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I couldn't agree with the ending, so I am re-writing an A/U of my other story to show what I thought would be a different ending to the series where Rei and Asuka lived.

Hopefully the creator of the series will make more movies and hopefully they will give us a more hopeful ending.

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Bonds of Survival-OVA

Chapter 7: A Family and a Future

Now comes the time of reconciliation's and confrontations

A Reunion of Hope

I slowly came out of my dreamless state that was very familiar.

For a brief second I thought all that had happened returning from Instrumentality, finding myself with Asuka and later Rei. Their recovery from their injuries, and our becoming closer, our trip to Nagoya, and then our ending up at the Arawa Onsen. Then the attack by the JDSSF rebels. The battle the killings the return to Nagoya and the final rescue with Asuka, and Rei was just a dream.

A dream that ended in all of us being shot, maybe even the two I loved the most, dying because of my stupidity. And instead of trying to protect them, it had instead backfired and now I was going to realize sooner or later that it was all another distorted dream caused by Third Impact, and Instrumentality.

Then I saw a face hovering over my waking view that I had missed just as much as my two angels whom I was morning.

Her purple hewed hair framing the face I had seen so close to mine before. My memory of her with the trace of blood on my lips as they parted from hers. The kiss we had down below, in the Geofront in what seemed so long ago. "But she was ...dead?" I thought, as that idea, that image couldn't be, because right in front of me was her face with teary eyes and a loving happy smile.

"My Shinji. My Little Shinji! Oh, how come I always seem to find you either bruised, battered, or semiconscious."

I could not answer her, as she grabbed me in a fierce hug, crying and sobbing into my hair and shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around me.

"M-M-M-Misato?!?!" was all I could say as suddenly all my memories from the painful rescue flooding came into my groggy battered head.

"My God, MISATO!" I finally hugged her back, and I broke out in sobs, tears and I wept as we were in each other's arms. I had my guardian, my friend, the woman who had given up her own life to me trying to be the mother I was denied. I couldn't control myself as I just held onto her like a drowning man to a life jacket. I remembered that final kiss, which she had said that it was an adult kiss, and she would finish it later. Now A normal person would think that now would have thought of continuing that idea. But I knew her better than that. She simply did that to make me go to the Eva, ... and make me leave so I wouldn't see her die. That realization only made me cry harder and hold her tighter. She simply shushed and continued to run her hand through my hair trying to calm me.

I don't know how long we sat there on my hospital bed, holding each other, weeping into each others shoulders and hands as we simply kept hugging, then breaking the hug to look at each others faces just to hug again.

It would have probably kept on going, then a sweet, familiar voice broke my revelry.

"Welcome back Shinji." said the red and green-eyed angel of my heart.

I turned to see Rei Ayanami sitting in the bed next to mine. Obviously she was a witness to my blubbering and weeping at having been reunited with Misato.

I thought at first that she might be mad at me for hugging Misato, and crying for seeing her. But, all that doubt left my mind as she smiled. It was small, but full of the feeling hiding behind it. I then tried to stand up from my bed to get a better look at her, and to be closer to her, when shooting pains greeted me.

I grimaced and reeled back down on the bed with a painful "yelp."

Misato was beside me in a split second trying to help me, but I waved her off.

"The bullet wound, right?" she asked? Which I confirmed, by nodding slightly.

"It took half you spleen and some of your intestines but the doctor say you'll be well enough to walk out of here in a week." Misato started to say. "But it will take about a month to get you to about 80% of your strength, then two months to fully recover." Misato then held my hand and smiled that cocky smile of hers. "But I'm sure you'll beat those estimates, right Shinji." I smiled back and slowly nodded while fighting the pain within me.

Then I turned to Rei who I finally saw clearly for the first time. She had a book lying on her lap while sitting up in her bed.

