Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Neon Genesis Evangelion: The New Beginning ❯ EPISODE 28: FIRST INTRUSION, A BROKEN LITTLE BOY ( Chapter 2 )

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Formlessness swirled around the world. Well, perhaps it might have been more accurate to say that the world was formlessness. Still, it swirled, as if some great fog ensconced within the confines of a decidedly slow-motion tornado. But then it was water for a moment, and the consciousness identified this, along with the fact that being below the water was not the best way to survive. Or was it water? The taste was mildly coppery, and the hue seemed to be on the yellow side of the spectrum.
LCL, then? Had he somehow fallen into the great sea of it which covered most of (what had been) the city? Looking up, he saw not a sky, but a familiar ceiling. A train car, perhaps? It seemed that the world had shifted once more, but at least this was familiar. He even had his S-DAT on, Track 26 as ever. Had the whole of Third Impact been a dream? There was definitely no train cars left that moved if it hadn't…
Wait, this must be the dream; when he looked down, there was a shimmering woman's form sitting across from him, and it wasn't another apparition of Rei. Though, as it solidified, it did look something like her…but the hair color and age were wrong. And she was comfortingly familiar. But why? Well, this reminded him of another encounter, so why not start with the familiar question he'd used then, “Who are yo-?”
Well, as the form materialized, the question was answered readily enough. Mother! So familiar. Mother is good, the opposite of Father. And yet…he couldn't quite find the words to greet her. How one addresses a mother who they imagine dead for around a decade is a hard thing to establish, after all, especially for a person afraid of initial contact.
Certainly that was one of his more defining features, the intruder noted. It wouldn't really interfere, luckily; he'd dealt with Eve enough so that there shouldn't be any initial contact fears - at least, until it came time to procreate. Though even then, it expected Eve to be more trouble in that area. Her persona matched that of Lilith far more. It was a shame that Adam and the current Lilith's child would be unfit to repopulate the world. Quite a shame, really.
Ah, well, onto business: if the boy wouldn't talk, maybe it should start. Not that it knew really how to do this either; the conversation's exact dimensions would be irrelevant as long as it fell within the parameters that were required, “Hello, Shinji.”
“H-hi…mom?” It came out almost like a question; he was seeking assurance. Well, it was there to reassure, at least until it had conveyed its message and made certain that Adam would carry out his role.
“It's been a while, hasn't it, Ad-Shinji?” Damn, it had to be more careful. A foolish slip. It could have ruined things. Best to hurry along. And, although it was no expert in Lilim, it had an idea of what a mother might ask of her offspring, “How have you been? Have you found an attractive mate yet?”
…Oh, damnit all, that was a mistake, wasn't it? Well, that's what the boy's expression told it, at least; abject horror might be the right way to describe it, though there was at least a bit of…oh, what did they call what made them turn red? Ah, yes, it was embarrassment. That was what it was called.
Blast the damn euphemisms these Lilim used so much. Before the shocked boy could reply, it did its best to make amends: a slight laugh (giggle?) and a warm smile, “You don't have to look so embarrassed. You know how scientists think of these things. Don't you have a girlfriend yet, though?”
At that, the subject blushed further, although a little of the horror subsided. Shaking its head, Adam managed a faint, “No…”
After that, a “Why not?” went unanswered except by more scarlet and a refusal to meet the eyes of its avatar. Well, so much for the easy way, unless…the train, surprisingly, stopped for a moment, then the door opened. Time to use one of the most powerful motivators in the human mind: lust. As such, in walked a completely unclad and decidedly provocative Asuka Langley Soryu.
With an inner smirk and an outer smile, it pointed at her, “Really? I'm a little disappointed that you haven't made Eve yours yet.”
And there was mistake number two. As he looked upon the well-endowed form, Adam cringed sharply, his face flashing a chain of emotions, all negative (and all directed at himself). A second later, the car itself shattered, walls slamming between the boy and the other two.
Blast, this was still the boy's mind. It seemed that sexuality did not mix well with this new Adam, or at least he had incurred some traumatic experience concerning Eve. Damnit, now it'd have to cut through these walls if it was to get anywhere. It wasn't fond of this abrasive action, but there existed times when this was required; letting the Lilim die off now wasn't a viable option. Besides, didn't it have the right to manipulate the creations of its race belonging to it? It might hurt the boy now, but he would benefit from it later.
As such, the entity rose, summoning the naked Eve image to its side. With its broadsword in hand, it, still in an avatar that was a dead ringer for Yui Ikari, it approached the wall, purposefully striking it. A crack appeared after a moment, then a hole. Force certainly had its uses, and this was one of them: with each blow, images were sent flooding into the wall; most showed Adam and Eve intertwined, as it should be, although others drew on negative images of Lilith, such as her striking Adam in the past.
The entity itself knew little of the contents, actually - all had been dredged up from within the depths of Adam's own mind. As such, they had much more power than mere outside suggestion, and the wall soon crumbled, revealing Adam's miserable form within, looking truly horrified, perhaps even traumatized. Ah, well. He would recover. This was more important, wasn't it? As such, it approached, its free hand reaching for the head of the now silent Adam. Said head was bowed and cradled in his arms, as if he sought to hide within himself. He wasn't running only because there was nowhere left to run, it surmised. What a shame it had come to this. Regardless, it was time. Pressing its hand to said head, the entity released a stream of thoughts, mostly a concentrated version of its other assaults, only now the images were intercut with words like “Adam”, “Eve” and “Lilith”.
Expecting an easy victory with this, it was shocked as its own hand was thrown back, repelled by an impenetrable…AT Field!? What was this? As if to answer this very question, a faded voice echoed (an odd sound, as the voice already sounded somewhat resonant) through the remains of the train car, “This is the light of my soul, a sacred territory in which no one may intrude!”
An AT Field? How could that be? It'd penetrated Adam's AT Field just a moment ago, hadn't it…? However, it had not expected this, nor did it expect to encounter…music? Yes, it seemed so: an uplifting melody. What the Lilim called classical…Ode to Joy. Again, the voice, although this time, it had a source: to the left of the cowering (and seemingly oblivious) boy was a second, similarly attired. Pale in complexion, and in possession of similarly bleached hair and striking crimson eyes, this figure was smiling happily, “The song is good. Singing brings joy; it revitalizes the human soul. I think that song is the highest achievement of the Lilim culture. Don't you agree, Shinji Ikari?”
Now the entity was confounded; especially when a second “guardian” figure materialized within the AT Field, in possession of similar eyes and complexion, but with blue hair. LILITH!? How could that be? Had it failed? Well, it certainly seemed that way: even unconsciously, without actually seeing her, the boy seemed comforted by her presence. Wasn't he supposed to be afraid of her? Perhaps it was time it made a tactical retreat: maybe it could make an in-row with one of the other two? As such, it left the mind of “Adam”, returning its mind to its own physical form…