Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 28

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Evangelion Third Genesis: Part Twenty-Seven
Yui Ikari walked back to the apartment with Rei and Asuka, conversation halting and hesitant. Her body was that of a teenaged boy, her mind was that of a grown woman and the combination wasn't all that easy to deal with, honestly.
"So how did the examination go?" Asuka asked her curiously, thinking of her own interactions with Dr. Ami Mizuno.
"Not bad," a faint smile on the boy's face. Yui tilted her head back, "I was given a physical, psychological examination and a pop quiz on synthetic organic technologies."
"Interesting," Rei noted softly.
Asuka watched the two talk and blinked. The resemblance between them was subtle but there, and there was a odd echo of mannerisms too. It wasn't just that they shared genetic data, it was as if they were both different incarnations of the same person, separated by different experiences.
"I did like Dr. Mizuno," Rei offered, "when I met her."
"Me too," Yui admitted, "she clearly knows what she's doing." A wry smile, "I almost wish I had met her years ago, we could have used her help on Evangelion."
"Hadn't thought of that," Asuka admitted as they reached the apartment that they all now shared with Misato.
Rei smiled slightly as they went inside, remembering the look on Yui's face when she saw the mess in the suite. Admittedly with school Asuka and Rei hadn't been cleaning up after Misato as much as usual, but Yui's shock at the mess had been a bit much. 'Or we're getting used to Misato,' she conceded silently.
"Who wants to order the take-out?" Asuka asked.
"Actually," Yui offered quietly, "I could make something."
Asuka looked at Yui in surprise, reminding herself that this boy was not whom he seemed to be. "Well," she said, "I'm not sure what's in the fridge...."
All three opened up the fridge and peered inside. There was a tray of snacks, soda, cans of beer and condiments, mostly. "Slim pickings," after picking up a furry something Yui had to admit, "guess I'll have to try cooking something up next time."
"You can do the take-out order if you like," Rei offered the phone.
Yui looked amused as she took the phone and chuckled, "You know, I think this is the only house in Megatokyo with the major restaurants on speed dial."
"Well, I think Ritsuko and Maya do too," Asuka defended Misato automatically.
Not long after a car pulled up outside the apartment building and Maya and Ritsuko got out, walking towards the building together. "Well," Ritsuko said to Maya cheerfully, "I think your parents took it well."
Maya looked up at the taller blonde wryly, "Well, I suppose so." She shook her head, "At least mom's happy I'm marrying a doctor."
"And I think your dad will talk to me eventually."
Maya sighed, "Well, I haven't really hinted to the two of them about me, you know."
They walked up to their apartment, Ritsuko unlocking the door. "I really haven't asked you about this stuff," she admitted as she took her coat off, revealing a conservative black dress.
"Hmm?" Maya blinked, taking her own coat off. She looked boyishly cute in dark pants and a white shirt, discrete earrings glinting.
"Coming out and all that," Ritsuko smiled at her gently. She settled on the couch, patting the cushion beside her as she continued, "I know you're out at NERV, for instance."
Maya settled beside her, sighing tiredly. "Considering how many people noticed me mooning after you," she remarked, "it was bound to happen."
"If it helps the gossip didn't reach me for awhile," Ritsuko said.
"Heh," Maya smiled slightly. She tilted her head in thought, "Well, most of my old college friends know, I was pretty active back then."
"Oh?" Ritsuko raised an eyebrow.
Maya blushed as she murmured, "The college gay society was pretty much a singles club, and I dated quite a bit."
"I suppose I should thank those girls for teaching you so well," Ritsuko purred, enjoying seeing Maya blush. She looked at Maya thoughtfully, "And your Tokyo friends?"
"A few know," Maya nodded, "but I was a bit more selective there." She hesitated, "Sempai, do you tell anyone...?"
"That you're my lover and that we're engaged?" Ritsuko smiled warmly. "Whenever anyone asks about the ring," she said simply.
Maya took Ritsuko's hand, smiling up at her happily. "Me too," she said softly, "I'm so proud that we're together."
Ritsuko stroked a hand through Maya's hair, "So do you want to eat in tonight?"
Maya shifted to gently press her lips to Ritsuko's, smiling hungrily. "What I want to eat," she said, voice husky, "isn't on anyone's menu."
"Bad girl," Ritsuko laughed as she rose swiftly picking up the surprised Maya.
"Eep!' Maya squealed as Ritsuko bodily carried her to the bedroom. Laughing she asked, "I wonder if Misato's date is going this well?"
Ritsuko set Maya down on the bed and began to undress. "We'll ask her tomorrow," she promised. Smiling as she slid her dress to the floor she commanded, "Tell talking, more kissing."
"Yes ma'am," Maya agreed, kissing her happily.
In another part of the city Misato ducked with a curse, the bullet whizzing by above her head. She hefted the paintball gun and glared at her companion, "Do you always take girls out to paintball after a romantic dinner?"
Aoba Kinushima just grinned back, her own goggles shielding her eyes. "You have to admit, it's different," the black haired woman pointed out.
Misato shook her head, the camouflage costume that she wore still spotlessly clean. "I'll give you that," she popped up, aiming fast and pinging several of the young men who were facing them. Ducking down again she added, "So what's the objective?"
Aoba studied her thoughtfully, "Capture the flag, basically."
Misato popped her clip, counting the pellets then slid it away. "I've always hated to loose," she narrowed her eyes dangerously.
"Then follow me," Aoba agreed. With that the other woman bolted from her concealment, her speed enough to startle the nearest foes, splattering them with pain.
Misato was right behind her, taking out foes from a distance, her hours of target practice at NERV coming in good steed. Working together they advanced from pieces of cover to gradually sweep their way through the paintball forest, eventually reaching the flag and dropping the younger man waiting there.
"You know," Misato said later, a slight smile on her face as they went back to the changing rooms, "that was kind of fun, actually."
"Good," Aoba chuckled softly, putting the pistol she had used away. She remembered fondly, "I used to play with a group of construction crazies when I was younger.. I didn't think I liked it at first but I learned to enjoy it."
"How did you get into this in the first place?" Misato asked as they reached their lockers, stripping the safety gear off and changing to regular clothes.
"My big sister's boyfriend got me involved," Aoba admitted. She looked at Misato thoughtfully as they left, "Well, what do you want to do now?"
"I've had a good time tonight," Misato admitted, "but I think I'd better get back home to the kids." She gave Aoba a impish grin, "I'd like to go out with you again, though."
"Me, too," Aoba nodded agreement.
To be continued....