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This is my first story here on MediaMiner, and I hope it suits your tastes. It's something I posted previously on FanFiction.Net with the assistance of a fellow member.
Disclaimer: I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion or the First Ancestral Race; however, I do own the characters Alpha Omega, Alpha Omicron and Delta Theta.
There was nothing…or perhaps, more accurately, nothing alive; there remained the sound of waves rustling through the sandy beach and that of the eerie wind blowing in the air. Overhead on the hill, giant metallic crucifixes loomed over the deteriorating land. Should there have been along to look onward, it might have observed, in the distant depths of the crimson sea, half of a ghastly alabaster head with a tiny, crimson red eye could be seen in the horizon, its size so great that it dominated the skyline. Oblivious to this horrid desolation, upon the beach, the blood-dimmed tide continued to rustle across the sea. But with suddenness and…vitality that shattered the barren tranquility, three forms broke the surface.
The one on the left remained clad in her Plug Suit and adorned with feline-ear-esque A10 nerve clips upon her head, at least on the unmarred portion; the rest was ensconced in bandage, as was one arm. Despite these injuries, her strawberry-blonde hair managed to glisten a bit in the sun accompanied by one piercing sapphire eye and set to the backdrop of silky white skin.
Flanking this nubile female to the left was the only male of the trio, wearing a simple buttoned white shirt with a dark blue undershirt, black dress-pants, and white sneakers. The brown (nearly dark enough to be black) hair of this one, in contrast to the first, was worn short and accompanied by dark cobalt blue eyes and a skin-tone akin to the other's.
Finally, upon the far right, came the strangest of the three; resembling the male more than the female, she was still obviously of the latter gender, as evidenced by her chest, however downplayed it was by her green and white school-uniform, the female equivalent of the male's. Again, her hair was worn short and quite unkempt, framing an alabaster face and red eyes, lending her an eerily discontenting resemblance to the severed head upon the horizon. Still, if not beautiful, she should be said to be at least a wild rose; uncultivated, but rich in potential.
Although titles were never given unto them in their past lives, if one was to list them by attribute, it might be as such: The Warrior; slain as a sacrifice, the Coward; chosen to loose the blood-dimmed tide upon the world, and the Mother; chosen to bring about the Apocalypse in her Second Coming. This unholy trinity had been “instrumental” in the execution of the cataclysm known as Third Impact. It was only right that they ought to sleep among the ruins of the world they destroyed.
Surprisingly, though, these three were not the only lives remaining in the vicinity. A massive starship, concealed upon the lack of eyes to look upon it, held station above the remnants of Japan, having positioned itself relative to the beach where the three children lay unconscious. Within, a pair of individuals progressed through a corridor silently.
The individual to the starboard direction was attired in garb that could be said to be highly reminiscent of that which was employed by the newer trilogy of Star Wars motion pictures in style. However, a few notable variations existed; the coloring was darker, becoming a full black, and the hood concealed the entire facial region, save for a slight orange luminous emission.
Much contrasting to the first, to the portside strode an entity that might well be mistaken for a member of the “hippie” counterculture…if it were not for the fact that he had no face. He wore a red bandana around his forehead, along with mirrorshade Aviators and seven rings piercing each ear. Moving lower, his torso was adorned with a leatherskin vest, a tie-dyed T-shirt, black jeans and blue sandals. He gave off an ethereal magenta glow, but seemed sullen as he walked with the other.
After much silence between the two, the left person spoke in a voice reminiscent of an African-American man known as `Hendrix', “Brother, are you certain there exists no other way to do this?”
The one on the right, giving off a cold and distant impression, replied in a stern voice that seemed like the voice of a Briton.
“Omicron, we have been through this many times before. Can you not cease with your moral qualms?”
“Brother, they're just as intelligent as we are. What gives us the authority to interfere?”
“They are our creations, so we have the right to decide how to restore them. We will commence with the standard restoration procedure; regardless of your opinions on the matter. It is not as if we are going to destroy them; they managed that themselves. Is it not enough for you that they have proved themselves unable to sustain their own existence?”
“One of these days, Omega, you're gonna find that the Lilim are more formidable than you think,” Omicron replied darkly, before ceasing to speak as a portal was opened. A moment later, it opened to reveal a small room with an upper pad, into the latter of which duo stepped. The one referred to as Omega nodded through his hood, and another similar entity ran his hand up a console, causing a bright violet light to envelope the brothers…
Back upon the desolated beach, a small violet light came into view, though it quickly faded, leaving, as one might expect, the aforementioned pair of brothers. They walked towards the young boy (who was dead unconscious). Still scarred from his experiences during Third Impact, the male would be easy to manipulate…or so Omega imagined.
However, as he stood over the helpless and hapless Third Child, he also examined the other two children present.
Unfortunately, he concluded, this would prove a slight dilemma. Neither one was compatible with the new Adam for a variety of reasons. One seemed to have suffered severe psychological and emotional traumas at points throughout the short span of her life, leaving her with a fragile mind and little room in her `heart' for anyone else. The other was more mentally compatible with Adam, but could not bear children. She was…a Nephilim. Even to this illustrious observer, her very existence was astounding in that regard.
“Well, Omega, it seems you've run into a bit of a problem.”
“Not in the least bit, Omicron. He will mate with Eve; all it will take is manipulation of the right strings and a touch of subtlety,” Omega announced with supreme confidence pervading his voice as he gestured to Shinji and Asuka.
“Well, I guess it's time for another uninhabited round of cerebral rape,” Omicron said with extreme distaste evident in his voice.
“It will be for the greater good when it is over,” Omega said calmly and coolly. At that, he placed his hands at Shinji's temples and began chanting softly. A few seconds later, his body began to disappear and then struck all three. His work would now begin…and the Lilim would be restored.