Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 36

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Evangelion: Third Genesis
Part Thirty Five

“Ooof,” Asuka Langley grunted as the orange haired girl was grabbed by the arm, flipped over and then hit the mat with a loud thump.

“That,” Aoba Kinushima said calmly as the taller, brown haired woman offered Asuka a hand up, “is how you do the throw.”

“Could I try, sensei?” Rei Ayanami asked eagerly, the dark blue haired young woman’s red eyes almost shining with excitement as Asuka was tugged back up to her feet.

Asuka stretched a moment, her red plug suit clinging to her body. “I’m willing to be the training dummy,” she offered.

“Heh,” Aoba fought back a grin, “okay, we’ll run through it step by step.” With gentleness and care she showed Rei how to grip Asuka’s sxtended arm, the turn, shift then a strong pull to finish the throw.

“Ready?” Rei asked her softly, then the blue plug suit clad girl smiled happily as Asuka nodded firmly.

With surprising speed Rei preformed the move, Asuka going up and over once more then hitting the mat with another thump. “Not bad,” she puffed out from where she sat on her butt on the soft floor.

“Not bad at all,” Aoba agreed cheerfully. Noting the time she said briskly, “I think we’re finished for the day.”

“Thank god for that,” Asuka murmured, taking Rei’s hand as she was pulled back up to her feet. She looked curiously at Aoba and politely asked her, “Will we be seeing you over at the apartment, ma’am?”

Aoba actually blushed faintly, a very cute thing on the normally butch woman. “Probably,” she admitted, “though I need to call Misato to be sure.”

“Then we’ll see you later,” Rei said cheerfully as she took Asuka’s hand and they both left the training room.

Asuka’s eyes crinkled with amusement as they walked together, “Poor Aoba. I wonder how much Misato enjoys making her blush?”

“Quite often, I imagine,” Rei chuckled softly. She ran a finger up Asuka’s arm as they headed for the showers, “Like this?”

“No tickle,” Asuka jumped a bit, flushing a little as Rei chuckled wickedly.

The headquarters of NERV was a bustling place, men and women hurrying down the corridors to work on various tasks. NERV, after all, was in theory the first line of defense in case of alien invasion, a task most of them took very, very seriously.

Stripping down they put their plug suits into the wash bin, then stepped into the showers and the steaming water. ‘Ahh that’s nice,’ Asuka thought as hot water soothed the forming bruises where she had hit the floor today. ‘Well, at least I got to throw Aoba around a bit too,’ she mused as she began to scrub herself with soap.

“Asuka?” Rei emerged from the steam, her small breasts a bit more pink from the hater pouring over them.

“Yes?” Asuka managed though a bit of tightness in her throat, once again faintly startled by how easily Rei could effect her.

Rei turned gracefully, “Could you wash my back?”

“Only if you do mine,” Asuka agreed, reaching out to gently scrub her girlfriend’s back with the sponge.

“Hmm,” Rei agreed then almost purred under Asuka’s touch.

‘What really drives me nuts,’ Asuka thought as she tried to keep her racing pulse under control, ‘is that I can never be sure if she’s doing this to me intentionally or not.’

“My turn,” Rei turned to grab the sponge then slip with a cry.

“Hey...” Asuka moved to catch her then they both over balanced, slipping down to the floor in a splash of bubbles.

“Sorry,” Rei smiled sweetly, looking down at Asuka from where she had ended up sprawled on top of her.

“You know,” Aoba said from the doorway, the older woman looking amused, “there are places to do stuff like that, but the shower really isn’t one of them.”

Both Asuka and Rei went bright red as they scrambled to their feet. “It’s not what it looks like,” Asuka stammered, “she slipped and.....”

“Sure she did,” Aoba winked, “and I promise I won’t tell Misato anything.” With that the older woman sauntered off, whistling cheerfully.

“Are you all right?” Rei asked with a wry smile as they got up.
“Yeah,” Asuka shook her head wryly, “though I don’t think I’ve been this embarassed in quite a while.”

Rei pondered that. “I think walking in on Ritsuko and Maya in the computer lab was worse,” she finally said.

“Well, yes,” Asuka agreed as they rinsed then turned the shower off, “I never would have thought of using a laser pointer like that.”

Rei blushed, “It was very educational.”

“In a traumatic sort of way,” Asuka conceded as she turned off the water and they moved out of the large shower area to find towels and dry off.

Rei pulled on her under clothes matter of factly, but even then did so with a almost feline grace. She then donned her school uniform, the two of them having reached NERV just after school. “Asuka,” she asked as she sat down on a bench to pull on her shoes, “did you have a chance to talk with Hikari?”

Asuka pulled on her eyepatch, then donned her boy’s uniform in quick, efficient motions that still drew Rei’s eyes. “Yeah, she pretty much got the whole Yui in Shinji’s body story out of me over recess,” Asuka admitted.

“That must have been interesting,” Rei blinked.

“She took it pretty calmly,” Asuka did up the buttons of her shirt then ticked it into the pants, “though I guess with all that’s happened she’s used to crazy stuff.”

They collected their school bags from a locker and headed out, making their way to a elevator connecting to a surface building Misato preferred for her office. Himiko Yamada looked up from her paperwork, her oddly ash grey hair falling into the young woman’s face as she asked, “Do you want me to ask if Misato can see you?”

“If you could,” Rei nodded respectfully.

Himiko picked up the phone and hit a button, “Ma’am?” A smile, “Your children are here to see you.”

“Don’t call them that,” Misato growled as she flung open the door to her office, “I’m too young to have kids this old.”

“Yes ma’am,” Himiko snickered softly.

“Hope we’re not interrupting,” Asuka said, noting a unfamiliar older man sitting in the office in a UN military uniform. He had steel like grey hair and a face marked more by laugh lines than worry, but intelligence glittered in his eyes.

“No, I think we’re about done.” He smiled at Misato, “Thank you for the briefing, General, and I hope our information is helpful too.” With that he tipped his hat in a old fashioned way to them all, then he was out the door,

“Grab a seat,” Misato waved them to chairs as she sat behind the desk, the black haired woman wearing a simple red dress.

“What was that about?” Asuka asked as she sat down on the couch with Rei sitting quite close beside her.

“This and that,” Misato shrugged, “he’s a old friend of Kaji’s.”

“Ah.” Asuka made a soft noise, well aware of Misato’s history with the man. ‘Not to mention my own,’ she silently added. Rei had a faintly confused look on her face and Asuka whispered, “I’ll explain later.”

“Thank you,” Rei whispered back, well aware from the look on Misato’s face that she didn’t want to get into it.

“Some good news and bad news,” Misato said briskly, “the UN has finished a investigation into the mass produced Evas and the individuals behind them. Apparently at least some of the members of SEELE are coming up on charges.”

“And the bad news?” Asuka asked, feeling a bit of happiness knowing that those responsible for her lost eye were going to pay.

“There’s a confirmed sighting of a rogue Evangelion,” Misato sighed, “and I bet we’re going to have to deal with it.”

“Where?” Rei asked intently.

“Sighed in the mid-east,” Misato sighed, “we’ll have to talk to Ritsuko about deploying some kind of carrier system.”

“Maybe not,” Asuka mused softly. Seeing the othes look at her she added, “Want to bet they’ll come here after us first?”

“Possibly,” Rei nodded, “we are their only direct advesary.”

“I like the way you think,” Misato conceded. She picked up the phone, “Best put NERV on alert, just in case.”

To be continued....