Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Colors of Life and Death ❯ Innocence Lost ( Chapter 23 )

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Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura watched the sinking sun with a mixture of irritation and worry. "Where the hell are they?" Sasuke asked in his mind as a strong wind kicked up a few papers scattered along the street.

Sakura turned her head to her sensei. “Should we go look for them?” she asked, biting her lower lip.

Kakashi sighed. “We’ll give them another fifteen minutes. If they’re not back by that time, I’ll go,” he replied calmly as he turned another page in his book.

Sakura nodded, but somehow she felt that it would not be so simple.


“Pleeeeeease, Tsunade-sama?” TenTen begged.

“As I told you at Naruto’s party, I simply don’t have the time to take on another student,” Tsunade answered with a sigh.

“Just while they’re gone then?”

“That’s not enough time to teach you much of anything,” Tsunade said with a frown.

“I’m already an expert in twenty seven weapons. A katana shouldn’t be that difficult,” TenTen rebutted in a last ditch effort to get the Fifth to agree.

Tsunade sighed in defeat. “Alright.” Ignoring the utterly gleeful expression in TenTen’s eyes, she added, “But you still won’t learn much from me. I didn’t get very far in my katana training.”


Tsunade smirked. “I never did have much use for any weapon besides my fists.”


The brunette-haired chief of police looked up from instructing the rookie in front of her when she heard the front doors open. Two teenagers entered the building; well, two teenagers and a corpse. She ran to the strange group at once. “What happened?” she asked, looking at the girl in alarm.

Naruto looked down and stayed silent.

“We’re n...injas from Konoha,” Hinata spoke up. “Can...can someone take her from him?” she said with a nod in Naruto’s direction.

The chief frowned in thought, not sure if she could trust them. Finally she nodded in agreement. “Alright.” She turned her head to the rookie she had been instructing a moment ago. “Higurashi, take this poor kid to the morgue,” she commanded grimly.

The blonde rookie cringed. “H...hai, Emiko-san.” He got up from his desk and gingerly took the girl from Naruto’s arms.

“Alright. You two, follow me,” Emiko instructed as Higurashi carried the girl away.

Hinata nodded and, putting her hand in Naruto’s, followed Emiko into her office.

Emiko closed the door behind them and sat down heavily into her chair. “Now, what happened?” she asked sternly as she waved a hand at the chairs in front of her desk.

Hinata and Naruto took the cue and sat down. Seeing her boyfriend wasn’t in the mood for talking, Hinata took the initiative. “We were hired by Mayor Kurata to eliminate the Youkai gang.”

“Hm. I remember Tate saying something about that. Please continue.”

“We were conducting a of the area they were suspected to be in when...I noticed we were being followed...” she said with a quick glance at Naruto. “Naruto-kun a...ambushed her and she fought back. He kicked her and when she landed she...fell on a metal s...sign pole,” she finished with a grimace and a swallow as she noticed Naruto grit his teeth.

Emiko blew out a long puff of air. “I see.”

“Naruto-kun didn’t mean to k...kill her. It was an accident. He d...didn’t know the pole was there,” Hinata added, becoming louder and a little squeaky near the end of her sentence, her eyes begging Emiko to believe her.

Suddenly, Naruto’s fist slammed down on the desk, making both girls jump. He hung his head so that his hair covered his eyes. “I...I’m sorry. She...she wasn’t even....” he said as two fresh tears moistened his cheeks.

Hinata frowned sadly. “Naruto-kun....”

“She wasn’t even our age. We...we don’t even know if she was really an enemy,” Naruto continued, wiping the wetness from his face.

“ was an accident, Naruto-kun,” Hinata said, offering the only comfort she could think of at the moment.

Naruto frowned. “Her family won’t care about that,” he said sadly.

Hinata, not knowing what else to say, put her arms around the boy she loved.

A knock sounded on the door. “Yes?” Emiko asked.

The door opened and Higurashi poked his head in. “We have a positive I.D on that girl.”

“Alright.” Emiko stood and looked at Naruto and Hinata. “I’ll be back in a moment,” she said as she placed a comforting hand on Hinata’s shoulder.

Emiko walked outside the office, closing the door behind her. Hinata relaxed a bit, realizing that Emiko’s actions indicated that she believed them. She watched the two shadows in the frosted glass window of the door with a nervous tension that threatened to make her sick to her stomach.

