and raised all of the ponies' thrones, including other heavy objects nearby. And all at once, she hurled everything she possessed at the Sentinel furiously, damaging its circuits as the impact made it falter and collapse. This sudden act of retribution only signaled more Sentinels to come.

Twilight wasn't going to idle in her castle any longer. Staying would only spell suicide. “Come on! Let's move it!” she ordered her friends.

There was no time to mourn for Rainbow Dash. They had to move fast or else they would meet her same untimely demise. Such a pity it was.

Ponyville was in a state of pure chaos. Ponies were dropping like flies and the Sentinels were gaining the upper hand. Defending the town seemed pointless at this stage. Yet they still fought on bravely, unwilling to yield and fall to their knees before defeat.

Twilight and her friends ran through the burning remains of town square and town hall, avoiding blasts from the Sentinels that were tracking them down. Stopping to fight or even helping anybody would only hinder their progress. As harsh as the latter was, surviving was more essential right now.

A daunting sight caught Applejack's eyes when she ran past the lifeless and charred remains of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Babs Seed and even her own sister, Apple Bloom, were long dead. The Sentinels had killed them all without shame. Yet this hardly reflected a fraction of their never-ending massacre.

Just ahead in their pathway, three chariots steered by Pegasus guards awaited the ponies for their departure. Applejack jumped on the first, while Rarity and Spike shared the second. Fluttershy, far too anxious at this point to fly, hopped on the third with Pinkie Pie.

Prepared to leave, Twilight spread her wings and took flight, boldly taking the lead. She and the chariots were abruptly halted, however, when a lone Sentinel obstructed them to impede their escape. It raised its hands before them, ready to fire two blasts in one go.

Then from the skies, Spitfire plunged down and struck the Sentinel on the head, knocking it sideways. She was soon joined by the rest of the Wonderbolts. Together, they assaulted their enemy in all directions, confusing it.

With this temporary distraction, this gave the ponies enough time to flee.

“This way, HURRY!” Twilight resumed to lead the way.

The Sentinels had not reached Canterlot… yet.

It was heavily guarded, intensively fortified to protect the royalties. The ponies arrived at the scene. They raced speedily towards the castle without a word to any of the royal guards, who made clear way for them. Standing at the castle's entrance was Shining Armor, who led the defense. He briefly glanced at Twilight as she passed him and winked at her, knowing that he may never see his younger sister again. Twilight felt disheartened for a moment when she realized this…

The castle doors opened to welcome the ponies into the main hall. There were no guards apparently protecting the interior, as they were all stationed outside. Twilight didn't bother too much about this and continued to lead her group into Princess Celestia's throne room.

The ponies entered the dim candle-lit room. Although there were no unusual or elaborate decorations to be seen, it strangely felt as if they were walking into a ritual of some sort. But regardless, there stood Princess Celestia, with her sister Princess Luna and Twilight's sister-in-law, Princess Cadance. The Alicorns quietly welcomed the ponies and thanked them for arriving on such short notice, and alive better yet.

The first thing Princess Celestia noticed was that they were one short. “Where is Rainbow Dash?” she asked concernedly.

Nobody dared to answer. A grave feeling of loss and sorrow gripped the ponies as they stared down in dead silence. Applejack removed her hat while Twilight shook her head.

Gasps of dismay escaped Princess Luna and Princess Cadance.

“I'm very sorry.” Princess Celestia said, offering her deepest condolences. “This war has taken a much heavier toll on us than I possibly imagined. We've lost too many lives in so few days. And with only a small handful of us remaining, I fear that we will never live to see the light of tomorrow.”

“So why did you summon us here?” Twilight demanded to know.

“Because in spite of all the odds I see against us, there's still a gleaming chance left that we can overcome this conflict.” Princess Celestia replied, offering a little speck of relief to the ponies. “But we won't be able to do this alone. There's somebody here to help us, who happens to know much about the Sentinels.”

