Naruto Fan Fiction / Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ The Bodyguard ❯ The Assignment ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

For as long as I lived I thought I was normal, I was living a normal peaceful ninja life but then everything changed when it was a week after my 14th birthday. That day everything around me changed.
(Sora's point of View)
It was during 2nd period, I was going to my math class to return a book when I heard some adults talking around a corner. I peeked to see who it was. I couldn't believe who was there; it was Iruka-sensei and the Fifth Hokage from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I had learned from Iruka-sensei before I came to America after becoming a ninja. I had to leave because my parents and family moved to America, so I couldn't become a full fledge ninja but just becoming a genin was better than nothing I guessed. Iruka-sensei was my teacher back then so I knew that he would do something to me if he saw me here. I hid behind a corner just so I could barely hear what they were saying. “Well you Ms. Woods she is a ninja and since she is one we need to take her and the other one I was telling you earlier.” I heard Hokage say.
As I stood there I could fell eyes looking at me, staring at me around the corner.
“We really need those 2 students for these tasks.” The Hokage continued, “Those 2 might be able to change our whole situation around.” I couldn't take it anymore, I turned the other way into a teacher. The book I was holding fell around the corner in front of Iruka-sensei. I quickly reached for it just in time before he saw I hoped for. Before the teacher or Iruka-sensei had any time to do anything I was already gone out of the hall and into the school yard. I guess all those extra training days when we got here actually paid off. I thought at the time I was in the clear but I was dead wrong. It turned out the that the teacher I bumped into was good friends with Iruka-sensei.
I was in the school yard going back to P.E. when I noticed that Iruka-sensei and the Hokage was coming to the near window which they had a clear view of me from. I quickly gathered chakra and yelled , “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” I solid replica of me appeared and gave a push so far that I was at the gym, it disappeared just as the Hokage looked out the window.
“It seems that she has been practicing her techniques since she has been here.” Iruka agreed with her.
“But that doesn't mean that I'll go easy on her since she is Jounin level.”
The teacher I bumped into looked at him , “She is already that powerful and she shows no signs of anything like that at all. Oh yeah she is going to 2nd period so that means she will be in P.E. but you have to hurry because if she gets into the gym before you guys get to her you'll have to wait until the day is over because today is an all fitness which means she'll be running and running until 3 o'clock which is in 6 hours.” The teacher pointed out. Iruka jumped at this statement.
“You mean that she runs even much more here than at the Academy?” Iruka asked.
“To your surprise yes, for you see she is not the only person who is exactly normal this school. We have people with Alice's, magic powers, and worst of all some of theses students have demons that they control or they have demons inside of them that they can barely control.”
The Hokage looked at Ms. Woods and then at the teacher,
“So you mean she isn't the only one who isn't normal?” The Hokage asked.
“You are correct she is at the top of the class when it comes to physical stuff but when it comes to normal things you can say that she is worse than Naruto at ninja things.” Iruka couldn't believe what he heard, I was actually failing my classes!
“I'm going to get Naruto at the office and Iruka can you get Sora (that's my name), and the other person in her class I believe that his name is Natsume Hyuuga. Just to answer your question he isn't related to the Hyuuga Clan in anyway.” The Hokage turned the other way toward the office. “But you'll have to be careful, this one is harder than Orochimaru as so as Sora.” The Hokage walked off into the direction of where the office was.
“Iruka you better hurry she has just entered the locker room.” Ms. Woods pointed out, Iruka gasped and at the same time he ran toward the locker room where is was at changing into my ninja gear/P.E. clothes. (At my school you can wear any type of fitness clothes as long as they don't show any body parts such as your stomach etc...)
As I entered the locker room, my friend Meggie was looking at me. Meggie had the Alice to create things that are useful to life. She was helping her other friend, Linda for choosing the best outfit to wear when we were running outside today with a new invention called the Chooser that best describes what to wear on such occasions. “Sora! You're back! You better hurry because there's a rumor about you and Natsume going to be taken out of school if you don't get into the gym when this person comes to take you guys or something like that! Linda read the mind of one of the teachers when they weren't looking!” Meggie said, she passed me my ninja gear. Linda, her friend had the Mind Reading Alice, which lets her read minds of others except the people with the Nullification Alice.