Emiko came back after roughly two minutes and re-took her seat. She had a short stack of papers in her hands. “Her name was Katsura. And you can relax, Naruto. She had been arrested several times for crimes relating to the Youkai gang.”

Naruto sighed with partial relief. “Thank you,” he said, brightening a bit. It was obvious, however, that he still hadn’t completely recovered from the whole experience.

Hinata gripped Naruto’s hand. “A...ano, our s...sensei is expecting us. May we go now?” she asked.

Emiko put a curled, thoughtful index finger to her chin. “Hmm. I suppose I’ve gotten all I need from you. Go ahead,” she said in a serious tone of voice.

“Thank you,” Hinata said with a polite bow. She turned to Naruto. “C...c’mon,” she said with a warm smile.

Naruto nodded and rose from his seat. “Yeah.”

Naruto and Hinata left the police station in silence. As they leapt up to the rooftops, Hinata prayed that Naruto was truly as stable as he seemed.


Kakashi landed on the platform encircling the water tower in front of him. As he peered out over the streets he saw two dots out of the corner of his eye, moving fast. Turning his head so he could see the dots more clearly he realized it was Naruto and Hinata racing along the tops of the buildings. He jumped off in their direction. “Where have you two been?” he said with concern once he reached their position.

Hinata and Naruto stopped moving. After a moment of catching their breath Naruto spoke up. “I’m...sorry. We ran into an enemy,” he explained.

Kakashi frowned when Naruto didn’t continue. “And?”

Realizing he wasn’t going to get out of a full explanation, Naruto sighed. “We were being followed by a girl. I tried to catch her for information, but I screwed up. She fell on a sign pole...and died.... We...just got back from giving the body to the police station,” he finished quietly.

Kakashi looked like he understood more than he should have. “She was your first kill, wasn’t she?”

Naruto’s face snapped upwards, his expression showing his shock. “How did you know?”

“Hm. Just the way you said it,” Kakashi answered as he clapped a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “It shakes everyone up a little the first time, even if they don’t show it. Unfortunately, death is a fact of life in our line of work.”

Naruto nodded. “Yeah, but I didn’t know she was an enemy till about ten minutes ago. For all I knew, she was just curious and defended herself when I attacked,” he said solemnly.

Kakashi sighed. “That is an even more unfortunate result of being a ninja. We aren’t infallible. We do make mistakes, and sometimes an innocent dies from those mistakes,” Kakashi said, closing his eyes and thinking of Obito as he finished.

Naruto felt a small amount of sadness when he realized his sensei was speaking from experience. “Are we...gonna look around some more?” he asked, hoping to change the subject.

Kakashi shook his head. “Not right now. We could all use something in our stomachs. And I suspect you need some time to adjust to what happened.”

Naruto nodded, grateful that Kakashi was so perceptive. “Did Sasuke and Sakura-chan find out anything?” he asked as they began to head back to the hotel.

Kakashi’s eye crinkled into a frown. “No. It seems the residents are too afraid to talk. We’ll just have to find the gang on our own.”


“Be gentle with it. It’s older than me,” Tsunade warned as she handed TenTen a rather worn looking shinnai.

TenTen frowned. “I have to practice with a pinchy stick? Why?” she asked, sounding insulted.

Tsunade laughed a bit at the girl’s arrogance as it reminded her so much of her own at that age. “Because it saves me from having to waste chakra healing you.”

TenTen was about to make a retort when Jiraiya burst into the room.

Tsunade’s eyes widened. “Jiraiya?” She noticed the panicked look on his face. “What’s wrong?!” she demanded, knowing Jiraiya didn’t show panic very often.

“I just got word from my network,” the aging sannin said in between gasps for air. “Orochimaru has sent Itachi to capture Naruto!”

“WHAT?!” Tsunade screeched, grabbing Jiraiya’s shoulders hard enough to make him wince.

“You have to send an anbu squad immediately!”

Now Tsunade was beginning to panic. “I...I can’t! They’re all away on missions! The jounins too!” She suddenly looked like she had an idea. “You! You have to go!” she said loudly.

“I don’t have a team!” Jiraiya replied just as loudly.

Tsunade’s gaze immediately turned to TenTen. “TenTen, go get Lee and Neji! I want you all back here yesterday!”