“Sentinels?” Pinkie Pie intruded. “That's what those giant killing machines out there are called?”

Princess Celestia nudged her head towards a dark brawny figure leaning against a pillar behind her. “You better ask `him' that question.”

Out from the shadows surfaced Tirek; unshackled, free as a bird and returned to his strengthened form. This unforeseen revelation outraged the ponies as they directly took defensive stands. Spike almost tripped on the carpet, aghast from his presence.

“TIREK!” the ponies chorused.

“In the flesh.” Tirek replied with crossed arms, uninterested in the hostility he was already receiving. “Were you expecting maybe somebody else?”

“Uh-uh! No way!” Applejack shook her head in denial and asserted: “There ain't NO chance that we will work with, or even trust, that filthy double-crossin' son of a varmint! After all what happened the last time!”

The ponies were all in agreement with her.

“Everyone, please listen! He's not here to do any harm!” Princess Cadance declared, hoping to quell the antagonistic feelings from the ponies. “We've had a long discussion with Tirek… and we are convinced that he knows how we can end this war… before it ever began.”

“What does she mean by `before it ever began'?” Fluttershy whispered in Twilight's ear. But even she hadn't a clue.

“I don't believe him!” shouted Twilight in distrust. “How do we even know if he's telling the truth?!”

“Ahem.” Tirek cleared his throat, uncrossing his arms. “You do realize that the Sentinels are after me as well, right? As hard as I've found it true to believe, you and I have crossed paths against a common enemy. Meaning that if you want to stay alive and live for tomorrow, then it's going to take the two of us to work together and take them down.”

As genuine as Tirek's words sounded, Twilight still wasn't quite bought by them.

“Perhaps if I told you what I know about the Sentinels, then maybe you'll reconsider.” Tirek encouraged her. “Lately, during my imprisonment back in Tartarus, I'd been having a series of strange dreams, déjà vu you might call it. They were visions… reminiscences of the past… my past… the past from my earlier life in the World Beyond.”

“The World… Beyond?” said Rarity, unclear of what he meant.

Princess Luna was inclined to explain. “The World Beyond was a once peaceful world that used to exist several millennia ago, far long before Equestria was ever born. Rumors suggest that magical ponies, quite common to us, once inhabited it. And like Tirek, we all may have well existed there in our previous lifetimes. But otherwise, nothing else further is known about it…”

“Except that it's now burned to dust.” Tirek mentioned morbidly. “You can thank the Sentinels for doing that, since it was the World Beyond from where they came, I'm certain.”

“They're robots, aren't they? So that means somebody must have designed them, built them.” pointed out Spike. “Any idea by who?”

“I don't know.” was the blunt response from Tirek. “These are fractured memories, you know. I only remember certain details, but not everything. Even if I knew who made them, I probably wouldn't know the reason behind it.”

The ponies continued to listen.

“After years of their endless warfare in the World Beyond, having slayed ponykind, the Sentinels started to evolve. They enhanced their intelligence and acquired new capabilities with their ever-so sophisticating technology, so much enough that it enabled them to cross into other realities, other dimensions, and our own included. And from what I gather, they've come to repeat their cycle of bloodshed again, right here in Equestria.”

“Okay,” Twilight said in thought, rolling her eyes, “so how does all this connect to your so-called previous life precisely? Were YOU somehow involved in creating those murderous monstrosities?”

“Maybe… maybe not… like I've said, I don't know who created them…” Tirek insisted, though he was unpleased when he said: “… but I do know one thing for sure. I was the one who activated them, determined to become the master of the World Beyond. As my first order, I authorized them to eradicate the ponies. That lasted only up to a period of course, when they finally became self-aware and slayed me in cold hands. In the end, I was unable to contain them or rival their infinite power. Then they began to destroy not only ponies, but all other life's creatures as well. And as you can obviously see, it didn't stop there.”

“So what's your idea of endin' this all?” Applejack begged the question. “Jump into the past to the World Beyond and stop this whole thing from ever…?”

