Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ Audrey's wedding ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-Time skip!-

It was three months after Gina's mission for the five-tail's. When they told everyone what had happened on the mission Evelynn had jumped into Gina's lap, wrapped her arms around her neck, and declared her the princess of badassery. (Note; Badassery is a word Evelynn made up on the spot.) When asked who the queen was, Evelynn had rolled her eyes.

"Me, of course, and Shoto is the duchess of badassery." She explained.

"What does that make Konan and I?" Audrey asked.


Konan had attempted to suffocate and blow up Evelynn with her paper bombs after that.

Now, three months later, they were preparing for Audrey's and Deidara's wedding. It was going to be held outside in a forest nearby. Zetsu had even taken the time to turn a couple tree branches into an arch, and had little pink and white flowers decorating it. Hidan was going to be the.. Priest.

"I'm so excited!" Audrey clapped. She adorned a pure white satin kimono, with a light blue sash holding it together, and she had white flowers pinned in her short brown hair.

"You look gorgeous!" Konan smiled. She was in a light purple kimono with a navy blue sash. Shoto had picked out a royal blue kimono with a gold sash, Evelynn a turquoise one with a black sash, and Gina was in a green kimono with a light yellow sash. Gina had her hair tied back with a yellow bow, Shoto wore her hair up in a high ponytail with the Uchiha symbol pinned to it, Evelynn wore her hair in a bun with a butterfly comb/clip holing it together, and Konan opted to wear her normal hair style. Gina had dressed Nina up in a navy blue yukata with a black sash. All the men were going to be wearing black yukata's, including Adrian. Evelynn had declared that boring, but Audrey said it was perfect.

The girls were currently inside the base. They were doing some last minute touches on Audrey's hair. The brunette's blue eyes shone brightly with excitement. While they were planning, Deidara had offered he make little clay flowers to go with the real ones on the arch made by Zetsu. Audrey had strictly forbidden him from making anything out of clay for their wedding. Knowing Deidara, he would probably want to blow it up. Ah, to be the wife of an artist..

Since Sasori was going to be Deidara's best man, Audrey had asked Evelynn to be the maid of honor. Gina would carry Nina, who was the 'flower girl,' and Adrian would walk the rings down the 'aisle' with Itachi. After one last giggle and congratulations to Audrey, the others went outside to take their seats. The 'seats' were also crafted by Zetsu out of tree stumps. Honestly, they looked nothing like what they were made out of.

"Nervous?" Evelynn asked her friend.

"Not in the slightest. Though, I don't think I've ever been more excited in my life."

"Just wait until you're pregnant." Gina assured.

"Oh, we're going to wait to have kids." Audrey said. "With tailed beast hunting, missions, and you know there's going to be a war coming up. We can't really afford to have me unavailable due to pregnancy."

"Yeah, but you'll have kids one day." Evelynn chirped. She was adjusting Adrian's sash on his yukata, and Sasori was trying to stop her from fussing over the boy.

"When you do, nothing will warm your heart more." Gina promised as Itachi kissed her temple.

"Is everyone ready?" Nagato came into the room.

"Yep!" Evelynn exclaimed.

"Alright. Hidan is going to.. 'Sing'." Nagato wrinkled his nose. "You really want to walk down the aisle to that?"

"It's the best we can do, since our only musician is the maid of honor." Audrey explained. Nagato just nodded. He was going to be the one to walk Audrey down the aisle.


Everyone in the room introduced their palms to the foreheads. Ah, Hidan. He was always so classy. The first to walk out were Evelynn and Sasori. As soon as they took their places near the arch, Itachi and Gina walked down the aisle. Gina helped little Nina throw the petals on the ground. When they took their place everyone turned towards the door of the Akatsuki base.

Deidara was sure he was about the faint. Most certainly his jaw dropped when he saw Audrey. Sasori looked to his friend, and placed a hand on his shoulder with a smirk. Deidara glanced at him, grinned, and turned back to Audrey. She was a vision, with her stunningly white kimono, white flowers in her hair, and a blue and white bouquet of flowers held gently in her hand. Her other hand was linked in Nagato's arm. The rinnegan user was grinning at Deidara's stunned face. Gently, Nagato led Audrey down the aisle.

