Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ The Thread ❯ Only ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

What did she ever do? Protected them, fought for them, became great for them and for him. And she was thrown away……
Naruto looked into the sky beyond his hospital window, his blonde hair a mess more than usual, his heart heavy. It was sunny outside but it was raining there he was sure, they were outside in the rain waiting for their angel to come back, unaware of the binds on the angel. He frowned at the beautiful sun, and the fire he'd held so close in his heart froze to the core.
No. He refused to leave it like this.
For years they'd treated her as if she was worse than a demon, worse than him, worse than a being deserving life. They only saw her as an abomination and as a tool, never as what she was; a child.
Sasuke had been taken too, but they had released him. Apparently they believed the traitor who abandoned the village was less dangerous than the one who dared to go after him; he always knew the elders of Konoha were idiots. As he was walked to the Hokage, seeming that he'd be pardoned if he re-swore allegiance to Konoha, he thought of that one; there was no reason that they should have not given pardon to the one instead. Sasuke hated the village where he could never fully gain any real power, but the one loved I; even hated, even treated like Naruto, the one had always loved the village.
No. He refused to go along with all this.
She wasn't born there, another village actually, but she had grown up there. She was just as much one of the village as anyone born there; but they always treated her like an outsider…when not treating her like a weapon.
Itachi and Sasori both knew something was wrong, that it would never take this long to get Sasuke, go to Konoha and return. Deidara felt it too; Hidan ignored it, Kakuzu refused it, Zetsu saw it, Pein and Konan knew it. Tobi alone tried to go, grabbing the small orange nine-tailed fox sleeping in the room; it would find the way back to Konoha if they couldn't. Going to the doors of the hideout, the masked Tobi found himself met by the other members, all looking anxious. They yelled at him for being late and Tobi replies with his usual good boy tirade. Only this time they all smiled lightly and the nine move out to find their missing member.
No. They refused to leave fate to it's own vocation.
But why then? Why hate her? Why imprison her? Why treat one so loyal, so powerful, so willing to help like a outcast?
So Naruto got out of bed, and even as shinobi doctors appeared to try and stop him, even as injured as he still was, Naruto put all he had into fighting. Even Kyuubi seemed up for the fight, giving his chakra to Naruto to use. The hospital was destroyed of course in the process, a few killed but Naruto didn't seem to notice; he ran to the place where the angel was being held.
Where his best friend was being kept.
So Sasuke took out the kunai knife they'd failed to see on his person and quickly attacked, slitting the throats of Anbu Black Ops left and right, dodging their own attacks as if they were moving in slow motion. The black mark on his neck glowed horridly as he changed to that horrid form, grinning as he killed. There was blood everywhere and the death screams of his victims called forth other. By then though he was gone, running towards the place the one was being held.
Where his conscience was being held.
They came upon Konoha to find it in chaos. They separated into groups, attacking as well at the speed of gods, demons, inhuman as they were. Only the ninja died though; they knew that their missing member wouldn't like them to kill innocents. Even though they'd never shown such kindness, they still got such mercy and expected them to too. How did such a person get such loyalty from evil people like them? Who knew. They ran towards the source of the chakra they knew so well.
Where their true leader was being held.
It hurt where they were, hands bound, chakra bound, eyes closed and heart beating. The sound of water around them, the feel of cold air, drowning them in both and leaving no room for their own mind to realize. All they wanted, all Miki wanted was for the vessel to be happy; to find Sasuke, to laugh with Naruto, to rule with the Akatsuki, and one day be free of the hatred that plagued all like them; the demon-possessed, the alone, the powerful, the different. The wings that would free them though were bound as well.
She guided some………
“Naruto, never let them tell you you can't; you're going to be the best……”
She revived others………
“Sasuke, you bastard! Don't you get it yet?! You don't need Orochimaru's power, that's not going to make you strong; you have to find your true power on your own or alongside the people you trust the most in this world!”
She showed truth to yet more………
“You will never get my demon or Naruto's or Gaara's, not while I'm breathing! We might have hated the ones sealed inside us once, but we've learned, I know I have at least; Miki is just as much a part of me as my very soul.”
And that's why………
Naruto and Sasuke and the Akatsuki came upon the doors of the building where the thread linking them at that moment was being held. Miki felt them and awoke the vessel, the angel, the friend, the one, the conscious, the member, the leader. The doors opened and so did amethyst eyes, staring up at them, staring through them. Then a smile came over the face and hands, though bund, reached out, “You came for me? Then lets go-“
So she might as well make a new village in their place
---Records of the Village of the Twilight.