I looked and saw the title "Martian Successor Nadiesco". This threw me for a minute, not because it was Nadiesco, but that it was a manga. I made a note to talk to her later about that. Then I noticed her leg, which was shot at the warehouse, was up in a sling, encased in a cast. She looked at where I was looking and answered my unspoken question.

"I am fine Shinji. Do not worry, the bullet had shattered the femur in my leg. It will heal with time and rehabilitation." She still had her emotionless mask on since she considered Misato as one that was not close to her, but I could see through that mask.

In fact I wanted to make her see that Misato was close to me, and that she should allow her to be close to her as well.

"Rei, I am happy that you are better". Then, again with Misato's help, I got up strenuously from my bed and shuffled stiffly to Rei's bed. With some effort and a slight grimace on her face, Rei scooted over as I carefully sat on the edge of her bed. With some strain on my back, I then leaned towards her and embraced her. I then carefully hugged her as she did me as well. Then I kissed her. I think this surprised her at first since I had only kissed her before while we were alone, or with Asuka. But I knew she would need to trust and open up to Misato, and by my kissing her, in front of Misato, I hoped I got that message to her.

As we parted, I saw that genuine smile I had seen only when we were alone. She then turned to Misato. She nodded to her still smiling though smaller. Misato took it in stride and nodded back accompanied with her smile.

Rei then added, "I want to thank you Major, for your sacrifice in the opening minutes of Third Impact. If Shinji hadn't gotten to Unit-01, He would have died, and I might never have found him when I did." Misato seemed to hold her breath as Rei continued.

"I also know your feelings towards him and I am happy for your caring of him as a son."

Misato now had her happy-weepy smile and slid in front of me and hugged Rei warmly. Rei at first was hesitant, but stiffly put her

arms around her and patted her back. I smiled at this opening gesture of a relationship I hope would continue from her on out.

We then spent the next hour talking and catching up on what had happened with Misato. It seemed that within the day we left the remnants of Tokyo-3, people had begun to leave the LCL Sea. With that came some whom either wanted to become petty tyrants and those who learning from humanity's mistakes banded together and organized those returning to fight those who had dreams of grandeur and power. Misato and those in most of the cities that housed former Nerv and UN facilities knew more than most that we weren't going to allow the world to go down the same war torn and bloody road again.

So, they communicated with the still active satellite link, organized themselves into small strike forces based in the former Nerv facilities that still stood, to topple any tin headed leader who had delusions of grandeur. SEELE had been a glaring example that absolute

power corrupts absolutely. As with Nagashima in Nagoya, Misato had been the strategist in several surgical strikes at various wannabe dictators around the Asian continent. Those in the other parts of the world were doing the same there.

All those that tried so far to become absolute rulers, had either been killed, or severely undermined that tyrant's power so much so that those that had oppressed them rose up and toppled them from power. So Misato was for all intents and purpose the head of the renewed UN forces in Asia.

As more people and soldiers came back, those who stayed were put to work in their old jobs except where before it was for private industry, or Nerv, or the JDSSF, or any country that existed before Third Impact. Now they worked for all of humanity, through the new, World United Nations. That was the name used by these forces around the world.

As all this information sunk into my mind, and I'm sure as well as Rei's, my mind then became guilt ridden.

"Asuka, Where's Asuka Misato, WHERE?"

My raised voice broke the happy mood in the room.

Misato and Rei then tried to calm me down as Rei's face showed the concern mine had as well. Misato had her hands on my shoulders as Rei held my hands. "Shinji. Please, just listen to me first, and then we'll go see her, ok?"

I knew I had a look like a truck was coming at me at top speed. But I stopped shaking, slowed my breathing, and listen quietly as Misato told me what had happened to Asuka.

"At first The doctor's thought you were the one worse off because of your internal injuries, but when we got you three back here to Tokyo-2's main hospital, they had a good look at you all, and found that Asuka's bullet wound had come very close to her ... spine."

I gasped and thought to myself, "Oh God, her spine, she must be ,...? Oh no I can't imagine this. Asuka could be..."

