Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ Beginning of the End ❯ Amegakure Prepares ( Chapter 9 )

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Konan and Yahiko stood in the highest tower in Amegakure. They were surrounded by Amegakure shinobi, and they were currently discussing the battle plans. The rest of the Akatsuki would arrive shortly, and Nagato would summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, and with it he could use the tailed beasts chakra to boost the chakra of the Akatsuki and the Amegakure shinobi. All they had to do was hold out until he and the others arrived. Zetsu had just showed up, informed them that Suna and Konoha were on the move, and that they would be attacking from two sides.

"Konan, I want you to take half of the soldiers and guard the south and south west borders. I'll take one forth of the soldiers and guard the west. Zetsu, I want you to lead the rest of them to the north, just in case the Village hidden in the Rocks does attack. I also want someone to take the women and children and get them into the under ground safe tunnels." Yahiko ordered.

"Hai!" the Amegakure shinobi and Zetsu replied. With that they made their way to do what their leader ordered.

"Are you sure you only want one forth of our forces with you?" Konan asked. "Konoha has been known to have stronger shinobi than Suna."

"Yes, but the south and south west borders are a far stretch. You'll need the man power." Yahiko explained.

Konan just nodded, and watched as Yahiko turned to leave the room.

"Yahiko!" Konan suddenly grabbed his sleeve and looked up at him with a concerned expression.

"Konan." Yahiko looked down at her and smiled softly. He suddenly swept her into his arms, and kissed her hard and deeply. By the time they pulled away they were panting for breath.

"Don't die." Was all Konan said.

"Wouldn't dream of it. We still need to have babies!" Yahiko grinned. Konan slapped his arm playfully, and the two rushed out to join their comrades. Even in the midst of war Yahiko was a playful, loving man Konan had married.


Yahiko stood at the west border, his troops behind him, and weapons at the ready. How lucky they were to have a spy such as Zetsu. Who was now at the northern border, his troops guarding and awaiting instructions. Yahiko glanced back at his comrades. They all held determined, if not worried, looks. The enemy was approaching, and quickly at that.

"Stand firm, comrades!" Yahiko yelled as they turned to the Konoha troops headed their way. "Peace is at the tips of our fingers!"

He heard the cheering cries behind him, and couldn't help but smile. How long had they been in a land over run by war? How long had this village suffered, while their neighboring villages fought over petty things? No more. Nagato was the bridge to peace. Yahiko would be a pillar to that bridge. They would hold off the Suna and Konoha shinobi as best they could until Nagato arrived. It was the least Yahiko could do, after all his child hood friend had done for him. His eyes narrowed as the figures of Tsunade, Kakashi, and Yamato appeared. Behind them was the Konoha army.

'Let them come.' Yahiko thought as he gritted his teeth and took a battle stance. 'We're ready.'


Before the Suna troops were even in sight Konan had constructed paper clones that were made out of paper bombs. These would be the first to rush into battle. She looked to her side at her comrades. They were already in defensive positions. Ready to fight back against the Suna ninja. Too long they had been riddled with war and violence. Every shinobi there believed with their whole hearts in what the Akatsuki was trying to accomplish. True peace.

"Hold your ground!" Konan instructed as the Suna army came into view. She made a hand sign, and her clones all rushed to meet head on with the sand-nin.

Konan, too, believed that Nagato would be the bridge to peace. She had believed that since they met Jiraya, and the toad sage had explained to them who the Sage of Sixth Paths was and what the rinnegan was. From then on she supported her two child hood friends, and one of them became her husband. Now, she would fight to ends of the world. All they had to do was hold off the Suna and Konoha troops until Nagato arrived. It wouldn't be easy, but surely they could manage.

'Hurry Nagato, my friend.' Was Konan's final thought as her paper bomb clones reached the Suna forces. She made a hand sign, and the paper clones exploded, and took out at least ten of the Suna-nin. An explosion that Deidara would be proud of. Konan smiled at the thought of her comrades.. No, her family. The shinobi beside her all gave a battle cry, and they rushed towards Suna's horde. Konan watched briefly in admiration at their bravery, and then rushed after to join them.

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