She already spotted Tirek and the Alicorns nodding their heads.

“That is correct.” said Princess Celestia.

“No, wait. You can't be serious. This is absurd, ludicrous!” Twilight expressed in utter disbelief. “Do you have ANY idea what's happening out there? Ponies are dying every minute as we speak. And you're saying that to stop all this madness is to go back through time, long before I was born, and prevent Tirek from ever activating the Sentinels? Sure, I mean, I could travel a few days or even weeks back maybe. But we're talking about YEARS, let alone years in another world that we've hardly recognized!”

It sounded preposterous beyond question. But no one around her was laughing. Tirek and the Alicorns were sincere with their words.

“But… how?” Twilight speculated. “I'm not sure if any of the time spells in the Canterlot archives can bring anyone back that far, thousands of years.”

“That is where I come in.” Princess Cadance declared again, stepping forward. “With my magic alone, so long as I stay focused, I should be able to transport you back to the World Beyond, before it was destroyed. It won't be easy, but given by how much short time there is left, we don't have any other alternatives.”

“So...” Twilight thought. Her friends remained just as dubious as her. “… so you can send us back in time together and-“

“It will only be you.” Princess Cadence corrected. “My powers cannot exceed taking more than one pony. And something else you should know, I will only be sending your consciousness to the past.”

“My… consciousness?” Twilight asked, puzzled.

“But how does that even work?” asked Applejack, desiring to know like the other ponies.

“We'll need Princess Twilight to fall asleep first.” explained Princess Luna. “When she does, Princess Cadance will transfer her mind across time and space while her physical body will remain here in the present. In the World Beyond, her mind will return to the body of her past incarnation, but with all of her current memories still intact.”

“No way!” said Spike.

“Could it be possible?” said Fluttershy.

“Unbelievable.” said Rarity.

“Lucky for you, Twilight.” said Pinkie Pie. “Or should I say unlucky…?”

“Well, that's certainly somethin' you don't hear every day.” said Applejack.

Twilight felt uncomfortable. She had never experienced time travel quite in this fashion before. To make matters even more mind-boggling, like she mentioned, she was traveling to a place she knew very little, if not nothing, about.

“But why me?” Twilight questioned. “Couldn't you send Princess Celestia, or how about Tirek? Wouldn't it be easier and make a whole lot more sense to send HIM back in time and stop himself from reaching the Sentinels?”

“Ahem, excuse me, but I'm a centaur here.” Tirek firmly stated.

“What he's saying is that Princess Cadance's magic for this will only work on ponies.” Princess Celestia specified. “For centaurs or any other creature, it would simply be ineffective. As for myself, I have a sworn duty to protect Canterlot at all costs. I must remain here if any attack comes under way. I'm sure you understand.”

Twilight understood perfectly. Though something else began to bother her: “So once I wake up in my other body, will I have enough time to find Tirek?”

“Actually, there won't be much time.” said Princess Cadance regretfully. “The furthest I can send you back is a day before the event happened, when the Sentinels awakened. You'll have to be swift. You can't linger or waste any time.”

“Princess Twilight, listen well to what I have to say.” Princess Celestia advised her dearly. “We ponies may not have been the same in the World Beyond. You're going to have to convince us well to believe all this. When you encounter your friends, lead them like you have always done in Equestria. And if chances are that you find me, if I am weak or reckless, guide me like I have guided you. For even though my past identity is shrouded in mystery to me, something inside tells me that I may have been a VERY different pony. I probably didn't know better then than I do in this lifetime. So no matter how stubborn or unwilling I may be, please… be patient with me. As much as your friends, I may be the best chance you have to bring this catastrophe to an end.”

As well learned as Twilight was, she wasn't sure if patience would serve on her side with regards to Princess Celestia in the World Beyond. That assumed her predictions about her past self were true, and considering that she only had one day to change history. Yet she knew well enough in her mind why the Alicorns had chosen her to undertake this dangerous mission, given her role of leadership in the past. Equestria was counting on her once again. And in order to avert it from terminal disaster, she would have to seek help from her friends from the World Beyond. It was another challenge for her waiting to be accepted.

