Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Neon Genesis Evangelion: The New Beginning ❯ EPISODE 31: ONE PLAN FAILS, ANOTHER RISES ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion or the First Ancestral Race; however, I do own the characters Alpha Omega, Alpha Omicron and Delta Theta.
As Asuka awoke and screamed in terror, Omicron rushed over as fast as legs would carry him and placed his hand on her forehead. As suddenly as her outcry had come, a deep sleep fell over the traumatized teenage girl. The poor girl had already been through enough torment, and they were adding to it? His lack-of-a-face still transmitting a scowl well enough, with some aid from his voice, Omicron turned to his brother intoned furiously, “You see what I'm talking about!? When you enter a person's mind, you can't expect the same thing every goddamn time! You made her explore a place where she never wanted to go back to, and your plan still failed! Don't you get it? That kind of heavy-handed action just does not work when you're dealing with sentient beings!”
Omega, hearing some of the truth in that statement but still remaining unwilling to admit that he had been wrong, merely turned away and began attempting to think of a new plan. These Lilim children were indeed resilient, but he would break them and mold them to fit his plans. It was his duty, and the survival of the Lilim took precedence over their mental stability. That kind of petty detail would be ironed out later…“The plan must succeed. They will bend!”
Meanwhile, Omicron was, in his anger, devising over a plan of his own. He looked down at the children, and was feeling their minds in turmoil from Omega's mental attacks. Such brutality could not be the answer! It couldn't! And then it hit him; there was a far easier way to complete this mission, one that didn't require the breaking of minds.
Standing on the very point at which the blood-sea lapped at his feet, arms outstretched, he prepared to implement his plan. Flooding his mind with peace and calm, his body began to glow ever more bright with each passing moment.
In order to precipitate his plan, Omicron was gathering all the energy he possibly could into his hands, and he continued flooding his mind with calming thoughts as he concentrated. Omega had noticed this just several minutes ago, but did not do anything about it. Instead, he just stood there, wondering if his brother's ludicrous plan would succeed any better than his. Some small part of his mind hoped very strongly that it would.
Finally, having gathered every possible scrap of regenerative energy he could muster into his hands, Omicron fiercely clapped his hands together, shot a few meters into the air, and rained the energy down into the ground like lightning. As the energy began to spread throughout every root in the ground, several small patches of fresh, green grass began to sprout from the ground and a few trees began to grow.
And it seemed to be working; all across the world, small plots of land began to return to their former luster of freshness, with patches of green grass and some trees being resuscitated…unfortunately, though, as Omicron was sensing that his plan was succeeding, he began feeling weak and began to lose the ability to generate more energy. It was then that he realized that, like Omega's, his plan was flawed.
As Omicron admitted defeat, the lightning energy generated from his fingertips dissipated, and he began to return downwards to the beach.