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Pulp Evangelion
by: Al-I-Bus

These characters are not owned by me. They are owned by their respective companies. Some of the material in this fanficiton is not appropriate for children. Read at ur own discresion. It ain't my fault!

Chenalos has Pulp Evangelion fic also. Its great. If u liked this then you'll love his, its even beter. On with the story His fic is called Fan Fiction by the way. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notes: Asuka and Rei are friends, and partners. They work for Gendo Ikari. Shinji is still Gendo's son and Asuka and Shinji have an interest in each other. Pulp Fiction was created by Quentin Tarantino, and I have, nor claim any rights to the picture. My Rei has a personality.


A white Mercedes CLK speeds down the highway, doing no less than a hundred. The driver, a beautiful red-head with shining blue eyes, is singing along to a song on the radio, while the passenger, a red eyed, blue haired, girl, no less beautiful than the driver, rests her head against the seat.

Asuka looks over to see Rei nearly asleep. She thought to herself. while jerking the steering wheel hard and applying the brakes.

The CLK pulls off an abrupt 360, screeching and leaving skid marks all along the road. Cars, both behind and in front, spin wildly, trying to avoid an acident. This, nedless to say, wakes Rei up.

"I was awake you know. That wasn't all that necessary." Rei says, in a voice nearly a whisper.

" What are you so serene about wondergirl?" Asuka glances at her puzzled

Rei simply smiled mysteriously.

Asuka grinned: " Could it be a guy? How is Kaoru anyway?" Asuka giggles triumphantly as that manages to elicit a blush from Rei. A chore indeed.

Rei, trying to hide her blush by rubbing her eyes:" Well...he told me yesterday...that..I was...oh forget it."

Asuka nearly pulled the car to a halt: " No way are you getting out that easy! I want answers..and I want 'em NOW!"

Rei giggles as she watches Asuka realize that it is hard to drive brandishing both hands like weapons. . " Hey Asuka. Did I ever tell ya that I'm glad you're my friend?"

Blushing at the unexpected show of emotion from her friend, Asuka suddnely becomes quiet.

Giggling, Rei says: " Well, Kaoru told me that I was too important to lose, and that he was going to stay here in Tokyo-3. Imagine that. Giving up an opportunity like that, just to be with me."

" SHHHHH...The new Canibus joint is on! ' I can double my density from 360 degres to 720 instantly...' Wow he's off the wall." Asuka bobbed her head in time with the beat, contemplating the lines that Canibus, the greates of all lyricists just dropped.

" It's the next left Red" Rei says, a bit sadly. Asuka looks over to her. " I heard what you said. I'm happy for you. I just get carried away. Sorry, forgive me?"

Rei laughed at the serious expression on Asuka's face. " Of course I forgive you! And I know why you tried to play it off."

Asuka tilts her head, curious, as she pulls up to the apartment tenement they were headed for. " Why did I play it off wondergirl?"

" Cause you're jealous baka!" A giggling Rei says, as she ducks a side swipe from her partner.

" I ain't jealous! I could have any man I wanted. I'm just waiting..."
Asuka began only to be cut off by Rei: " for the two of you to be able to talk without stammering?"

Asuka looks at her, eybrow twitching, as she opens the trunk. " I DO NOT studder when I'm around him!" She snaps, icily, reaching into the trunk and pulling out a couple of 9mm, tossing one to her partner.

Rei catches the gun and tucks it into her waist pocket. Rei was clad in white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top and untucked at the bottom. The blue-bell bottom slacks that she was wearing complemented her outfit, prefectly. She smiled: " H--h...Hey Shinji w-w-w-wassup?" she said, imitating her friend. Asuka stuck her tongue out at Rei and then put her own gun in hre belt holster.

Asuka was clad in a red T-Shirt, with jean colored suspenders on. The red and grey Jordans she wore went very nicely with the shirt. Asuka looked herself over in the rearview mirror and then winked at her partner. " I outdid you again huh?"

Rei shook her head: " No way! I look great in this! Kaoru said so himself this morning...ooops" Asuka tripped as they walked to the apartment. " I see why you're so relaxed this morning! Was it good?"
Rei just smiled and winked.

" Oh come on tell me!" Asuka whined as the elevator climbed floors. They stopped at floor 13 and got off. Askua kept poking and pulling at Rei as they walked through the hallway to the apartment of the Angel. Finally, just before reaching the door Rei whispered: " It was amazing. Maybe you'll find out one day. After you do Shinji that is."

Asuka retorted before thinking: " Shinji is quite enough to satisfy me and you and probably Hikari also. I've seen it. Its, very impressive...ooops."

Rei looked at her shocked:" You and Shinji? No way..No fuckin way." Asuka blushed, her face matching her hair. " It was a mistake. He had just come out of the shower room, as I was going in, and I stumbled into him, and knocked his towel off."

" That was no accident. That was in the same ballpark as coming onto him" Rei said, before motioning Asuka away form the door, indicating that they were a bit early. Asuka shook her head violently as she approched Rei. " It wasn't in the same ballpark, not the same league, not even the same fucking sport. It was an accident and thats it.

Rei grinned as she approached the apartment again, " I'm sure that you're getting aroused because of the prospects of getting this Angel then, and not the memory of it." Asuka blushed even more furiously, but it was true, her nipples were becoming erect and she was beginning to feel a little warm bewteen the legs as she recalled Shinji's manhood. " Shut up. Lets get into character."

In the room, two angels are lounging around. One of them jumps up suddnely, " gotta get the mail before anyone tries to check it", he claims, reaching for the door knob.

The door swings open to reveal two beautiful girls, no more than 17 or 18 years old standing there. Taunting smiles on their faces as they entered the room and let the door swing shut behind them.

Ten minutes later both girls emerge, Asuka holding onto a briefcase, they hurry down the stairs and pull off. A minute later the cops arrive, only to find two figures in an apartment, covered with bullet wounds thta ooze a strange smelling blue liquid.

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And That ends the Brifcase Situatoin. I'm gonna do things the way I wanna with this. Apologies to Chenalos. I know this seems a lot like you're fic. In fact parts were meant to be, I really don't mean to copy you. If you don't want me to post this then tell me. Later everyone.