Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ Partners and skills ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was currently one week since everyone had come to (and back to) the Akatsuki. Since they now had new.. Members? They now had to fix who partnered with how. Sasori and Deidara were fairly easy, Evelynn and Audrey would just stay with them. Sasuke and Shoto were partnered with Hidan and Kakuzu, and Nagato decided he would travel with Kisame and Itachi. When Gina finally had her baby and was capable of helping on missions, she would join their group. Next, the Akatsuki had to take into account what the girls could actually do. They weren't ninja, after all.

As it turned out, Audrey was not a very bad nurse. Her grandmother had been a nurse in her time, and had shown Audrey a thing or two about medicines, herbs, stitching up wounds, ect. Nagato ordered Hidan and Kakuzu to make sure all medical supplies were in stock, and to have Audrey look through it as well, and note if there was anything else they needed. Her friends were quite baffled by this.

"So you mean all those times I got my head busted open in a street fight you could have stitched me up yourself?" Evelynn asked. Audrey nodded.

Which brought us to Evelynn. When she was younger, from ages eighteen to twenty-two, Evelynn had been a street fighter. She was very good at using close range weapons(knives, brass knuckles), or going straight into hand to hand combat. This was rather good for Deidara and Sasori, since they both excelled at long range fighting. (If you could consider Sasori's puppet's long range.) Yahiko promised he would get her some fighting gloves. (Which he eventually did. Black leather, fingerless, and had metal plating hidden in the knuckles of them. Apparently it was a special metal that allowed her to hit at least three times harder than normal. Evelynn was pleased.)

Next up was Shoto. As it turned out she had been quite a gun slinger in their world. Unfortunately, this world did not have guns. After explaining what a gun was, Konan suggested something else that was long range. It was a long chain, a very long chain, that had an axe head on the end. There were spikes along the chain as well, and if used properly could be incredibly deadly. Luckily for them, Shoto was a perfect aim. The weapon suited her well.

"It's very different from a gun," she mused. "But the aiming is the same, I suppose how fast I pulled the trigger will be equivalent to how fast I throw this at an enemy."

Now we're on to Gina. Obviously she wouldn't be going on missions any time soon, but they still needed to know what she could do in order to prepare for her when she was ready. Unfortunately, the only talent Gina had was gymnastics.

"She could have been in the Olympics," Evelynn had whispered to Konan. Then had to explain to Konan what the Olympics were.

"I could teach her what I know about medicines and healing." Audrey spoke up. "It might be better to have two people with medical knowledge anyways."

It was agreed, and that was how the girls found their place in Akatsuki.

(A/N; Again, it was an incredibly short chapter. Basically with this one I just wanted to get who was partnered with who out of the way. Also, what talents the girls had. Ninja or not, I don't want them to be completely helpless. Well, Audrey and Gina don't really know how to fight, but Evelynn and Shoto are the badasses anyways. Okay, I guess that's it. Another chapter will be posted shortly. Look forward to something actually happening in the next one! Reviews are great. You guys are great. Have a great day!)