Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 37

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Evangelion: Third Genesis

Ritsuko Akagi frowned as the blonde haired woman typed away on the computer, a unlit cigarette dangling from her lips. As the doors to the lab swished open she didn’t even look at her guest as she calmly said, “It’s not done yet, Misato.”

“How did you know it was me?” Misato asked her as the black haired commander of NERV walked in.

“Maya knows not to interrupt me when I’m on a roll,” Ritsuko shrugged calmly, frowning as she adjusted something on her screen.

Misato walked to ger side then reached out to tap the unlit smoke. “Having problems quitting?” she asked.

Ritsuko took it out, looking at it with a wry kind of amusement. “It helps me think,” she admitted, eyes never leaving the blueprint she was working on.

“Is that...?” Misato looked down at the quickly forming design.

“The modified carrier design you asked for,” Ritsuko nodded. “I’m using a modified long-range transport jet as the base,” she calmly explained, “then retrofitting the interior to carry a Evangelion, power system and cables.”

“Or a Archangel?” Misato mused.

“I can design it to be compatable for both,” Ritsuko agreed. She looked up at Misato, “Are you considering using Unit Alpha in field operations?”

“I’m debating it,” Misato conceded. She put her hands in her red jacket’s pockets, her black dress hugging her form, “The tests so far have been good, and Asuka’s trip outside yesterday went off without a hitch.”

“But that doesn’t mean a combat run will go as well,” Ritsuko put her smoke on the edge of a saucer sitting on the counter.

“That is the risk,” Misato agreed, “but I want to be prepared either way.”

Ritsuko nodded, “All right, I’ll keep that in mind in the design.”

Misato grinned slightly, “So how are things going with you and Maya? From the occassional noises we hear in our apartment you two seem pretty happy.”

Ritsuko actually blushed faintly, “We’re doing fine, thank you.”

“When are you having the wedding?” MIsato asked curiously.

“Not till this current mess is over,” Ritsuko admitted. “Besides, we’ll need the extra time to bring Maya’s poor father around.”

“He’s having a hard time accepting the situation?” Misato asked with a frown.

Ritsuko fiddled with her cigarette, “Thankfully, he’s coming around. I rather suspect Maya’s mother is having a influence, but it’ll take time.”

Misato patted her on the shoulder, “Well, if you need any help, call.” She grinned, “I just hope you don’t dress us all in hideous bridesmaid dresses.”

“I’ll try to find something nice,” Ritsuko chuckled. She made shooing gestures, “Now I’m sorry, but I need to get back to work.” She winked, “My boss is a real hard ass, you know.”

“I resemble that remark,” Misato chuckled, heading out with a smile.

Striding away, Misato made it a point to stop in on various offices and workers, nodding in a friendly way and making conversation. It wasn’t her being snoopy, exactly, it was more a attempt to stay in the loop with as many people working at NERV as she could.

“Maya,” Misato nodded to the younger woman who was supervising the work in the weapons lab. In front of them, robot construction gear manipulated various metal and alloys, gradually producing a long, thin weapon that resembled a sword.

“Ma’am,” Maya Ibuki smiled with a openness that still occasionally surprised Misato, considering the things the girl had seen working here.

“Is that the progressive sword prototype?” Misato asked curiously, watching as lasers sliced into steel, shaping it carefully.

Maya nodded, her grey uniform crisp and neat as usual. “We’re experimenting with the same sort of metal as used in the armor on the Evangelion,” she revealed, “we’re hoping that, combined with a Evangelion’s strength, will be effective.”

“What about the AT field?” Misato mused.

“As usual, the Evangelion will need to pierce the field before and conventional weapon can be used,” Maya admitted. She smiled, “We are experimenting with a means of channeling a AT field through the blade, but it’s still in the testing stages.”

“Ritsuko’s well along with the design for the new carrier unit,” Misato mused, “but it’ll be a week, at least until it’s built. Keep working on this till then.”