I sat on the bench hurrying up because I knew that Iruka-sensei was about to come any minute. After a second I was done changing and was about to open the door that goes to the gym when all of a sudden the door locker room was flung open. For the next 10 second all I heard was this, “AHHHHHHHH!”
I looked back into the main hallway; there stood Iruka-sensei. “I-i-i-i-Iruka-sensei!” I yelled, every girl in the locker room stared at me and then back at Iruka-sensei, a guy.
“Ah a pervert!” A girl yelled, and then the girl gym teachers came out of their office.
“Young man why the heck you are here? If you don't want to get into trouble then leave immediately!” One of the 3 teaches said, Iruka-sensei huffed out a breathe. Then he glared at the teachers,”I'm not leaving without my former ninja!” He pointed to me, everybody gasped at as they heard this comment.
“If you can catch me Iruka-sensei! If you can catch me before I get out of the door!” I stuck out my tongue at him. Iruka-sensei left eye twitched with annoyance. I still haven't lost my touch to make him mad. I spun around to the door and grabbed hold of the doorknob.
“SORA! You get back here!” Iruka-sensei reached for me as I opened the door. “Puller go!” I heard Meggie's voice yelling, I stepped out of the locker and turned my head to see Iruka-sensei being pulled back by Meggie's newest invention.
“Too bad Iruka-sensei! You lose!” I stepped into the gym hoping that I had escaped Iruka-sensei, but I was dead wrong. I walked toward the door that led to the outside track with my back facing it and I hit something hard. I didn't dare to turn my head to face the worst, with my left hand I reached back and felt clothes and not just any type of clothes; ninja clothes. “Sora-chan I caught you.” A voice whispered behind me, lethargically I turned my head to Iruka-sensei glaring at me with a big smile on his face. “You lose Sora-chan.”
“But how? When did you? Get here from there?” I pointed to the locker room and then to him.
“It looks like you already lost your touch on things since you came here. When we get back to the village you can start your training with the jounin since you're that level now.” Iruka-sensei took a hold of my hand and pulled it out of the door into the front of the gyms. There was Naruto (Shippuden Naruto) and the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade waiting impatiently in front of a car. “I caught Sora and now all that's left is to get Natsume Hyuuga.” Iruka-sensei lifted my arm up to show that he wasn't lying but frankly he was because that was a replica of me.
“Mada Mada Dane.” The replica of me said. This is what I said when someone did something wrong or to provoke them.
The Fifth Hokage and Iruka-sensei looked at the replica and stared intensely. “You aren't Sora are you?” Tsunade asked, my replica of me turned it's head to Tsunade, “Right on the dot baka!” Tsunade got red at this comment and the replica of me disappeared. “I'm going to get that girl if it's the last thing I do!” Tsunade yelled, she swung her fist in the direction of Naruto and he didn't see it coming until he was flying in the air with a big red mark on his cheek.
I was on the roof of the gym with Meggie and another friend, Ahiru who were laughing as they saw Naruto flying in the air and land with a big thud on the cement sidewalk. Ahiru has magic powers that let her control air. “The Shadow Clone Jutsu has to be your best technique that you have Sora!' Ahiru commented me ,” You have to teach me it sometime!” I shook my head, “Sorry but I can't until you tech me how to control the air around me so that I can easily push me opponents out of the ring when we are doing match ups tomorrow,” I said.
“You got a deal!” Ahiru smack the roof and part of it brook off and landed on the ground in front where Tsunade and Iruka-sensei. I flinched and crawled back a little so that when Tsunade and Iruka-sensei looked up they wouldn't see us.
Tsunade turned her head to the fallen piece and looked up at the roof. “Iruka have you tried checking the roof of the gym because I think that is where our trouble maker is.” Tsunade said, Iruka and Naruto who was now just getting off the ground looked at her.
“I'll go get her Tsunade-ba-chan.” Tsunade turned her head angrily at Naruto who was jumping on top of the roof with ease.