"So, who's giving the fucking bride away?" Hidan asked when they reached the arch.

"You could be a little more polite, Hidan." Itachi hissed.

"Fine. Who's giving this lovely fucking bride to her stupid bomber groom?" Hidan tried again. Itachi face-palmed.

"That would be me." Nagato said rolling his eyes. He took Audrey's hand in one hand, and Deidara's with his other. He then brought their two hands together, signifying that they were together, and let Audrey step beside Deidara. Nagato took his seat, and Hidan began the ceremony.

"Is there anyone here who thinks these two fuckers should not be wed? If so you had better keep your fucking mouth shut, or I'll sacrifice you to Jashin-sama, got it?" Hidan glared at the Akatsuki. Some looked rather amused, others looked annoyed, but no one said anything. "Alright. The couples wrote their own vows. So fucking get to it. Audrey, you first."

The brunette giggled, and looked up at Deidara, who was holding both of her hands in his.

"Deidara, when I first met you, I was fairly certain I was going to die. In all honesty, I wanted nothing to do with you at first. As time progressed back in my world, I started seeing beyond the misunderstood blonde terrorist you were, and started seeing you as the man I love today. That man is Deidara Iwa, the bomber of the Akatsuki, and artist. I love you with all my heart, Deidara. I can't wait to bear your children, and to live with you for the rest of my days. I, Audrey Hansen, hereby put my life in your hands."

When she was finished Itachi had Adrian hand her Deidara's ring, and she slipped it onto his ring finger.

"Alright Deidara, you fucker. It's your turn." Hidan ordered. Deidara glared at him briefly, but smiled as he turned back to Audrey.

"Audrey, all my life I never imagined I'd be here, with the woman of my dreams, yeah. Honestly, I never had a 'woman of my dreams,' until I met you, hm. All I cared about was my art. When I was a terrorist for hire, my life was at its peak, yeah. Then I was forced into Akatsuki. -insert some uncomfortable shifting from a few members here- I felt like I had fallen into darkness. Nothing mattered. My art was the only thing keeping me alive. Then, I met you, un. Suddenly, my artwork improved. You became everything to me. I live for the day when you'll bear our children, and I can't wait to spend forever with you. I, Deidara Iwa, hereby promise to protect you for the rest of my life, yeah."

When he was done reciting his vows Deidara took the ring from Adrian, and slipped it on Audrey's finger.

"Do you, Audrey, take Deidara as your fucking husband?"

"I do."

"Do you, fucking Deidara, take Audrey as your wife?"

"I do, hm."

"You may now kiss the fucking bride."

Deidara pulled Audrey towards him, dipped her, and kissed her deeply. Some of the girls in the Akatsuki could be heard 'awhing', plenty of the men were giving cat calls, and a few were cheering for Deidara and Audrey.

"Get it, boy!" Everyone heard Evelynn cheer.

Audrey looked rather flushed, but was smiling when Deidara finally finished kissing her. She smiled up at him, and he grinned down at her. Then, he rapidly made a couple hand signs.

"Katsu!" A couple clay birds that were in the air exploded, as well as a couple clay flowers that were hidden on the arch. Suddenly, the tree branch arch caught on fire, and a few chunks of wood fell on Hidan's dead.

"Jashin dammit, Deidara!" Hidan hollered. Evelynn was laughing hysterically. A few members were rubbing their temples.

Audrey let out a giggle, and Deidara was rubbing he back of his head sheepishly. Audrey threw her arms around her, now, husband and kissed him. She didn't care what he exploded, or set on fire. In fact, she had expected nothing less from her artist, even if she had told him no.

Yes, she loved him, and every work of art he created. And so she kissed him, the fire blazing behind them almost seeming to make them glow as they embraced.