I finally zoned back in while looking at Misato moving her mouth and finally, the words registered ".... the Doctor's said she had a chance but she needs you, Shinji . She's refusing to have her treatment, Shinji. She 's yelling for you and wants to see you, but as you were well unconscious, The doctor's felt that ..."

"Misato, I can't believe you didn't allow her to visit me like I visited..." Misato then grabbed me by my shoulders.

"Shinji, Asuka can't move her legs well right now. So we had to wait for you to wake up." It finally hit me that they didn't want to move her and so I finally understood.

Then Rei added, "Shinji, She needs to see you, and she needs her treatment to begin so they can restore her ability to walk. So please go to her." Rei was looking at me with a slight hint of concern. I quickly understood her. So Misato then brought in a wheel chair and after I sat in it.

I then reached for Rei's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Don't worry Rei, I'll talk to her, and convey our feelings for her." The one time angel simply nodded and gave my hand a squeeze back. Then Misato wheeled me out of the room and down the hall where I heard a steady stream of Japanese and German curse grow louder and louder.

Misato for her part tried to help me by leaning over and saying;

"You know behind all that bravado and language is someone who is as a scared as a little girl. Please help her realize that we are trying to help her." I nodded and mentally prepared to help my red headed love get the help she needed, whether she wanted to or not.

___________________________________________________________________ ___

To Tread the Hard Road

I held my breath as Misato pushed my wheel chair into the room where Asuka's loud a clear voice was making clear her utter discontent with everyone and everything in the room. Then you could have heard a pin drop as she focused on me. So help me those two eyes, one blue and one green had just as much an unnerving effect on me that Rei's red and green eyes had. But that silence lasted as long as a nuclear chain reaction as Asuka started to shout my name and reach for me from her horizontal position on her bed. I saw as she struggled that she had a body brace on that started just under her chest and ended right above her thighs. She to my relief had a hospital gown on and so I could only see the outline of the brace as she struggled with two nurses to reach me. I signaled them to stop restraining her and motioned Misato to wheel me to the side of her bed. Then with painful effort I stood up and with Misato's help sat next to her and as with Rei, embraced the now crying Asuka, and kissed her trying to calm her down.

She finally took her head from my chest to look at me again.

She then asked, "Oh, my baka, I thought I'd never see you again!"

I held her tighter gritting my teeth as my insides burned with renewed pain.

But I kept a smile as I held on to her now.

"Please can you leave us alone for a few minutes?"

I then looked a Misato trying to convey the seriousness of my request.

"Then I looked at her again and saw just how bad she really was. She had a hollowness to her face obviously due to the lack of sleep and worry she must have had for me. I also saw that she was, for a better word strapped down to the bed. Misato had told me while she wheeled me to Asuka's room that she would be. The doctor's were to trying to keep her immobile so she wouldn't damage her spine any more. So I careful laid her down on the bed then quickly took her hands in mine. I smiled and then I started to talk to her.

"Asuka, My love please you must allow the doctors to operate. It's your chance to get your legs working again." I looked at her while trying to read what she was thinking.

She looked up, finishing her thoughts. "I wanted to wait till I saw that you were ok. She looked down again, then I a whisper that only I could hear, she continued.

"When Misato told me that you were unconscious, in a coma, I just could allow anyone to help me until you were better. Not even Wonder- Rei couldn't talk me out of it."

I smiled and squeezed her hands." Now that I'm alive and conscious, can you allow these doctors to help you now?" She looked into my eyes intently, nodded and squeezed my hands back." Plus you owe Misato and Rei an apology" I lightly chastised her with a mildly determined look.

She smiled, shook her head and nodded.

"Ok, but I want you in here with me," then after a few seconds, " and Rei too." I smiled, and nodded in agreement.

Now we'll tell Misato and get you prepped for the treatment and I will get Rei and I in here soon, Ok?" She nodded and then reached out to me, wanting me to hug her again. I gingerly settled next to her and lightly and carefully hugged her. She then slapped me lightly. Listen Baka I'm not going to break, so hug me like you mean it!" She harrumphed.

