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Pulp Evanglion
by: Al-I-Bus

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Notes: Asuka and Rei are great friends. They work for Gendo as hired assasins who specialize in destroying Angels, not always in their evas. Asuka and Shinji share an obvious attraction in this fic, but both become studdering idiots when they get around each other. I'll work everyone in, don't worry.


The white CLK pulls into the parking lot at the Geofront. Asuka and Rei jump out of the car, laughing, and make their way to the entrance. As they reach the enterance, the door opens and out strolls Kaoru followed by Shinji.

Kaoru grins as he sees the couple and walks up to Rei. Lifting her chin in his hand, he plants a deep kiss on her lips. Rei's eyes close and she drops the case that she was carrying. Diving to catch it before it hits the ground, Asuka brings them back to reality: " Dumpkoff! He'll kill us if anything happens to this case!"

Rei pulls away from Kaoru, smiling shyly: " Sorry Asuka. Lost my head for a second." She turns to greet the other guy present, " Hey Shinji!" Shinji grins and gives a sort of wave in her direction, Kaoru, on the other hand hugs her tightly. " Missed you wondergirl." Rei smiles, smothered by her boyfriend, " I missed you too K-Chan. But right now Asuka and I hafta get this case to Gendo, or we're in deep shit."

Asuka watches Shinji, discreetly, out of the corner of her eye. After a moment she works up the courage to speak to him: " Ummm.. Hi Shinji...w-w-watcha doin?". Shinji smiles shyly at her, " N-N-Nothin. Me and K-K-K-Kaoru had some business to t-t-t-t-take care of, then I....was just gonna hang out for the rest of the day." She nods, turning slowly to try and hide her blush. " Y-yyy-yeah, ummmm, I'll see ya later then. Gotta go give the case to Gendo. Ya know?" With that she trots to catch up with Rei who had entered the base, sick of waiting for Asuka.

" Hey! Why didn't ya wait for me?" Asuka asks as she catches up to her friend. Rei just gives her a mysterious smile and continues onwards to Gendo's office. Asuka, having seen that smile before gets a bit worried, " What's with the smile? You're thinking something. Tell me!" Rei stops a few feet in front of Gendo's door, " Were you gonna ask Shinji to do something with you today?" Asuka blushed, " Well...maybe. I mean if he wasn't doin nuthin, well...then...umm I guess." Rei just shakes her head and knocks on Gendo's door.

The brown oak door opens, and the couple enter the anteroom. Maya and Ritsuiko are in the room, Ritsuiko on the phone arguing with someone, and Maya smiling cheerfully form behind her desk. " Hey guys. Whats up?". Asuka and Rei nod at her, " Is big man in Maya? We've come with his special delivery." Rei says, gesturing to the case that Asuka is holding. Maya nods, but calls to them as they start towards the door, " He's in with some people right now. Why don't ya hang back for a sec." Asuka nods, and Rei goes and sits on Ritsuiko's desk.

" Listen...I don't give a...hold on a sec." Ritsuiko looks up to Rei and smiles., " Hey Rei, how's life?" Rei shrugs as she replies, " Cool I guess. Nothing big going on." Ritsuiko gives her a sly smile,
" That's not what I heard. I hear some stuff about you and Kaoru." Rei's face turns bright red and she glares at Ritsuiko, " What?! Where did ya hear that?" It's Ritsuiko's turn to shrug and she grins, " I don't know. Someplace." Rei continues to steam, " Well it ain't suppsed to be pub..." Ritsuiko cuts her off, " Hey my name's Bennet and I ain't in it!" Rei grumbles and walks away from Ritsuiko, " What the hell did ya ask me for then?"

Asuka and Maya giggle uncontrollably as Rei stalks over to a chair and sits down heavily. After what seems like an eternity, the door to Gendo's office opens and out stroll two fine specimens of the human race.

Misato and Kaji stand, glaring at Asuka and Rei. The two parties have cut each other off and neither wants to give ground. Finally Misato breaks the silence, " Wanna get out of our way friend?", Rei sneers and shoots back quickly, " We ain't your friends, and we ain't moving."

Misato's face gets red, and steams starts to shoot from her ears. Just before the situation can explode, however, a voice emerges from the darkness that is Gendo's office, " Shoryou, Ayanami, in here now please."

Asuka and Rei nod, and then nudge their way past Misato and Kaji. As Asuka walks past, Kaji runs his hand lightly along her inner thigh. She glances at him for a moment ready to knock the smirk off of his face. As she reaches into her waist for her 9mm, Rei grabs her and drags her into the ofice. " Let 'em go baka! Ikari'll kill us."

" That is an astute observation Ayanami. Do you have what I sent you for?" Gendo asks, sitting behind his desk impassively, hands forming a bridge above his nose. Rei nods, and Asuka steps forward placing the briefcase on his desk and opening it. A brilliant light shines out of the case, and, for an instant, Gendo seems to be smiling.

" Excellent. Ayanami you are dismissed. Keep your phone on and don't wander to far from the city. I may need you in a few days time." Rei nods, and she and Asuka turn to leave. " Ah, Shoryou wait a moment please." Asuka stops short, and turns to face Gendo. Rei gives her an encouraging squeeze on her arm and exits the office.

" I'll get straight to the point. It has come to my attntion that there is a sort of mutual attraction betwen you and my son, Shinji." He raises a hand to silence her as she begins to protest. " Now now, no need to deny it. I become aware of all occurances within my base. Now to my point. Loyaly is a very important commodity to me. Shinji has displayed disloyal traits on a few occsoins now, and I think that he may need to be disciplined. As a test to your loyalty as well, I think this assignment wil fit you perfectly." Asuka cocks her head, confused. " Sir exactly what are you saying?"

" Simply this," Gendo's glasses glint strangely in the light from the brifcase. " I am selecting you to test Ikari's loyalty to myself and my operations. You may use any and all means necessary, and if he proves disloyal. I want him killed." Asuka staggered at that. The commander wnated her to kill his own son, the only man on the planet who had piqued her, her..interest for lack of a better word. She shook her head, " B-b-but sir, I can't , n-n-no..." She melted beneath the gaze of the elder Ikari. Finally she consented nodding sadly. " Yes sir."

"Good to hear. At 0700 hours tomorrow, Agent Ikari and yourself will go out on a routine training mission in the evas. In a remote location in the woods, there will be a malfunction in both evas and you will be forced to remain in the forest until help arrives. I hope you are prepared because it will be sometime before help can arrive, possibly a number of days. Do you understand Agent Shoryou?" Asuka nods slowly. " Dismissed." and he snaps the briefcase shut with an audible click. Asuka is jarred back to reality and she trudges sadly and angrily out of the office.

Rei is waiting for her in the hallway, " So what's the deal German Princess?" Asuka just sighed sadly and walked out of the hallway, heading for he parking lot.

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