Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ The Akatsuki's Victory ❯ True Peace ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


One by one the Akatsuki took over the shinobi nations.

When they took over Suna Sasori was named Kazekage. He still had many supporters from when he first left the village. Once they were settled into Suna Evelynn admitted she was four months pregnant. When he realized that meant she had fought in the war pregnant Sasori chased her all over Suna for six hours. They had a son, and named him Akasori. He was a spitting image of his father, but he was indeed his mother's child. Sasori and Evelynn finally married three years after he was born. Adrian was thrilled to have a baby brother. When Akasori grew up he joined the circus, and told Adrian to take over Suna for him. He insisted the title of Kazekage was too much of a burden. Adrian grew up to be a better puppet master than his father. He ended up marrying Nina. Which was no surprise to anyone. They had three children.

Sasuke was named Hokage of Konoha after the Akatsuki took over. Itachi moved to Konoha with him, and became his Chief of Adviser. Shoto and Sasuke were married almost instantly when the war was over. They had two children. A son named Izuna, and a daughter named Naruko. Sasuke had insisted on their daughter's name, because even if Sasuke did leave the village Naruto had still been his best friend while he was there. Her name was in honor of the number one, hyper-active, knuckle head ninja. Itachi and Gina never had anymore children.

Deidara took over as Tsuchikage when the Akatsuki took over Iwagakure. He and Audrey had twelve children. Yes, twelve. Their only son was heir fifth child; Satori. He looked exactly like Audrey, but had his fathers exact personality. He even inherited his fathers kekkei genkai. Through his training Audrey and Deidara had to rebuild the house six times. When Satori was old enough he took over as Tsuchikage, and married Shoto and Sasuke's daughter. She moved to Iwagakure, and they had four children.

Konan and Yahiko had three daughters. Their first took over Amegakure when Yahiko retired. Their second married Sasuke's and Shoto's son. Their third had the rinnegan transplanted into her when Nagato felt she was ready to take over. Nagato never married, nor did he have any children. Instead he spoiled the kids of his childhood friends. When he learned that their youngest believed in his ideals down to the last detail he took her under his wing as his student.

Hidan moved back to Iwagakure as well. He ended up meeting a woman who could put up with his shit. They married, but never had any children. When she eventually passed away he never married again.

Kakuzu continued bounty hunting once the war was over. Ten years later retired. He became known as the richest man in the shinobi world.

Kisame took over as Mizukage, and reformed the Seven swordsman of the Mist. He married and they had one son. His son eventually inherited Samehada, and the title of Mizukage.

Zetsu often traveled from Akatsuki member to Akatsuki member to visit. He still acted as a spy. Mostly in case any rebellions were formed. As soon as he found out about them, he reported to Nagato, and Nagato put a stop to them before they got the chance to rally troops. Zetsu was happy. Though he never married or had children. In truth, he was never interested in all that stuff. Yet, he was happy. Happy that his comrades.. No, his family.. Finally reached the goal they had been fighting for.

Much to the dismay of the nations, at first anyways, they had to admit the Akatsuki ruled fairly. They were stern, but never harsh. It surprised them, if nothing else. Finally, after all the years of pain, suffering, and war they had reached their goal. They had finally achieved peace in the shinobi world.

True peace.