Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ Beginning of the End ❯ Patrolling the Base ( Chapter 4 )

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Akamaru arrived at Konoha in two days. Immediately he went to the Hokage. She was just leaving her office when the canine approached her door. There was a scroll tied around his neck.

"What's this?" Tsunade asked as she knelt down and removed the scroll. As she scanned it, she nodded. On it was the date and time to attack Amegakure.

"Where's Kiba?" She asked looking down at Akamaru. He simply whined and lowered his head.

"Damn it!"

Tsunade ran off to find Kakashi's team. Which would consist of Kakashi, Hinata, Yamato and Sai.

"Kakashi!" Tsunade yelled as she approached him.

"Lady Hokage?" Kakashi questioned. She had a grim look on her face.

"Gather Hinata, Yamato, and Sai. Go search for Kiba and Leia. Akamaru returned, but the two of them weren't with him." Tsunade ordered.

"Hai!" Kakashi saluted and disappeared with a 'poof'.

Tsunade looked at the scroll clutched in her hand. The Akatsuki. Did they.. Did they ambush Kiba and Leia. Tsunade closed her eyes, and only hoped for the best. After all, that was all she could do at the moment.

-Time Skip!-

Hinata, Kakashi, Sai, and Yamato leaped from branch to branch. They were given a mission to retrieve their comrades. Akamaru had returned, but with no sign of Kiba and Leia following behind him. So far they had traveled a whole day, but had not seen any signs of the two leaf-nin.

"I h-hope they're alright." Hinata said softly. Concern lacing her voice.

"I'm sure they're fine." Kakashi said. More hopeful than anything. "Remember who Leia is related to."

Hinata smiled and blushed slightly at the thought of Naruto. She had a crush on him. Ever since she was a child. To her he had always been strong, brave, and kind.

"You like Naruto." Sai said.

"Wh-what?!" Hinata asked as she snapped out of he daze and turned to Sai.

"It's very obvious you like him." Sai commented. "I read in a book that if you love someone you should tell them, or you might end up regreting it later."

Hinata didn't respond, but her face turned an inhumanly shade of red.

"Up ahead!" Yamato shouted.

The leaf-nin moved faster, and soon reached the part of the trail where their comrades had been attacked by Akatsuki. Hinata gasped, and the others looked on in sorrow. There, laying in the middle of the path, were the mangled bodies of their comrades. Hinata choked back tears at the sight of Kiba. This was the second teammate she lost to Akatsuki. The first being Shino, back when Suna and Konoha attacked the Akatsuki base.

"W-we need to report this to Lady Tsunade." Kakashi managed. He had taken notice of Kiba's fatal wound. "It looks like Sasuke was involved in this one as well. Sai, Yamato retrieve the bodies. Be careful. The Akatsuki could still be nearby."

Yamato and Sai did as ordered. Yamato lifted Kiba onto his back, and Sai did the same with Leia. The four made their way back to Konoha with their, now dead, comrades. The whole time Hinata was choking back tears. She had to be strong. Naruto would be devastated at the loss of his twin, and Hinata promised herself she would be strong. For him.

-With Akatsuki-

"So you two took out the kyuubi's twin and her comrade?" Nagato asked.

"They were rather close to the base." Shoto stated coolly.

"It's fine. The less shinobi Konoha has, the better." Nagato assured them. With that, he left the two alone.

"Back to training." Sasuke said. Shoto nodded, and the two returned to their spar.

-Evelynn and Sasori-

"Man, I'm bored." Evelynn complained. She and Sasori were taking their turn as border patrol. they were in a dry land like area, close to wind country. Evelynn was walking beside her fiance, and her fingers were laced together behind her head. "We have a shitty place for a base. Seriously. We're surrounded by Wind Country, Fire Country, and Amegakure."

"Evelynn, we're supposed to be keeping a look out for anything suspicious." Sasori reminded her in an impatient tone.

"There isn't anything here!" The red-head woman declared waving an arm out.

Sasori grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him.

"You can be an extremely agitating woman, you know that?" Sasori muttered softly against her ear. Evelynn tried to ignore the heat that was rising in her face.

"We're supposed to be keeping a look out for anything suspicious." Evelynn purred in his ear.

"Right." Before she could react Sasori had thrown the two of them to the ground, and was now ontop of Evelynn, pinning her down. "Don't patronize me, woman."

"Ah, always so impatient." Evelynn wrapped her legs around Sasori's waist as he grinded gently against her womanhood.

"We'll finish patrol in a moment. I haven't had a chance to deal with you in awhile." Sasori growled softly against her ear. Evelynn let out a small gasp as he roughly nipped at her earlobe.

"S-sasori!" She moaned.


She never got a chance to respond. Hours passed, and most the the Akatsuki were wondering what happened to the two red-heads. Little did they know that in those hours Sasori made love to Evelynn. Multiple times.

'Heh, and right in the midst of war.' Sasori thought, as he leaned down to take Evelynn again.

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