Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ The Akatsuki's Victory ❯ Kisame and Zetsu ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kisame had just used Samehada to use the water vortex jutsu he had taught Evelynn. All around him sand and leaf shinobi took the damage and fell to the ground. Dead. Zetsu was beside him. The plant man had split in half. All around them vines rose from the ground strangling enemy shinobi.

Just ask Kisame was about to use another water jutsu to take out a swarm of shinobi coming after them they all heard the Kazekage yelling to retreat.

"Should we continue to go after them?" Kisame turned to Zetsu.

"Probably not." White Zetsu said. "They've already lost too many men and women. When we go in to invade the villages and take over it'll be a lot simpler." Black Zetsu explained.

Kisame and Zetsu watched as Suna and Konoha retreated. Tsunade had died, and Kakashi had taken over Konoha's troops. As the enemy retreated the two smiled. The main battle was over. All that was left was to invade the villages, and have an Akatsuki member each take over as head of each village. That task alone would be simple. The other villages weren't expecting the Akatsuki to infiltrate them directly. Now, Suna and Konoha were weak. Everything was falling into place. Soon, the lands would be at peace. Nagato in the center of them all, acting as the mediator. All trades and problems would be brought to him. No doubt Yahiko and Konan would help him. Plus, with an Akatsuki member each as head of the nations the problems would be diminished. After all, they were all family, and all of them got along.. Well, almost perfectly.