The young weapons expert looked startled for less than a second. “Hai!” she confirmed just before she disappeared from sight.

Tsunade's stomach tied itself into an unheard of number of knots as she waited for TenTen to return.


Naruto made sure to keep himself turned the opposite direction from Hinata and Sakura's room as he lay in his bed. Even though his conscience was managing to win, his hormones were screaming at him to peep. Finally he couldn't take it anymore. He stood from his bed and marched himself to the bathroom, which had a full length mirror on the inside of the door. “I’m gonna get this outta my system if I have to die of blood loss to do it!” he thought with determination.

Naruto closed the door and stood in front of the mirror. He let out a calming breath and put his hands into the seal for henge. "Henge!" he said just before turning into the buxom blonde that was the trademark of his Sexy No Jutsu. In less than two seconds he had a nosebleed that knocked him over onto the edge of the tub. “Dammit!” He got back up and wiped his nose. “Henge!” he yelled again, gaining him the same blood bitchslap. He gritted his teeth. “I will beat this!” He put his hands into the seal again. “Henge!”


Kakashi knocked on the bathroom door for the second time. “Naruto, other people need to use the bathroom,” he said flatly.

Naruto barely heard the voice that was calling out to him through the haze in his mind. “I musta dozed off.” He lifted his head up from the floor which turned out to be a bad idea as a crushing headache came over him. After closing his eyes for a moment he suddenly remembered what he’d been doing and that there was a good amount of blood all over the front of his nightshirt. “Shit!” he cursed under his breath. “If Kakashi-sensei sees this I’ll have to explain everything!” he hissed as he forced himself to deal with the headache and shakily got to his feet. The instant he was standing straight up a wave of dizziness swept over him and he fell to the floor, unconscious.

Hearing a loud crash, both Kakashi and Sasuke became worried. “Naruto?” No answer. “Naruto!” Sasuke yelled. He took out a kunai, jammed it into the crack between the frame and the door and snapped it sideways. The wood around the bolt shattered as Hinata and Sakura came running into the room, obviously wondering what was wrong.

“Sasuke-kun, what....?” Sakura questioned as Sasuke swung the bathroom door open.

When Hinata saw Naruto lying on the floor with blood all over him, not to mention a small amount on the floor and walls, her eyes filled with tears. “Naruto-kun!” she yelled as she shoved her way past a stunned Kakashi. She fell down next to Naruto and activated her Byakugan. After a moment she let her eyes return to normal and looked up at the others with confusion. “I...I don’t understand. All he has is a bump on the head. There’re no wounds and no internal bleeding,” she reported.

“Hmm,” Kakashi mused in concern. “Will he be alright?”

“I...think so,” Hinata replied with uncertainty.

“Alright then. Sasuke, you bring Naruto to his bed,” as an afterthought he added, “And put a clean shirt on him.” He turned to Sakura. “Can you handle cleaning the mess in here?” he asked, pointing to the bathroom.

Sakura grimaced, but agreed. “Hai, Kakashi-sensei.”

“Hinata, you help Sasuke. I’ll go explain all the noise to the front desk,” Kakashi informed the shy girl.

As Kakashi walked off Hinata looked in Naruto’s bag for a new shirt. “What could’ve happened?” she wondered in her mind.


Hinata and Kakashi sat near Naruto as he slept, each reading their respective books (Although Hinata’s was much less racy). She glanced over at the boy for what felt like the hundredth time. “Kakashi-sensei?”

Kakashi looked up from his book. “Yes?”

“Why hasn’t he woken up yet? Shouldn’t the red chakra have healed him by now?” Hinata asked with worry.

Kakashi frowned in thought. “Yes, it should have. I don’t understand it either.”

Hinata bit her lower lip. “Should we take him to the hospital after all?”

Kakashi shook his head. “No. His color has gotten much better. I think he’ll be fine. Although I have to say that I’m very curious as to how he lost enough blood to make him pass out with no obvious injuries.”

“Nhm,” Hinata replied softly. She heard a soft groan to her left. “Naruto-kun?” she exclaimed as she rushed to her boyfriend’s side. His head turned slightly in her direction and his eyes slowly opened.

“Hinata-chan?” Naruto said weakly. He put his hand to his head. “I feel like I got stepped on by Gama Bunta.” Suddenly his eyes snapped wide. “I...I can explain!” he said franticly.

