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You know its funny how life works.
You are raised all your life to be or act a certain way and then suddenly, BAM, something happens that turns everything you ever believed in on its ear.
Of Cats and Foxes
A Ranma / Naruto crossover
By: Phule
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi while Naruto and Shaman King belong to their creators respectively.
A scream in the night, a plea for help.

“Pops! No more. Please. It hurts!" cried a feeble voice of a boy, his tone laced with pain and fear. The boy's eyes darting over a pit, He was being held aloft over the pit by the scruff of his neck by his father.

Despite the boy's cries for help, it all came in vain. Nothing could stop his father. A condescending sneer answering the boy's plea; "Are you a man, or a little girl?" cried the harsh and rather gruff voice in retort. "We're not going ANYWHERE until you learn this technique! Stop your whining and act like a man!"

“This is for your own good boy!” the man slammed the wooden hatch over the make shift pit.
Growl (boy?)
Red hair, check, missing manhood, check, extra weights on chest, check, soon to be panda skin rug, double check.
“Hi my names Akane, want to be friends?”
“And you think this will work?” Ranma asked.
“I'm not sure, according to the ancient texts; the ritual was developed to purify someone possessed by an evil spirit of great power.” The old monk replied, “At worst it will do nothing as the normal purification rite we tried, at best it may cure you of both Jusenkyo and the Neko-ken.”
“Ah well, lets get this over with” so saying Ranma sits in the middle of the room, the monk begin lighting the incense and double checking all the wards as he prepares to perform the cleansing.
As the monk finishes this he sits behind Ranma and begins to chant and make the gestures as described in the old scrolls. Ranma sits and meditates as he was told to, focusing his mind inwards.
“Tadaima,” Ranma-chan says tiredly as she walks through the door, not really expecting any reply since it was so late at night. It had taken longer then she thought it would at the temple, but at least this time she had something to show for it. The Neko-ken was now gone… well not gone per say but would no longer be a problem. Tired but hungry she walked into the kitchen and went to the fridge, thanking Kasumi silently when she saw the wrapped plate of leftovers she assumed were for her. As she sat down to eat she again went over what happened in her mind.
Blackness covered everything, as Ranma looked around he could not see anything but vague shapes and bleared outlines. “Where am I?”
“We are in your mind” said a voice behind him.
“Who?” Looking behind him, he sees his girl form sitting on a rock looking at him. “How?”
“Like I said we are in your mind, as to who… well I guess you can say I'm the parts of you that you ether cannot accept or refuse to acknowledge.” She answers, standing up she approaches him, “As to why… well my guess is that the rite we are in is healing us, cleansing our spirit as it were.”
“Umm what?”
“The rite… it is cleansing you or in other words, healing your damaged mind from the influence of the Neko-ken. After all you cannot face your fears with only half a mind…”
The girl giggles as Ranma looks on, upset that she was making fun of him. Turning serious she looks at him then says “honestly though if you do not accept who and what I am, what you are, you will never be able to master or get rid of your fear of cats. Also the curse will slowly drive you mad if you cannot come to terms with it.” She sighs “am I really such a hideous thing that you can not accept me?”
Ranma sighs… “No that's not it, I just… I'm supposed to be a man among men, how can I be that if I'm a girl half the time… it's not that I can't, so much as… as they wont let me.”
“Be that as it may Ranma, you will not be healed or whole if you do not, they are hurting you by keeping us apart, do you really think that their selfish wants are more important then you mental health?”
“No but…. No, you are right it's just… so what do we need to do…?”
Her eyes shine with happiness as he finally says what she's wanted for so long.
Finishing her meal she brings her plate to the sink, after rinsing it she silently walks to her room. She snorts in mild disgust as she sees her old man snoring away without a care in his tiny little head. Gathering her bathing supplies and a clean set of cloths she walks to the furo. After washing she slowly lowers herself into the tub letting out a sigh as the hot water sooths his tired muscles, not even noticing or caring about the change in gender. As he leaned back in the tub, his mind again drifts back to earlier.
“Wow… that was… wow”
For the first time in almost 10 years, Ranma was finally thinking clearly, and looking down at his body he noticed that he was a she again… and really didn't seem to care.
“Heh and to think all it took was to let go and accept…” she thinks idly, “all the pain, fights, and arguments, and in the end it really never mattered.”
Looking around again she noticed that everything was brighter now. Still formless, but more of a light gray then black now. As she continued to look around, she froze as a low growl came from behind her. Her terror mounting she slowly turned around to see…
/////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\
Authors Notes:
Well hope you all like it so far, please leave some feed back about what you think, I have no pre-reads so any help will be appreciated. The first two to three chapters will be Ranma only, I got some ideas now on how to get Ranma to the Naruto world, however I'm still trying to think how best to reduce his age. I'm thinking of inserting him into the story at about age 6 and then going from there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't really have any match ups right now, except that it will be a Ranma + multi, after all it's not Ranma with out lots of relationship problems. Anyways thanks for reading!
Looking around again she noticed that everything was brighter now. Still formless but more of a light gray then black now. As she continued to look around, she froze as a low growl came from behind her. Her terror mounting she slowly turned around to see…
A large purple dinosaur, sighing in relief she looked curiously at it.
Ano… who are you? She asked
And that is when it struck, almost too fast to comprehend it began to sing “ I Love you, You love me, We're one big happy family!
With a screech of absolute terror easily surpassing her fear of cats, Ranma ran for her life!!