Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ The Eight-Tails ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sasori and Audrey were very uncomfortable. Why? You ask. Well, they were on one of Deidara's clay birds. Right now, Deidara, Evelynn, Audrey, and Sasori were on their way to the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Nagato had given them the mission to go get the eight-tails. Deidara and Sasori were less than pleased, since they had already captured the one-tails and the three-tails. Audrey seemed rather anxious, and Evelynn ecstatic.

"I can't wait to beat someone to death!" The red-head exclaimed.

"Evelynn, we need to bring him back alive." Sasori reminded her. She seemed slightly crestfallen.
Now, they were on one of Deidara's clay birds, rapidly approaching the Cloud village. Sasori and Audrey did not like flying in the least. Deidara and Evelynn very much enjoyed it.

"You just have to relax." Deidara assured Audrey. Halfway through the trip she ended up in his lap. Evelynn fake-gagged.

"Sissy stuff." She whispered to Sasori. Who smirked, and gently touched his forehead to hers.

"Alright, listen." Sasori said. "Once were in, Deidara, Audrey, and myself will surround him. Evelynn, you'll come down on him from above, and try to knock him out. The soon we get this done the better."

"Whatever you say, Sasori-no-danna, hm." Deidara replied. There were no arguments from anyone else, either.

They flew into the village relatively easy. Apparently, the Cloud village did not see the Akatsuki as a threat. How that is even possible, the Akatsuki did not know. They had killed the damn Kazekage, for crying out loud! Though they had heard from a source that Chiyo's brother, who also knew the reanimation jutsu, had brought him back to life. Wonderful.

"There he is, yeah." Deidara pointed to a training platform. There was a tan, blonde, bulky man sitting near one of the post. He appeared to be.. Talking to himself? As well as jotting stuff down in a little notebook.

"Let's go." Sasori muttered. With that, he, Audrey, and Deidara jumped from the bird, and into a small set of trees near the training ground. Evelynn watched from above. The jinchuriki, who she later learned was named 'B', seemed to sense them almost instantly. She watched as Sasori whispered something to Audrey, Audrey nodded, and he and Deidara went on ahead.

Deidara and Sasori swiftly walked towards where B was now standing.

"I don't know who ya are, but ya best show ya self. You can't hide from me! The great B! Fools, ya fools!" The strange man.. Rapped?

"Be quiet, so we can get this over with quickly." Sasori told the man in a bored tone as he and Deidara appeared.

"I can see by your threads, I see your Akatsuki. No matter, I'll take ya with my seven sword style. Teach you not to mess with the Cloud Jinchuriki!"

"Right." Deidara said looking at B with a confused expression. "I don't even want to know, hm."

Without another word Deidara and Sasori jumped on either side of B. Sasori had summoned two of his puppets, and Deidara's hand-mouths were chewing up his clay. B took out, as he said, seven swords. In the Akatsuki's opinion, he looked rather silly. They quickly changed their opinions when one of Sasori's puppets charged at him with a sword. B easily blocked and dodged all the puppets attacks.

"I told you fools. You can't take me, B. The great Cloud jinchuriki!"

Deidara then launched multiple clay spiders that attached themselves to B.


"Deidara! We're supposed to bring him back alive." Sasori hissed. They heard a soft 'poof'. A clone?!

From behind them B jumped out from the small patch of woods, swinging his seven swords with great expertise. Sasori and Deidara and leaped away to the middle of the training field, but not without getting a few tastes of his swords. If they could just lure him in a little closer..

"I hope you're ready to die. No one fights the almighty B, and get's out alive. Fools, ya fools!" B came at them again.

From the clay bird, Evelynn watched in some amusement. When they had led B to the middle of the training field she got ready. Now it was time to kick some ass. Evelynn jumped from the clay bird, pole axe above her head to attack. B seemed to sense her, because he looked up and barely managed to jump out of the way. Evelynn's weapon made contact with the ground, and when the smoke cleared she stood in a crater, grinning, and pole axe balanced over her shoulders.

"How's it goin' eight-tails?" She asked as if they had been long time friends. B looked at her a moment, then turned to Sasori and Deidara.

"That's just how she is." Sasori shrugged before flicking his wrist and sending a stream of senbon from a puppet. B used his sword to deflect them. While he was distracted Evelynn came from his left, and swung her pole axe aiming for his abdomen. B flipped into the air, tossing his swords up, and when he landed he caught them neatly in various places. He swung around, a few of his blades slicing into Evelynn's legs and sides before she jumped back.

"Heh, that's almost impressive." Evelynn snarled. From the woods Audrey launched her boomerang shuriken. B deflected it easily, and Audrey jumped out to join her companions. They now surrounded the eight-tail's jinchuriki.

"You might as well give it up, hm." Deidara told him.

"You wanna take me? You'll have to win. I never give in. Fool, ya fool!"

"Have it your way." Sasori drawled. On his command Evelynn rushed forward, tossed her pole axe away, gathered her chakra into her fist, and prepared to knock B out cold. Sasori sent in the puppet with the sword, and Deidara launched more clay spiders at him. Audrey held back, in case the three needed back up.


When the explosion cleared the four were face to face with the eight-tailed beast.

"Oh shit, Deidara, now!" Evelynn yelled.

Deidara made a few hand-signs, and the clay bird from earlier dropped down. The beast, not expecting it, didn't have time to dodge.

"Katsu!" An explosion ten times the size of the last one went off. Evelynn covered Audrey, and they tried to peer through the smoke.

When everything cleared, there was B. Unconscious.

"I'm gonna murder that asshole for slicing me up." Evelynn snapped.

"We need him alive." Sasori muttered agitatedly. This is why he needed Hiroku. So he didn't get chopped up by insane rappers who knew seven sword style.

"Let's just get him and go, un." Deidara groaned. Audrey was currently healing some of his deeper gashes.

Sasori injected B with a sedative, and once Deidara made another clay bird, they leaped onto it, and headed home. Sasori and Deidara decided then that they had done their fair share of grabbing tailed beast. Someone else could get the five-tail's and the nine-tail's.

"Are you sure we can't kill him?" Evelynn asked. Sasori looked at her like she had lost her mind.

"Shut up, Evelynn."