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The Akatsuki were on their way to Mount Myoboku. Zetsu had also informed them that Suna and Konoha would be attacked within the month. Which meant if they wanted to get the nine-tails, they had to do it now.

"How much farther?" Hidan complained.

"We're almost there." Nagato snapped.

Indeed they were. Just up ahead of them they could see the mountain.

-Time skip!-

One by one the Akatsuki infiltrated Mount Myoboku. They would split up to look for the nine-tails, and then let off a signal when they found him. Apparently, he was training with the toads to learn Toad Sage mode.

'Heh, Jiraya-sensei sure had an impact on him.' Nagato thought bitterly. He and Kisame had partnered up. They were quietly wading through, what looked like, a forest of giant lily-pads. All around them was lush green grass and plants. Waterfalls fell gracefully from statues. All around it was a beautiful place. Too bad they had to destroy it.

-Deidara and Audrey-

"Don't go getting your arm torn off this time." Audrey was scolding Deidara.

"Yeah, yeah." The blonde bomber grinned at his wife.

"Who goes there?!" A giant toad near a gong yelled. Currently, Deidara and Audrey were hiding between a bunch of giant statues of.. You guessed it. Toads. Deidara looked down at his left hand mouth as it spit out the chewed up clay. Deidara then shaped the clay into multiple spiders and butterflies. One of the butterflies attached itself to the frogs chest.

"Huh, what's this..?" The toad guard questioned.


Audrey and Deidara could hear the 'squelch' as the toad exploded. His blood splattered across some of the nearby statues, and onto the gong he was standing next to. The other little sculptors Deidara had created exploded against a cavern behind the toad revealing an empty room.

"Guess the kyuubi isn't here, hm." Deidara muttered.

"Did you hear that explosion?" They could hear the muttering of other toads nearby. Most held their weapons at the ready.

"Shall begin, un?" Deidara turned to grin at Audrey. Audrey just smiled and nodded. She threw her boomerang shuriken with expert aim at the group of toads. It sliced open the face of one, and as it rounded and came back it cut off the head of another. Audrey jumped out, caught her boomerang shuriken, and dodged a spiked club that was swung at her.

"Katsu!" Three more of the toads exploded, their blood painting their comrades. Deidara jumped out, and blocked an axe with his kunai that was aimed at Audrey. One by one they sliced, impaled, and exploded the group of warrior toads.

-Hidan and Kakuzu-

Hidan had just finished his third ritual. Unsure if Jashin-sama would accept toads as offering, but it was all her could give right now. Kakuzu was currently pulling his fist out of the heart of another toad. Apparently, they too had come across a group of warrior toads.

"Must you always perform that wretched ritual?" Kakuzu asked.

"Shut the fuck up."

"Hm, it doesn't seem the jinchuriki is here." Kakuzu surveyed the area. They were near a pond, and the toads they attacked had been gathered around a stone table playing a card game.

"Well, then let's fucking move on. I'm done here." Hidan replied as he got up from the ground. Kakuzu nodded, and the two headed farther into Mount Myoboku.

-Sasori and Evelynn-

"I'm hungry." Evelynn complained.

"Be quiet, or we'll be heard." Sasori hissed. He had his scroll out, ready to summon his puppets if they were attacked. Evelynn herself had her pole axe in her hand, rather than strapped to her back.

"Who cares. If we get caught I'll kick their asses. You can watch, and later sing praises of my work."

"Not likely." Sasori responded dryly.

The area they were in was a clearing. Great statues of toads were to one side of them, filed neatly together. In front of them was a fountain with what looked like oil spilling from it, and a small set of stairs led up to the fountain.

"Can you sense the kyuubi brat?" Evelynn asked. Sasori just shook his head. In fact, they hadn't come in contact with anyone. "How lame. We're not gonna get any action."

Sasori just rolled his eyes at his fiancé. Typical Evelynn, always looking for a fight.

-Itachi and Gina-

The Uchiha and his wife were currently inside one of the buildings. They were swiftly checking room after room looking for Naruto. Finally, luck was on their side. Gina peeked into the final room at the end of the hall. There was Naruto sitting with two very old looking toads eating.. Bugs? Gina wrinkled her nose.

