Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Rewrite of Evangelion ❯ A Greater Fight ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
AS A NOTE TO NEW READERS WHO HAVE JUST GOT HERE: Episodes 2-6 are mostly the same as episodes... 2-6. There are deviations, some Rebuild stuff, and some new stuff, but that's how it goes. Episode 3 is functionally identical to how the show went, with the minor exception of the fact that Shamshel blows up completely, Eva-00 goes berserk, and one scene has been moved to episode 4.



Morning at Misato’s apartment building.
SE: birds

BGM START: C-4 [Waking up in the morning]

The dining room. The table has a breakfast on it.
SE: knock knock

Misato’s room. It is as filthy as the rest of the apartment.
A moment of silence, and then…
SE: knock knock

Shinji opens the fusama, looking apologetic.

He enters the bedroom.
Shinji “Misato-san… it’s time for breakfast…”
The futon wriggles as Misato turns about.
Misato “Ugh… I had a late night, so… will you please let me sleep?”

Shinji, standing in the doorway.
Shinji “Right. Sorry.”
He is about to shut the door when Misato suddenly speaks. Shinji stops.
Misato “Stop being so subservient! It’s okay!”
She looks a bit angry.

Shinji nods.
Shinji “Right.”
Misato (OFF) “Oh… and can you take the trash out please?”
Shinji nods again.
Shinji “Okay.”

The incinerators. Shinji drops a trash bag in.

He walks down a crowded street, listening to music.
He’s not really paying attention to anyone.

Shinji enters the classroom.

Hikari looks up.
Hikari “Oh! Ikari-kun.”

She approaches him quickly.
Hikari “Are you getting used to the school?”
She seems genuinely concerned.

Shinji “Yes, I suppose.”
He tries to smile.

Hikari smiles.
Hikari “Okay, good. If you need anything…”

She looks towards an empty desk.
She sighs.
Shinji (OFF) “Okay, Class Rep.”

She walks away.
Shinji sits down, looking around the class.

One boy plays a “guitar” while two more watch.
Misato (OFF) “I’m worried, Rits-chan.”

Two boys lean over a manga.
Misato (OFF) “He has a cell phone, but no one ever calls him.”

Three girls lean in around each other, gossiping.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Maybe Shinji just doesn’t make friends easily.”

A boy and a girl compare homework together.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Have you heard of…”

Two girls mess with each other’s hair.
Ritsuko (OFF) “‘The Hedgehog’s Dilemma’?”

Misato sits at the table, talking on the phone.
Misato “The what?”

Ritsuko at her desk, typing something while talking.
Ritsuko “The Hedgehog’s Dilemma. The closer you get, the more you hurt each other. Like hedgehogs, huddling together for warmth.”

Misato sighs.
Misato “That does sound like him… So… he’s just staying away from people so he doesn’t have to get hurt?”
Ritsuko (OFF - PHONE) “Yes.”

Ritsuko’s computer. It displays a profile for Shinji.
Ritsuko “Can you really blame him? His mother died, he was separated from his father…”

Shinji sitting at his desk, staring at someone.
Ritsuko (OFF) “He doesn’t want to get close to people because of it.”

Shinji is staring at Rei.
Misato (OFF) “Yes, I suppose so.

Rei looks out the window. She is heavily bandaged.
Misato (OFF) “I just feel bad for him, you know?”

Shinji finally sits down at his desk.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Of course… you are taking care of him, after all.”

An old teacher enters the room.
Hikari (OFF) “Rise!”

Everyone stands up.
Hikari “Bow! Sit!”
The students follow directions.
The teacher begins to speak.


Text: “Episode #03: A Greater Fight”

A close-up of Shinji emerges, an intense light coming from overhead. He glances up, expressionless. The lighting stabilizes and finally settles down.

Shinji, inside Eva's entry plug.
Ritsuko (OFF - RADIO) “Good morning, Shinji-kun. How are you?”
SE: Cockpit interior sound (fade-in)
His words are disinterested in tone.
Shinji “I'm getting used to it. I guess it’s okay.”
Ritsuko (OFF - RADIO) “That's good. Have you memorized all of the Eva launch points, power sources, armament locations, and recovery spots?”
Shinji “I think so.”
Ritsuko (OFF - RADIO) “Then, let's review one more time.”

A close-up of the Eva's power outlet is inserted here.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Normally, the Eva runs off electricity supplied by a power cable.”

Ritsuko (OFF) “In emergencies, it can switch to an internal battery no more than five minutes of power. This is all the power we can store using clean energy. Do you understand?”
Shinji “Yes…”
Ritsuko (OFF - radio) “Then we’ll start from where we were yesterday. Initiate Induction Mode.”

