Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ Beginning of the End ❯ Akatsuki Arrive in Style ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The battled waged on for hours. Slowly, Konoha and Suna were pushing the Amegakure troops towards the center of the village. Each shinobi was fighting with all their hearts. Tsunade had taken notice that they hadn't seen any of the Akatsuki, aside from Yahiko, whom Tsunade recognized as one of the war orphans Jiraya had cared for at some point. Tsunade herself was narrowly avoiding weapons and jutsu, quickly healing those she could in the chaos, and viciously attacking Amegakure ninja.

Kakashi was in a fierce battle with Yahiko. The ginger man had sent a giant tidal wave his way, and Kakashi leaped far to the left to avoid it, and instead it swept a few Konoha shinobi away. The copy-nin then tried to strike Yahiko in the abdomen with his chidori. Yahiko jumped back out of the way, and flipped in the air landing behind Kakashi. He attempted the impale the silver haired ninja in the back with a kunai, but Kakashi spun out of the way in time. Yahiko only managed to slice into his side, hardly anything fatal.

Konan was swarming the enemy with her paper. Some of it took the form of kunai, and slashed it's victims mercilessly. Some she commanded the suffocate the enemy. All while this was happening she herself was also deflecting kunai and shuriken with a kunai. A few of her men were struggling against Gaara's sand, which was becoming difficult for him to use due to the rain. Konan sent a flurry of paper at Temari, who was getting ready to send blades of wind at some of the Amegakure shinobi. Temari had to suddenly change her tactic, and was now slicing up the paper with the wind blade jutsu.

Suddenly, from the sky, they could see a giant white bird. All the shinobi stopped their fighting to observe. Birds like that weren't seen in this village. Then, from said bird someone jumped down, and landed directly in the middle of the battle zone.

"Summoning jutsu!" The person yelled. There was a cloud of smoke that yielded their vision momentarily.

When the smoke cleared, there stood the Akatsuki. Nagato wasn't present. In his place were his Six Paths of Pain. The Akatsuki were in a circle, their heads lowered. One by one they drew their weapons. Sasori pulled out a scroll, and summoned his specialty; The Performance of a Hundred Puppets. He controlled each puppet with ease. Evelynn and Hidan twirled their weapons off their backs, and looked around at the battle ground with anticipation. Sasuke and Gina unsheathed their sword and katana, and Sasuke's sword instantly sparked with lightening as he activated his sharingan. Itachi activated his own sharingan, and unsheathed the tanto he carried with him, and twirled a kunai into his other hand. Shoto flicked both her wrist and three senbon shot themselves between their fingers as she looked around with a (as Evelynn would say) badass expression. Kisame rested Samehada on his shoulder and looked around grinning. Kakuzu had released his thread beasts and was standing tall with his arms crossed glowering at the enemy shinobi. Apparently, Audrey and Deidara were above them on Deidara's clay bird. Both of them looking excitedly down at the battle zone.

"Let's get this shit started!" Hidan yelled!

"Hell yes!" Evelynn agreed.

With that Sasori sent his puppets at the enemy. Some shot out poisoned senbon, others attacked with spiked clubs, axes, and swords. All coated in his special poison. Hidan started slashing and laughing manically at the enemy. Ripping out their throats and guts with his scythe. Evelynn was sending powerful blast from her pole axe. The shock wave from her blasts causing more damage as she demolished her targets. Deidara had dropped six large c3 clay bombs in the shape of spiders.

"Katsu!" they exploded as soon as they made impact with the battle ground.

Shoto had shot her senbon out at six of the enemy, and killed four of them instantly with a senbon through the head. She had three more senbon at the ready in one hand, and was wielding her axe and chain in the other. Sasuke was beside her, and was clashing metal against metal with a sand shinobi. Sparks flew from their weapons as they fiercely clanged against each other. Itachi and Gina were gracefully dancing around each other. Cutting the throats of enemy shinobi, and Itachi had to break a couple of their necks. Kisame was using Samehada to shred anyone who was in his hitting range. Kakuzu was strangling two shinobi while his threaded beasts were launching out large blasts of elemental chakra inn their area. Nagato's Six Paths of Pain were currently guarding the summoning path as it prepared to summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

Yahiko and Konan grinned as they resumed their own fights. No doubt when the Akatsuki arrive, they arrive in style.