Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ Chakra Natures ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Another month has passed, and it is now April. When the wedding was over Deidara took Audrey to a small, remote village for their 'honeymoon'. When they returned the excitement from the wedding wore off, and now most of the Akatsuki were scattered in the living room.

"I'm fucking bored." Hidan complained. He was sitting in the middle of the living room floor playing poker with Shoto, Sasuke, and Kisame.

"Nagato would be very upset if he saw us all lazing around like this." Sasori muttered. He was laying on one of the couches with his head in Evelynn's lap, and Adrian sitting on his legs playing with a couple of puppet figures Sasori had made him for his fifth birthday back in January.

"Who cares." Kisame replied frowning at his cards.

"Sasori is right. We should be making ourselves useful." Itachi said. He and Gina were also on the floor trying to help Nina, who was now four months old, crawl a little ways from where Shoto and Sasuke sat.

"Leader hasn't given us any missions though, hm." Deidara stated. He and Audrey were laying on the other couch. Their heads lay on either arm of the couch, and their legs were tangled together.

"The kid has a point." Kakuzu said. He was currently sitting in the arm chair balancing the funds of the organization.

"Didn't Leader mention something about new training?" Shoto asked in her smooth voice. Damn, no wonder Sasuke was attracted to her.

"Yeah, he's going to help you guys find your chakra nature." Sasuke responded.

"Chakra nature? New training? I didn't hear about any of this shit." Evelynn spoke up.

"That's because you never pay attention." Sasori drawled. Evelynn flicked his nose, and he glared at her.

"What's chakra nature?" Audrey questioned.

"There are five elements of chakra." Itachi started to explain. "Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightening, and Water. Most shinobi have at least one of these chakra natures. When we find out which element you can use, you'll be able to use and create different techniques."

"That's fucking cool." Evelynn said.

"Indeed. Now we need you girls outside. Konan and Yahiko are out there waiting. We're going to find out exactly what your chakra natures are." Nagato had appeared in the door way.


So, the entire Akatsuki trooped outside.


When they finally gathered together at a relatively large clearing in a forest nearby (Wow, there are a lot of those, huh?) they met up with Yahiko and Konan. Konan held a stack of small square papers in her hand.

"These are chakra papers." Konan explained. "They were made by a tree that was grown with chakra infused in it. When you focus your chakra into the paper it will reveal what your chakra nature is."

"If your element is lightening the paper will crinkle up, if it's earth the paper will crumble, with fire the paper catches fire and turns to ash, water the paper will get wet or damp, and if it's wind the paper will split in half." Yahiko finished.

"So, who's first?" Konan smiled.

Audrey stepped up, "I will."

Konan handed her a piece of the paper, and Audrey started to focus her chakra to it. After a moment the paper turned soggy.

"Water!" Audrey grinned.

Next was Shoto. As she grabbed the paper, and focused her chakra. It took only a moment until the paper caught a flame.

"Fire." Shoto stated.

Gina was next. It took almost three minutes, but finally the paper crumbled between her fingers.

"Earth." She smiled.

Finally, it was Evelynn's turn. Almost as soon as she started focusing her chakra into the paper it was soaked.

"Ha, I'm gonna drown all you motherfuckers!" Evelynn cheered. Sasori rolled his eyes.

"So, who's going to help the girls with training?" Nagato asked.

"Sasuke and I could teach Shoto some fire techniques." Itachi offered. Sasuke nodded, and Shoto seemed very pleased that she was going to be training with her boyfriend.

"I can help Gina with some earth styles." Kakuzu stated. Nagato and Gina both nodded.

"I got Audrey and Evelynn covered." Kisame grinned.

"Hell yeah!" Evelynn whooped high-fiving Kisame. Audrey just smiled.

"I wanna try! I wanna try!" Adrian jumped up and down excitedly.

"I don't see how it could hurt, but don't be disappointed if nothing happens. You've only just begun to learn the basics of taijutsu." Konan told the boy. Adrian only nodded and Konan handed him one of the papers.

Adrian held it in both of his little hands and tried to focus. He even shut his eyes, and his tongue could be seen sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Apparently, he focused too hard, because he let out a little fart. A few of the members burst out laughing, even Sasori and Itachi chuckled. Adrian looked up, a small grin on his face, and an embarrassed look. Evelynn, still laughing, pulled the boy into her arms.

"Sounds like he's a wind nature!" Hidan howled with laughter.

Sasori smacked him upside his head.