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Of Cats and Foxes - Chapter 2
By: Phule
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi while Naruto and Shaman King belong to their creators respectively.
Looking around again she noticed that everything was brighter now. Still formless, but more of a light gray then black now. As she continued to look around, she froze as a low growl came from behind her. Her terror mounting she slowly turned around to see…
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“Greetings young one, you have no need to fear me.”
“Who… What… GAH cat!” Ranma says as she cowers from the one thing she's scared of most.
“Relax I will not hurt you, and I am not really a cat, at least not anymore.” It replies in a calm voice. “I am what you would call a Nekomata, I am a spirit.”
“Who are you and why are you here?” asked Ranma as her fear starts to fade at noticing the difference between what is before her and that of a cat. Still feeling uneasy due to all the similarities to one.
“My name is Matamune, as to why am I here… well you could say your soul called to me. Due to the trauma you have with cats and the ritual that you are now performing, you, spiritually speaking where lit up like bonfire for those that are sensitive to Reiryoku. I came in the hopes that I might help you, in so doing I might atone some for the sins of my past.”
“Reiryoku? Is that like Ki? Ranma asked
“Yes and no, they are similar in many ways but also different. Ki is your life energy, or the power of your spirit and strength; it is personal in nature. Reiryoku is a more physical energy; it is the power of the earth, the air, your mind, and soul. It comes from your environment and is what makes up the spirit world.
“ah… so can you teach me how to use it?” Ranma replied, as always, eager to learn some new techniques.
“he he he, eager to learn are we young one?” Matamune chuckles in response. “I suppose I could but I think we have more pressing things of concern right now, like why I was called here and how I can help. I can sense great pain, anger, and fear held toward Neko kind, but I do not know what has caused this. Please show me what happened, so I can help heal you.”
“Show you?”
“Yes, we are in your mind, as such all you need do is allow me to see your past and I will know what needs to be done. Please give me your hands to show your acceptance and I will be able to watch what has gone before.”
Ranma shakily approaches the `not a' cat and holds his hands in a light grip. Matamune gasps as he is flooded with echoes of pain, suffering, and loneliness.
“Well it looks like you will need to face your fear head on if you really want to master it. I can help you, but I'm not sure how this will affect you long term since this is normally done in the waking world and not with two spirits as we are now.” Matamune slowly says, still trying to contain his rage and horror at what was done to Ranma throughout his short life. “This technique uses our Reiryoku to form a bond between us so that you may use my skill and wisdom in this fight, it should also help you to control your fear and make it easier to face it.
“I…I would welcome your help… thank you, I… thank you.” Answered Ranma as he bowed low to Matamune, her face openly showing her gratitude for his offer.
“Your welcome young one and I am most happy to help. Now then the technique is called the Hyoi Gattai and what you do is call upon me and form a Hitodama (spirit ball) which you then merge into your body. What this does is gives you my knowledge and fighting techniques, while enabling you to retain control of your body. I will become a part of you, we will become one, but you will still be the dominant personality. Now then this is how it's done”
Matamune then shows Ranma how to do the Hyoi Gattai, teaching him the basics of Reiryoku manipulation and how to wield it to do what is required.
“ok I think you are ready, you know enough to do what is needed. It will not be perfect, but it should work well enough.” Says the cat as he grins with pride at how fast she has learned the new skills. Letting his form go, causing it to blur and fade, he prepares to accept Ranma's request of aid in the form of the Hyoi Gattai.
Ranma slows her breathing concentrating on pulling up the little amount of Reiryoku she can control and using it to slowly draw on Matamune's essence and then with a shouted “Hyoi Gattai” she pushes it into her body forming the bond between souls.
////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Done with his soak Ranma gets out of the furo and goes to his room. He lays on his futon unable to sleep, his mind still restless, he kept remembering more and more what happened, and the changes this will bring.