Kakashi cocked an eyebrow. “Please do,” he answered calmly.

“I...ummm...I....” He stammered, looking back and forth between Hinata and Kakashi. “Hinata-chan...I’m sorry, but can you leave the room for a minute? It’s...kind of embarrassing,” he said with a small grimace.

Hinata cocked her head to the side in confusion, but nodded. “Okay. I’ll be right outside if you need me,” she said as she gave him a chaste kiss on his forehead.

After Hinata closed the door Kakashi turned to his student and gave him an expectant look. “I’m waiting.”

Naruto cleared his throat. “It’’s kinda about that nosebleed you saw....” his said with a slight redness to his cheeks.

Kakashi’s eyebrows raised. “You don’t mean to tell me that all that blood was from....” he said with his mouth a gape.

Naruto gulped. “Yeah....”

Kakashi’s face was incredulous. “How the hell....?”

“I though maybe if I saw a naked woman enough then...I wouldn’t get them anymore,” Naruto answered while staring at the floor.

Kakashi pointed at Naruto. “ had a naked woman in here?!” he said with loudly whispered shock.

“No!” Naruto answered. At seeing the uncertainty on Kakashi’s face he stood up, took a deep breath and put his hands into the familiar seal. “Henge!”

Kakashi’s mouth dropped open at the model worthy naked woman who now stood before him. After a moment he regained his senses. “Naruto, please, drop that henge,” he said as he covered his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Female Naruto asked, confused at her sensei’s reaction.

“Just do it!” Kakashi commanded.

Naruto frowned and released the jutsu. “Okay...clear.”

Kakashi sighed and put his hand down. “Naruto, you shouldn’t do that henge.”

“Why?” Naruto asked in confusion. He had been expecting the same reaction he had gotten from other adult males in the past. Especially since he knew Kakashi was a closet pervert.

“Because you’re only fourteen, that’s why. You may not really be female and you may not actually be naked, but it still invokes lust in adult men and that is wrong,” Kakashi said seriously.

Naruto frowned. He’d never thought of it that way.

“Naruto...tell me you haven’t done that in front of Jiraiya-sama,” Kakashi asked with a sick feeling in his stomach.

Naruto winced in response. “Yeah. I had to show him to get him to train me.”

Kakashi sighed as he slouched and put his head in his hands. “Promise me you won’t show that jutsu to any more adults.”

Naruto frowned. “What about when I turn sixteen?”

Kakashi grinned. “Then you can make as many nosebleeds as you want,” he said with a chuckle.

Naruto grinned.

“I don’t understand how you made your own nose bleed though.”

“The mirror,” Naruto answered quietly.

A look of understanding came over Kakashi’s face. “Oh....” After a moment he burst out laughing.

Naruto gritted his teeth. “It’s not funny.”

Kakashi only laughed harder. After he managed to stop, his face once again became calm. “Naruto, you do realize the whole nosebleed thing is normal, right?”

“Yeah,” Naruto answered reluctantly.

“Well, you can’t just desensitize yourself to the female figure.” At seeing Naruto’s crestfallen expression he added, “It does happen less as you get older though,” Kakashi said with a reassuring smile.


Kakashi cocked an eyebrow and held up his beloved book. “Hey, if I was lying, do you honestly think I could read this in public?”

Naruto laughed. “Where’s Sasuke and Sakura-chan?”

“They’re out patrolling,” Kakashi replied as he worked some of the kinks out of his neck.

Naruto opened the door. “Hinata-chan, you can come in now.”

Hinata looked at Naruto and smiled. “Okay.”

As the two walked back into the room Kakashi stood up. “Well then, why don’t we do some searching of our own?”

Naruto nodded. “Nm.”


The cool morning air made Naruto feel a little better. “I hope we find something soon. I’m getting hungry.”

Kakashi smiled at the way Naruto and Hinata jumped in unison. It reminded him of the way he and Rin was an old dream, now long gone. He sighed sadly and pushed on forward. He suddenly noticed two figures bounding over the roof tops a few hundred yards in front of them. “Ah, there they are,” he informed his current company.

Naruto squinted against the bright ten am sunshine to see what his sensei was talking about. At realizing the two dots were Sakura and Sasuke he smiled. When they were within earshot Naruto called out to them. “Sasuke! Sakura-chan!”

