Naruto Fan Fiction / Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ The Bodyguard ❯ Naruto vs. Sora ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

(Normal Point of View)
Sora and Naruto both had open mouths and their eyes were blank and lifeless. “Wow they both look the same.” Meggie noticed, Ahiru nodded her head in agreement.
“You want me to baby-sit this idiot!” Sora yelled, she pointed to Naruto.
“What do you mean by idiot?”
Sora glared at Naruto making him jump.
“I mean you are the worst ninja I've ever met except for Aika but still this has to be a joke!” Sora screamed out in fury. Tsunade rubbed her temples trying to make the headache go away. “If you wan to see who is better than let's fight! Again!” Naruto pulled out a kunai as Sora go into an attacking position. “Let's go you idiot!” Sora lunged at him with full speed that she was there in no less than a second.
“What the-“ Naruto jumped back and did the hand signs for the Shadow Clone Jutsu,” Shadow Clone Jutsu!” 3 more Narutos appeared and 2 lunged for Sora, she escaped with ease by doing a back flip and knocking both of them. Away she didn't know that the other 2 Narutos were making the Rasengan ball. “Looks like you've improved by a little. But that won't help you this time Naruto-baka. Let me show you what I've been learning here!” Sora gathered up her chakra in her right hand and made the Rasengan ball. Tsunade and Naruto looked at her in amazement. “Rasengan.” Sora said calmly, she ran in her top speed and thrusted it at the real Naruto. Thye weren't even close to being done with their Rasengan ball.
“AHHH!” Naruto flew off the roof and landed on the ground making an impact with an explosion. “Hmph seems like he is still the same boy that he was 2 half years ago.” Sora jumped off the roof and landed next to Naruto and picked him up. They was a big gash in his stomach that showed the seal and half of his clothing was gone form the stomach and up also showing some of his black shirt underneath. “Let's get you on the grass.” Sora jumped and landed on the grass near the track where the students stopped running and watched as Sora placed her hands on top of each other and chakra went into her hands and made the healing start.
Meggie and Ahiru flew done on Meggie's duck invention that allows her to ride or fly around in. Tsunade jumped down and Iruka was in awe struck when he saw what Sora was doing. “Sora you could do all these things?” Tsunade asked, Sora didn't look up from what she was doing. It was actually her first time doing some like this for real. So she had to be careful.
The wound started to heal as Naruto started to regain conscious. “Looks like the baka is awake.” Sora smiled at him, “But you still have away to go if you want to be Hokage before me.” Sora wiped her forehead, and stood up fast. She swayed before she fell onto Meggie and Ahiru. She was completely out of chakra.
“Looks like this is the way to go, if we want to go bring her back to the village.” Tsunade walked over to Meggie and picked up Sora and carried her to the car. “Iruka, help Naruto into the car. I'm going to look for this Natsume Hyuuga who seems to posses the 6 tailed demon that allows to control fire at his will.” Tsunade walked off toward the back of the gym where the portables were.
Sora slowly woke up and scanned to see that Naruto was sleeping next to her. She slowly sat up. She was so much pain; she hadn't use that much of chakra likes that for so long. “Have to tell Tsunade about Natsume. She will be toasted if she goes near him without Ruka, Hotaru or Mikan.” Sora opened the car to a chakra barrier surrounding it. “Shoot! Looks like they actually were serious when Tsunade said she needed me. But she won't be here if Natsume doesn't unleash the Thing in him.” Sora added she slid her hands on the barrier with no luck of finding an opening.
Just as she was about to give up when a girl walked past her carrying a book. She had 2 long brown pigtails and brown eyes that were framed in her face. It was Mikan Sakura.
“Mikan! Mikan, it's me Sora! Over here!” Sora pounded the barrier and screamed as loud as her voice would let her. She looked behind to see if Naruto was still asleep and he was. Sora made a face at him. “He has to be the toughest sleeper I've ever met!” Sora mentally thought. She returned to the barrier and Mikan who was now looking at her.
“Sora? Is that you?” She asked, Mikan strolled over and placed her hands against Sora's.
“It's me Mikan! I have to get out of here! Tsunade is looking for Natsume and you know what happens when he isn't around either of you 3!” Sora said, she looked at Mikan's eyes. Mikan understood what to do. Mikan placed her right hand on the barrier. She closed her eyes then opened them. An amazing amount of energy flowed from her hand and slowly broke the barrier little by little.
Mikan stopped when there was a hole big enough for Sora to step out of.
“Thanks Mikan! I owe you one!” Sora bowed as Mikan closed her eyes again then opened. This time the hole started to repair itself back together.
Mikan has the power to do anything she wants but as a side effect she won't be able to use the power again for the next hour unless in an emergency.
As the hole was done being together again Mikan faced Sora and followed after her as Sora ran toward the portables where the real action was heating up.