“Yes ma’am,” Maya smiled. “Yui has also been a big help, both here and working with the Magi,” she noted.

“You’re working all right together?” Misato asked curiously.

“Certainly,” Maya agreed, “she’s quite nice, really. The only tome she gets cranky at all is when she’d deprived of her coffee.”

‘I can understand that, I get that way without my beer,’ Misato admitted silently. “Well, I’ll let you get back to it,” she said aloud, turning and heading out once more.

Outside, in the sunlight Asuka Soryu Langley walked with confidence, her skirt swirling around her legs as she and her friends went out to the arcade. “So,” the redhead asked the others, “Rei and I are on alert till further notice.”

“Sucks,” Toji offered, the taller young man’s short black hair swept to the side by the breeze. Other than his slight limp it was impossible to tell he had once been a pilot, except for the slightly haunted look that lingered in his eyes.

“Are they expecting an attack on the city itself?” Hikari asked them, the brown haired girl frowning slightly.

“We don’t know,” Rei admitted, the dark blue haired young woman staying close to Asuka’s side. She looked good dressed in white shirt and a light blue skirt, her hair slightly ruffled by the breeze.

“Really?” Aida looked a little surprised, the brown haired boy peering around with his portable film camera.

“Just because we’re pilots,” Asuka looked amused, “doesn’t mean we’re kept entirely in the loop.” Silently she mentally added, ‘Besides, I’m not sure even Misato knows if they’ll actually attack or not.’

Toji lead the way into the dimly lit arcade nearby their school, “Well, I figure you’ll be able to handle it.”

“Thank you,” Rei smiled.

As Aida took his place in front of his favorite robot fighting game he dropped a coin in and asked them, “How’s Shinji doing?”

“Aida,” Hikari scolded him, the brown haired girl giving Asuka a silent look.

‘I’m almost glad I told her the truth,’ Asuka admitted. “He’s probably working a bit too hard,” she answered mildly, “recovering from his breakdown.”
“I suppose if anyone’s earned the right to have one,” Toji conceded, “it’s Shinji.”

“That’s true,” Hikari agreed. She watched Aida demolishing levels on the game an a impish look appeared in her eyes, “Asuka, why don’t you try this in vs mode?”

“You can do that?” Asuka looked amused.

“Me, versus Asuka?” Aida’s eyes lit up, “I’d love that!”

“Maybe all of Aida’s video gaming and war otaku habits might actually pay off,” Toji noted wryly.

Rei smiled slightly, “It could be fun.”

‘It’s surprising what that smile can make me do,’ Asuka admitted to herself as she sat down across from Aida and put her own coin in. Within a few moments she mastered the controls, then went looking for Aida.

“Who do you think’ll win?” Hikari asked Toji softly as the two opponents stalked each other on the view screen.

“Dunno,” Toji admitted, “Aida knows the game and it’s rules, but Asuka’s the one with real battle experience.”

“There you are,” Asuka murmured as her humanoid fighting robot stalked through the city streets hunting her prey.

Suddenly Aida smashed a nearby wall, revealing a power-up he used to boost the cannon he carried, firing devastating shots at the stunned Asuka. “Yes!” he crowed as explosions ringed the pilot and sent her flying backward.

“Why that little...” Asuka growled as she saw her life gage drop dangerously. While ploting a Evangelion, she had been trained to avoid property damage, but aparently here it gave you an advantage. Seizing the chance she thrashed buildings with glee, soon finding both life restorers and other power ups.

“He’s in trouble,” Rei predicted calmly.

What followed was a beat down of legendary proportions, where Aida had almost no chance to recover and was chased around the simulated Tokyo relentlessly. Finally she pinned him, then Asuka struck, claiming his final life points and defeating him.

“Ouch,” Toji winced, “nice to see the old vicious Asuka’s still there.”

“What was that?” Asuka gave him a look.

“Nothing, nothing....” Toji tried to look innocent.

To be continued....