“So Sora-chan how have you been?” Naruto asked, I got to my feet and ready for battle. When I was still back at the Village me and Naruto would always fight whenever we saw each other.
“Looks like you've doing some training I presume.” I said, I bended my knees and got in a stance for the fight.
“I was targeted by Saskue's brother after the Chunin Exam. But Jiriya was there to protect me.” Naruto put his hand in his shuriken pouch. The fight began.
“Let's see what your training did!” I preformed the hand sign for the Crystal Ice Mirrors. (One of which are my favorites!) “Crystal Ice Mirrors!' 12 mirrors of ice formed surrounding Naruto away from Meggie, Ahiru and me. “Let's see how much of your training really paid off Naruto-kun.” I smiled as I sat down watching the boy looking at his new surroundings.
“How the heck were you able to pull off something like this? Only Haku knows how to do this technique!” Naruto wiped out a kunai and threw it at one of the upper mirrors. “And how come you aren't in there? “He roared.
“Let's get say that I picked up a few tricks while I was here and by the way there's something in there that you might want to keep your guard for.” I said mysteriously, and I gave an evilly smile and Naruto. He twitched his eyes the way that Iruka-sensei does and searched for an opening. He jumped through one of the gapes in between the mirrors and was blown back by a huge amount of chakra. He stared at one of the mirrors to see a shadow pass away really fast. “I don't even want to find out what is in there.” Naruto said, he pushed off the ground and did the signs for the Shadow Clone Jutsu. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” another Naruto appeared next to him, he held out his arm and the clone did the movement for the Rasengan. After a second a ball of chakra formed in his hand, the clone disappeared.
“Jeez Naruto I never thought that you were actually this weak after all that training with Jiriya.” I said coldly narrowing my eyes on him as he ran and thrusted the Rasengan at one of the mirrors; to his surprise it didn't even make a scratch on it.
“That didn't even make a scratch on it!” Naruto looked at me, “Too bad that these mirrors will disappear soon since you only have a certain amount of chakra.” Naruto smiled at me making me wonder did he actually train.
Without him realizing it a gust of wind was thrown at him and knocked him to the ground. “Looks like it is actually getting busy now.” I said, I laid back and stared at the sky. Meggie and Ahiru were making bets to see if Naruto would actually y get out of there or would he have to ask em for the mirrors to disappear.
“I bet that Naruto is going to ask or going to be saved by somebody.” Meggie placed 5 dollars between them.
”No I think that he will actually bust out of there even thou its unlikely. The Crystal Ice Mirrors are one of Sora's weakest techniques and he can't even make a scratch on it. I'll bet 15.” Ahiru placed the money and shifted her gaze to the beaten up Naruto.
“You meant hat this is one of your weakest attacks?” Naruto asked, he picked himself off the ground and stood up straight. I closed my eyes and nodded.
“Yeah too bad you won't find out what is in my mirrors since Tsunade-ba-chan is coming up here in 3, 2, 1.” As I said 1 on that Tsunade landed on the roof staring at the scene in front of her.
“N-n-n-n-Naruto what is taking you so long to get the shrimp?” Tsunade asked, she walked to the mirrors and flicked at one of them. It shattered to pieces like it was a piece of ice being made into a snow cone.
“Humph I wouldn't be talking ba-chan, Looks like you need something and you won't find it here.” I said, I got back and walked away toward the other end. In a second a shuriken wized by my ear. It turned around, Naruto was in his throwing position. “Why the heck do you want me? I'm no use for you anyway. I'm just a genin.” I stated.
Tsunade shook her head, “Yes it's true you're a genin but your level is higher than a special jounin.” I gasped, I couldn't believe that I was actually better than some of the old guys back a the Village. “We need you back Sora, I fear that there is going to be an attack on the village all over again.” Tsunade stared at the ground, “The Akusuki has already got Gaara and the demon inside him, but that's not the only reason that I want. The main reason is that I want you to bodyguard Naruto.” Looking at his face and my face I could tell that we were having the same face as each other. “WHATTTTTTTTT!” We both yelled at the same time.