I replied, "I just don't want to damage your spine. I want my Asuka back, whole!" I pleaded. She then smiled with her eyes building some tears about to be shed. "Now don't you cry, or I'll won't have Rei read you the book she'd reading."

What is she reading?" She asked.

"Martian Successor Nadiesco, the Novel." I answered.

She smiled enthusiastically. "Oh I just love Ryoko in that series. Ok I'll give them my best imitation of my old self, Shinji baka, and you'd better be lying beside me by the time I get back." I quickly nodded a little red-faced at her suggestion and that I had her back to normal. Now to get Misato to agree to allow all three of us were staying in this room. Well that will be the least of our worries as I was soon to find out.

___________________________________________________________________ ___


For the next month after Asuka's successful operation, we three had what I would say is a boot camp of sorts in that we had to recuperate and rehabilitate from our injuries. Rei had to go through excersizing her recuperating leg and at times it was agony to look at her going through them. I myself felt that I was the least effected as my injuries simply needed time to heal and though I did go through physical therapy, it was not as intense as either of the girls. My guilt did flair up occasionally, but with them usually with me or it was easier to cope. Asuka in my opinion had the hardest time. Because the only real way to know the operation Dr. Akagi performed on Asuka's spine had been successful, was to have her exercise her legs and of course the pain then confirmed that the nerves were indeed working.

As some may know when you do not use a leg or an arm, it simply wastes away. This happened to Asuka's legs the month they were immobile after our rescue. So after the operation, it took about two more weeks for her to recover enough for her to begin her physical therapy. As Rei and I were also in various stages of our physical therapy, we were with Asuka as she started hers.

To say that a hurricane is one of natures biggest shows of strength couldn't compare to what was shown by one Asuka Langley Soryu. We were witnesses to tirades and literally things flying through the air as Asuka let out her frustrations at whomever or what ever was handy as her therapy continued for another month. By the time Rei and I had finished most of our therapy, it was Rei and I usually who were working with Asuka as her strength was coming back to her legs. Ritsuko's ability to splice microscopically, newly grown cloned nerve cells to Asuka's spine made her recovery possible. Now I see that at least when it comes to us children, Ritsuko's penance started on the right foot. Though Asuka's foot was usually now kicking something or someone. Of course the use of her feet meant that her therapy was successful.

I now write this a month later with all of us now living in Misato's three-bedroom townhouse in the outskirts of Tokyo-2.The sleeping arrangements was the main topic of our first "discussion" with Misato and Huyuga, who now were occupying 2 of the bedrooms. They wanted me and Makoto to share a room, while Rei and Asuka shared the 3rd bedroom.

That didn't last an hour that first night as we had waited patiently throughout our rehab to go back to the comfort of all three of us to sleep together. Misato and Makoto though had the dumb idea that we'd have sex. We had promised them we wouldn't.

Asuka made that clear in her more aggressive ways as Rei, and I sat and waited for Misato and Auska to finish. Finally after Makoto threatened to cut off her beer supply, Misato sat down and we finally talked about it civilly.

Within a few minutes we finally and in writing made a contract in it we agreed that we would not partake in intimate contact. Now I'm not going to go into detail other than saying that we could do nothing more than cuddle and kiss. If we were caught doing more we agreed to sleep separated. Rei, Asuka and I had wanted so much to be together again even as restrictive as this was, we agreed to it. That night we had finally slept together in the same bed and after almost a year since the results of third impact, we slept that peaceful sleep we had so long ago at the Onsen. That night we dreamt of a happy future but another tribulation was coming that would challenge that. But for that night we were sleeping peacefully and in each other's arms, I in the middle and the girls I loved finally at either side. I was finally happy, as I had hoped.


Chapter: 8 Trials of Life

When two trials assail the children, can their character and those who support them be enough for them?