Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Legacy of the Species ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The next evening finds Kila again in her room fuming about her day. She reaches into her book bag and pulls out her diary and begins to write...
Dear Diary,
Hello again! Twice in two days. I'm really glad I can talk to you. I've really had a bad day. It was almost worse than yesterday, but only because I think I lost my new friend. Maybe I should just tell you how my day went, and you can decide for yourself.
First, I awoke to a rather loud alarm clock that I don't remember setting. I looked at the clock to discover I was running late for school, so I quickly changed into a clean uniform and ran into the kitchen. I put a pop tart in the toaster and then ran back to my room to grab my book bag. After a moment’s indecision, I shoved you into my bag, thinking maybe I would write in you during lunch. I got back to the kitchen in time to grab my pop tart as it popped out of the toaster, then ran out the door to school. When I got to school, I discovered that I was nearly 20 minutes early, and was nearly alone in class except for the teacher, who was walking out the door as I was walking in, and Rei, who looked to be doing homework. I thought this might be a good time to thank Rei for saving me, so I turned towards her, but couldn't decide how to say it. After a moment of my staring at her, trying to work out a decent way of saying thank you, she paused in her writing and spoke to me. “Do you require something?”
I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be, “Thank you for saving me yesterday. I really don't like water...” Rei simply went back to writing, and a voice at the door of the classroom caught my attention. I turned just in time to see Shinji walk in with that jock and the guy with glasses that always seems to have a camera with him.
A few moments later, Hikari and Asuka walked in together. They were laughing about something or other. Hikari saw me sitting here watching them and stopped laughing with a guilty look on her face, but Asuka kept on laughing. Then the teacher walked in, an older man who is said to be the most boring teacher ever, as he never talks about anything except second impact and how the world was so much better then. I swear he almost put me to sleep.
I almost missed the blinking on my computer screen that said I had two messages. The first was from Hikari and said that she wanted to talk to me after school. The second was from Asuka. She apparently was sorry for being so mean to me, and had a gift for me as an apology. She wanted to give it to me during lunch. So when lunch time came around, I approached the small group that was made up of Asuka, Hikari, Shinji, the jock, and the glasses-kid. They were all eating lunch together under a tree behind the school. I should have known something was up by the fact that many people were eating lunch outside instead of in the building as was usual. Asuka saw me coming and smiled, then reached into her pocket. When she withdrew her hand, it had a small box that she then threw to me. As soon as I caught the box, my somewhat delicate nose caught a scent I had never smelled before, but liked. I opened the small box and was literally floored by the powerful smell that came from the small cloth pouch inside.
Around this time, my senses started to go haywire, and my world seemed to focus on the small bag. I don't remember too well what happened after this. What I do remember is that for some reason I decided I really liked the bag, and held it up to my face, inhaling the scent and rubbing the bag against my face. I think I remember purring at this point, but I'm not really sure. Except for that small bag, the whole world went hazy.
Something did catch my attention, though, someone was laughing. I looked around and saw that most of my class was standing around in a circle watching me,almost all of them laughing. The only ones not laughing were Shinji and Hikari. Hikari had this really sad look to her eyes, and Shinji merely looked curious. When I saw that look on Shinji's face, something deep in my belly clicked, and I found myself latched onto Shinji's arm, purring loudly and rubbing against him, the bag completely forgotten. I didn't care about the fact that there was a crowd there. I didn't care that I was at school. All I cared about was the small world that was Shinji. At first no one said anything, but after a moment, I found a red-haired face staring into mine. That was a very ugly face, and I didn't want it there, so I made my displeasure known by slashing at it. I am sad to say that I slashed at Asuka's face with full claw, leaving four deep gashes going down her cheek, starting just below her eye (which I luckily missed) and going to her jaw line.
The obstacle removed, I turned to Shinji to notice he was running away from me, so I playfully decided to give chase, following him into a nearby wooded area behind the school. At this point my senses were running at full and I could have followed him just by smell, if I really wanted to. I had caught up to him, and was actually holding him down, trying to get him to stop squirming when I caught a smell that I had not smelled in a long time. Just as I caught the scent, a black and red shadow dropped on top of me, pinning me down beside Shinji, but curiously not touching him. The head of the shadow said, in a vaguely familiar female voice, “Pilot Ikari, if you value your life, leave.” When she said that, I started to squirm, trying to get to him, but a simple twist of my wrist was enough to make me stop moving. The pain was almost enough to cut through the haze. I watched Shinji get up and leave. I swear I caught him looking back at me with sad eyes before I lost sight of him. I turned back to the one effortlessly holding me down to find a familiar pair of blue eyes staring at me from a very familiar face. It took a while, but when I was able to think plainly, the first thing I said was, “Momma? Is that you?”
“Yes, my little Ki-chan, it's me. And you better be glad it's me, and not one of my associates, the way you tore into Pilot Sohryu like that. She will probably carry that scar for many years to come. After all, you practically flayed the skin from her face with that slash.” The catwoman let Kila up at this point and sat back on her haunches, obviously looking like she wanted to talk.
A smile crossed her face as she said, “You know, you and your sister were conceived the same way. One dose of catnip is all it took. Just wish Daddy had made it through Second Impact. I really could have used his help in raising the two of you.” She looked wistful for a moment, but then smiled.