A counter begins counting down from 5:00:00. Meanwhile, the monitor's color changes.
SE: startup sound

Eva abruptly readies its pallet gun.
SE: cocking of gun

Eva stands in the middle of a group of pure white buildings. The Angel faces it.
SE: Countdown sound against background noise

Level Meter, the bios move in response to Ritsuko's voice.
Ritsuko (OFF - radio) “Position the target in the center…”

Eva display. The mark moves around, slowly lining up.
Ritsuko (OFF - radio) “…then pull the switch!”

Shinji pulling the grip trigger UP (with little force).

As quick as a flash, it fires.

The shots go over the target.

Shinji's right eye UP. The target is reflected on his pupil.
Ritsuko (OFF - radio) “Slow down. Position the target in the center.”
Shinji whispers in a monotone voice.
Shinji “Switch.” (bleed)

He pulls the trigger.

Eva fires.

On the monitor screen, the Angel takes a direct hit and collapses, exploding.

It reflects on the Eva.
Ritsuko (OFF - SP) “…Again.”

Ritsuko watches below, the reflection of the monitor in her eyes. The light of the explosion reflects on her two times.

Ritsuko and Ibuki in the dim monitor room. Eva outside the window in a large hall, leveling its rifle at a different target. Cords for measurement are attached all over the body.
SE: Firing sound
SE: Sound of electronic machinery

It is not actually on a street lined with large buildings. In the stark, giant hall without the sound of the gun or explosions, only the sounds of footsteps and movement resound.

Ritsuko and Ibuki monitoring Eva. Ibuki looks at Ritsuko.
SE: Continuous explosion sounds, movement of electronic machinery sounds (explosion sounds at the beginning of the cut)
Ibuki “I wonder why Shinji-kun is still piloting it, sempai.”
Ritsuko “He just follows the orders he’s given, by anyone who outranks him. That's his secret to surviving in life …”

Ritsuko in front, Misato further in. She looks at the monitor with her arms crossed.
Ritsuko “…isn't it?”

A dubious Misato glances up.
Misato “…”

Shinji super-UP.
His speech is subdued and lethargic.
The light from the explosions reflects on him.
SE: Sounds of continuous firing and explosions
Shinji “Target in the center, pull the switch.” (three times)

Shinji's words are like that of an automatic machine. He pulls the trigger.

Close-up of that. His index finger pulls the trigger with a bit of force. The screen goes dark.


Perspective of a camera finder. The focus is on a plastic model.
Kensuke (OFF) “(Engine Sounds) “GYUOOO~~N DA-DA-DA-DA-DODODON.”
He moves the plastic model. When he brings it down, there is somebody further in.

Kensuke takes his eye away from the camera and looks up.
Kensuke “What's up, Class Rep?”

Kensuke across from a girl in pigtails. A class rep on a mission.
Hikari “…Did you give him yesterday's homework?”
Kensuke becomes nervous.
Kensuke “What? Um…”

Hastily tries to hide printout in class desk. He pushes it two times.
Kensuke (OFF) “Well…”

Kensuke abruptly sits hunched over to conceal the stuff in his desk.
Kensuke “No, there didn't seem to be anybody at Toji's house.”
Hikari “Aida-kun, you two are friends, and he’s been absent a lot. Aren’t you worried?”

Shinji, with Kensuke in front.
Kensuke (from behind) “Maybe he’s been seriously injured?”
Hikari (OFF) “In the robot thing? The news said that nobody was hurt.”
Kensuke “No way. You saw the explosion site at Mt. Takanosu, didn't you?”

Beyond the mountains, a giant crater. All of the trees are burnt and leveled.
Kensuke (OFF) “Iruma, Komatsu, Misawa and Kyushu were all dispatched. I'm sure there were more than 10 or 20 people injured. Even some killed…”

Toji opens the classroom door vigorously. His brow is wrinkled in anger.

Both are taken by surprise. Hikari goes slightly red.
Kensuke “…… Toji.”
Hikari “Suzuhara…”

Toji throws his bag on the desk.

Shot from below. Toji surveys the classroom.
Toji “Wow, has the class population dropped or what?”

Toji sits on the desk. Kensuke speaks in a light manner while peering into his camera.
Kensuke “They've been evacuated. Or transferred to other schools.”

