Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ Beginning of the End ❯ Konoha and Suna move out ( Chapter 8 )

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Gaara once again stood on the balcony of the Kazekage's office. Below him were no civilian's this time. Only solider shinobi. Today would be the day they would start their journey to Amegakure, and the battle would ensue. His heart was heavy. He had just heard the news that Naruto Uzumaki was dead. In truth, Gaara felt no hope. Regardless of what he felt, he had to keep his people happy. He had to at least let them believe there was hope. Even if Gaara felt it was a lost cause.

"Shinobi of Suna. Today we march into battle. This war will decide which direction the Shinobi World will take. Our allies, Konoha, will be attacking from their side of Amegakure. Do not falter in your fight. The enemy will not have mercy on us, so we will not have mercy on them. Today, we start the fight for Suna. We fight for Konoha. For Iwagakure. For Kirigakure. For Kumogakure. For our friends and family, lovers and neighbors. Also, we will fight for Naruto Uzumaki. Who bravely fought against the Akatsuki any time he encountered them. His death at the hands of the organization was unfortunate, and in his honor we will fight, to the death!"

The shinobi below him cheered, and many of them declared they would not be defeated. Gaara wasn't so sure. He glanced at Temari. His sister shared a grim look with him. He recently learned that Temari and Shikamaru had been engaged, and she was getting ready to tell her brothers the good news. Then, the Akatsuki ruined everything. Ino had stayed behind at the sand village to offer medical support. She and Temari had wept together, when Temari told her about the engagement. Ino had said that Shikamaru had been like a brother to her, and as such she would always consider Temari her sister. Gaara, Ino, and Temari all shared one final distraught look, and then the three leaped to the head of the Suna army. Gaara signaled for the soldiers to follow, and they all headed in the direction of Amegakure.


Tsunade stood outside the Hokage tower, and looked down at the shinobi that had gathered. Many looked grave, as they had already lost one or more loved ones to the Akatsuki. Tsunade's own heart felt heavy as she sighed and prepared to speak.

"Suna has already made their way to Amegakure. Soon, we will be joining them. I don't expect any of you to show mercy on the Akatsuki or anyone who follows them. Too many have fallen at the feet of the Akatsuki, but we will not join them! Today we fight for Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji, Shino, Sakura, Kiba, Leia, and the many other lives that stain the hands of Akatsuki! Now, move out!" Tsunade yelled.

"Hai!" The Konoha soldiers cried.

Tsunade took the lead with Kakashi and Yamato. Today would be the start of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Even if the other nations didn't join them they would fight for them. Oh, if only they knew what damage the Akatsuki had done. Tsunade and the Kazekage had tried to reason with them, but to no prevail. Now, it's was just Suna and Konoha against the Akatsuki and the Amegakure shinobi. Tsunade wasn't comfortable leaving the village, but they would need all the man power and medical support they could gather. So, with heavy hearts the Konoha shinobi and their Hokage raced towards Amegakure. The war would begin, and they would fight. To the death.

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