"Well, he's here. Let's go outside and set off the signal."

Itachi nodded and the two made their way out of the building. Once outside Itachi threw a kunai in the air, made a hand sign, and the kunai exploded.


The Akatsuki members raced to where Itachi and Gina had set off the exploding kunai. It was the signal that they had located the jinchuriki. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of the others in the area. Mainly, you guessed it again, toads. Only this time they were joined by none other than Naruto Uzumaki himself.

"Hey, you're Akatsuki!" Naruto yelled as the rest of the group approached. Audrey, Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu were covered in blood, but the rest looked to be unscathed.

"Well, what do you know. The kid's a fucking genius." Evelynn said sarcastically.

"If you're here for Naruto you had better leave, if you value your lives." One of the toads said.

"Right, like we're really going to fucking listen to you bastards." Hidan replied.

At his words the toads rushed at the Akatsuki, their weapons held above their heads in attack.

"I'll get Naruto, the rest of you fend them off." Nagato stated.


Deidara launched explosive spiders at half the of toads, and when they detonated took out only four. Kisame was using Samehada mostly as defense letting the toads he was fighting wear themselves out. As Itachi locked one toad in a genjutsu Gina fought the other toads that surrounded them with a mix of earth style and her katana. Evelynn fought with her back to Sasori's, as Sasori had just summoned ten of his newest puppets. She was acting as his back up if any of the warrior toads got too close. Kakuzu and Hidan were covering Audrey, as she was their medic, and they couldn't afford to have her injured in battle. Shoto and Sasuke were fighting back to back as well. Dancing around each other as they sliced and cut up the warrior toads coming after them.

"I see Jiraya-sensei got you a contract with the toads." Nagato observed Naruto.

"S-sensei? He was your teacher, too?!" Naruto asked.

"Indeed. Jiraya taught me and my two childhood friends the basics of ninjutsu, and then abandoned us to fend for ourselves." Nagato explained.

"If he was your teacher, then surely he taught you his ideals. His wanting to find true peace!"

"That's what the Akatsuki is after. True peace."

"How is any of this 'peace'?!" Naruto asked gesturing towards the fighting that was going on around them.

"Surely Jiraya-sensei taught you that some sacrifices would be made on the road to peace. Once we capture you the Akatsuki will have all the nine-tailed beasts. With their power we will be able to control the ninja nations, and with that control true peace will rise."

"You bastard!" Naruto snarled. He suddenly jumped at Nagato, kunai at the ready. Nagato blocked it with a chakra rod. Naruto had just been in the middle of his sage training. He and old geezer toad had just learned that old geezer toad couldn't attach himself to Naruto so he could hold sage mode, and they were in the middle of discussing what could be done instead.

Nagato tried to impale Naruto with a chakra rod, but Naruto leaped back out of the way. He made three shadow clones. He sent one in to distract Nagato, while the other two helped him create his rasengan. The clone tried to slice Nagato's throat with a kunai. Nagato ducked under, and impaled the clone in the stomach with his chakra rod. The clone disappeared with a 'poof'.

"Rasengan!" Naruto was coming down on Nagato. Shocked, Nagato barely had time to jump out of the way. Before the smoke could clear Nagato leaped in the air, and shot out two chakra rods. As he came down he kidded Naruto in the back of his head. The blonde fell to the ground with a grunt. Before he could get back up Nagato pinned his hands down with the two rods. Nagato then knelt down, and injected a sedative into Nartuo's neck.

"Let's go!" Nagato shouted to his teammates. On his order everyone leaped back. Sasori reverse summoned his puppets into their scroll.

"Naruto!" The elder lady frog yelled. Before they could take anymore action Nagato, Kakuzu, and Itachi rapidly made some hand signs, and the Akatsuki, along with Naruto, disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Pa, we have to report this to Lady Tsunade!" Ma yelled at Pa.

"Right! Let's go." Without another word the two took off to report to the Hokage. Only praying that they wouldn't be too late, and that they could get squads to Naruto before the nine-tails was removed and Naruto was killed.

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