Sakura turned her head to look behind her when she heard the voice that had yelled her name. “Sasuke-kun, it’s Naruto,” she informed him, stopping on the next roof.

Sasuke stopped a few feet after Sakura and the two headed back to the rest of their team. “Naruto, you okay?” Sasuke asked. “What happened to him?” he asked Kakashi.

Naruto grimaced and looked pleadingly at the jounin.

Kakashi waved his hand in a reassuring manner. “Naruto already made his report to me on this. And since it’s a private matter, I’ll let him decide whether or not to tell you.”

Naruto sighed in relief, although it was short lived as his brother immediately turned to him.

“Well?” Sasuke said expectantly with a scowl on his face.

“C’mon,’s private,” Naruto replied.

Sasuke’s scowl deepened and he sighed heavily. “Are you in danger?” Naruto shook his head. “Is there a chance of it happening again?” Naruto gave the same answer as before. “Alright then. Let’s get back to the mission.”

Naruto dropped his head in relief. “Thank God. If I had to explain that to him he’d blackmail me with it for life.”


The clock on the building they had just passed struck eleven and Naruto yawned. “Neh, Hinata-chan?”

Hinata turned her head to look at him. “Hmm?”

“What time were we supposed to meet up with the others again?” Naruto asked, stifling another yawn.

“Eleven thirty. We’d b...better head back,” Hinata answered.

Naruto nodded gratefully. They really hadn’t rested since they started their search.

Not far from their rendezvous point Naruto noticed a small group of figures entering a boarded up apartment building. “Hinata-chan, look,” he said as he stopped on a roof and pointed downward.

Hinata looked at the building just in time to see the last of the group Naruto had spotted climb through a wide gap in the boards. “Byakugan!” Her now enhanced vision let her know that the pair had found what they were looking for. “There’s at least th...thirty people inside. I think we’ve found them,” she said with a satisfied smile.

Naruto nodded. “We’d better tell Kakashi-sensei.”

“Nm,” Hinata responded. The two teens headed back to the hotel.


Itachi landed on the roof of the building across from where team Kakashi’s was staying. He smirked in satisfaction as he watched Naruto and Hinata enter the large hotel. “Found you,” he thought. “Now I just need the right opportunity to strike.” He moved back from the edge and folded his arms across his chest. “Soon, Naruto we shall see if Orochimaru has truly succeeded in correcting the mistake he made fourteen years ago,” he whispered in cruel curiosity.


Kakashi nodded in approval as Naruto and Hinata finished their report. “Alright then. We’ll attack tomorrow night. For now, I want all of you to get some sleep.”

The team nodded, and then Sakura and Hinata left the room. Kakashi went to use the bathroom and Naruto and Sasuke sat down on their beds.

Naruto watched Hinata’s shadow in the soft glow of her lantern, making sure to remember to turn away if she stood up. His gaze drifted for a moment to the tatami mats covering the floor and he suddenly had an idea. He stood up and grabbed the edge of one of the mats on the far side of the room.

“What are you doing, Dobe?” Sasuke asked in confusion as he watched his brother lift up the edge of the mat.

“Putting up a privacy wall,” Naruto replied without stopping his work.

Confusion spread over Sasuke’s face which was quickly replaced by amused understanding. “Don’t want to risk seeing Hinata again, huh?”

Naruto stopped moving, made a strange sound and blushed. “Yeah,” he said quickly without looking at Sasuke then continued on with his task.

Sasuke snickered, earning him a murderous glare from Naruto. “And how are you going to explain the mat if she wakes up before us and sees it?”

Naruto gritted his teeth. He hadn’t thought about that. “I’ll set the alarm for ten minutes early,” he grumbled as he finished settling the mat into place.

“Heh,” Sasuke said with a smirk before lying down.

Naruto frowned and sat down on the edge of his bed. He reached over to his night stand and picked up the small alarm clock, setting it to six-fifty am.

It was at that moment that Kakashi came waltzing back in from the bathroom. He stopped short at seeing the tatami mat on the divider wall to the two rooms. It didn’t take him long to figure out its purpose, however. He cocked an eyebrow, shrugged and got into his bed.

Naruto sighed in relief at not having been asked any more uncomfortable questions. He let his blond head hit the pillow and fell into an uneasy sleep.



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