“All right. I'll do it.” Twilight decided, reluctant to change her mind at this point. “But one other question: where will YOU be?”

Her eyes were pointing at Tirek.

“In a different place, a much darker place.” Tirek said, unable to remember much about his former being, save for his role with the Sentinels. “You ought to be careful, Twilight. I could have been more brutal and ruthless then than how you know me today.”

“Well, I wouldn't expect anything more or less, Tirek, but well noted.” Twilight responded. “You better not be pulling a fast one on us though. We'll let the Sentinels get to you first if that happens.”

“Very well.” Tirek nodded with agreement, not intimidated by the threat. “But know one last thing, because this is important. In the World Beyond, I distinctly remember meeting with three witches, rather hideous ones, that kept a certain special artifact hidden somewhere within their gloomy lair. This artifact was the only key to access and unlock where the Sentinels lay dormant. When they refused to hand it over to me, I killed them mercilessly, not knowing that I had only driven myself into an even darker path.”

“So who are these witches?” Twilight asked. “Know where I can find them?”

“That's for you to find out.” Tirek replied, again not knowing.

“Right, so if I can get to these witches early before they're killed, then maybe there won't be a chance for Tirek to find the Sentinels, and that could end the war for good!”

“It won't be that simple, Princess Twilight.” cautioned Princess Celestia. “Bear in mind that Tirek may be very much the same in the World Beyond as you have dealt with him in Equestria. Who knows what kind of power he was capable of before? Under no circumstances should you underestimate him.”

Twilight took her mentor's words truthfully and kept it in mind. After a few deep breaths, she took the courage and declared: “Okay, I'm ready for this. Let's do it!”

Princess Cadance took her position as the tip of her horn glowed brightly with magical energy. Twilight took a moment to speak to her friends and bid them farewell before she departed. After all, there was no guarantee that she would return alive if things went awry.

“We'll be cheering for you right here.” Spike said to her with enthusiasm.

“Take care, Twilight.” said Rarity with an amiable nod and smile. “Keep a sharp eye out there, in the World Beyond.”

“And please have a safe journey.” added Fluttershy earnestly.

“We're all countin' on you, partner!” said Applejack, offering Twilight a warmhearted hug. “Best of luck, because you're gonna need it!”

Pinkie Pie tried to be as cheerful as she could when she approached Twilight, presenting her with a small chocolate cup cake, softly illuminated by a single candle of hope. “I baked this for you. I know it isn't much, but I couldn't forget your birthday today.”

The war with the Sentinels was not only taking away lives, but also the spirit of the ponies. Yet Pinkie Pie wished to stay positive amidst the onslaught outside. Twilight chuckled as a tear trickled down her face. “No worries, Pinkie Pie. You did your best. Thank you so much for remembering, but let's save eating until I get back. I promise.”

“Okay.” Pinkie Pie nodded confidently.

“Thanks, everyone.” Twilight announced, giving an encouraging smile to them all. “And Tirek, like I said, no funny business.”

“Hrm… fine.” he snorted.

Twilight settled herself down comfortably on the royal carpet in a resting position and calmly shut her eyes, well aware that if she failed the Alicorns, life in Equestria would truly be over.

“Take care, my dearest and most faithful student.” Princess Celestia said.

An ocean colored beam emerged from Princess Candance's horn and flowed towards Twilight, delving into her mind and transporting it far back years in time… into the World Beyond. Uncertainty loomed and new dangers were afoot. Yet time was short and precious.

“Do you honestly think this plan is going to work?” Tirek asked Princess Celestia, rather incredulously. “You think she can do it?”

“Have faith, Tirek,” she answered with optimism. “I believe in her.”

Author's Note: Well, there's the first part of the story. Hope you enjoyed it so far. Comments are welcome and appreciated as always and will be read. Thanks!