The classroom is sparsely occupied. The desks of the students who left are in the foreground.
Kensuke “After all, no one wants to stay after that last battle inside the city.”
Toji “Yeah, you're probably the only one who's actually enjoyin' the chance to see a real war.”
Kensuke “I suppose so. So where have you been, Toji? You were gone for so long.”

While looking into his camera, Kensuke turns his head to look at Toji. He speaks in jest.
Kensuke “Did you get caught in the crossfire or something?”

Camera's point of view. Toji, his face intense.
Toji “My kid sister did.”

Kensuke removes the camera, his reaction serious.

Toji's legs.
Toji (OFF) “My kid sister… was crushed beneath a pile of debris… She survived, but she's been in the hospital ever since. Both my pop and gramps work at the lab, and there's no way they can leave their posts right now. So, if I ain't with her, she's all alone at the hospital.”

Toji has a glaring expression. Kensuke blinks.
Toji “Man, that robot's pilot was plain awful! I'm pissed! He just managed to wreck the city!”
Kensuke leans forward and whispers.
Kensuke “Speaking of which, did you hear the rumor about the transfer student?”
Toji “Transfer student?”
He points with his chin to a suspicious Toji as he speaks.
Kensuke “Him, over there.”

Shinji from behind, looking as if he's reading.

Kensuke and Toji, with Shinji in front.
Kensuke “He transferred here… right after the incident. Bit fishy, don’t’ you think?”
SE: Sound of door opening

Corridor. The 2-A doorplate. Hikari's voice resounds.
Hikari (OFF) “Stand!”
SE: Sounds of students moving and chairs pulled back

A passage.
Old Teacher “Ahh… And so, humankind was about to face its greatest trial.”

A classroom that is in disuse. Light shining in from outside the window.
Old Teacher “In the last year of the 20th century, the massive meteor from space slammed into the continent of Antarctica. The continent of ice was melted instantaneously.”

The old man speaks in front of a blackboard lined with mathematic formulas.
Old Teacher “The water level of the oceans rose, the Earth was thrown off its axis, and abnormal weather patterns throughout the world threatened the lives of all living things.”

The students are all bored, as if they're thinking, “Not again.”
Old Teacher “Thousands of species and half of the human population were lost forever. That was the so-called 'Second Impact'.”

Shinji seems to be uninterested and ignoring things. Shinji gets a call sound on his laptop computer.
Old Teacher “…Economic collapse, ethnic conflicts, civil wars… Those who survived them still faced every possible hell.”

On the monitor, CALL flashes on and off.

Shinji stealthily pushes the switch.

The CALL sign vanishes on the monitor.
Text: “Is it true that you're the robot's pilot?”
Old Teacher “However, it has been fifteen years since then.”

Shinji mega-UP. His face rises as he blinks, startled.

Shinji's back becomes stiff. He pauses, and then looks around for the sender. He faces the direction of the camera and notices something.
Old Teacher “In only fifteen years, we were able to restore ourselves.”

Two girls behind Shinji chat as they look in his direction. One lightly waves her hand while the other uses her personal computer.
SE: Faint sounds of movement
Old Teacher “This is certainly proof of the human race's resilience, but even more so, it is the fruit of the blood, sweat and tears your fathers and mothers have dedicated to this cause.”

Text: “It’s true, isn’t it? Y/N”

Shinji front UP. At the end of the cut, he thinks “Hmm…”, then faces his keyboard.

The cursor moves as Y-e-s appears letter-by-letter. At the cut's end, a Return Mark appears.
SE: Key-touch sounds

Panoramic view of the classroom. Everyone continues as normal, although Kensuke types rapidly on the computer.

The old teacher goes into his own little world.
Old Teacher (from behind) “At the time, I lived in Nebukawa. But now it's at the bottom of the sea…”

The camera pans the classroom twice, Shinji’s perspective.
The two girls wave and giggle again.

Rei stares out the window, apparently ignoring everything.

Shinji sits awkwardly.
Shinji (MONO) “I wonder who sent me that message, then…”

Text: “What’s the name of the robot?”

Shinji blinks.

Kensuke sits dubiously at his keyboard. He types every now and again.
Kensuke (MONO) “What’s the ultimate attack? A knife? Do you know what it’s called? A Prog Knife, huh? Weird… You’re so awesome.”
SE: Chime for the end of school

The teacher.
SE: Chime
Old Teacher “And consequently…”
He notices the chime and turns around.
Old Teacher “Ah.”

Everyone rises and bows, and begins gathering their things. Shinji sits there still, confused.

Toji looks over at Kensuke.
Toji (MONO) “That look on his face… he knows who it is…”


Gymnasium. The sun reflects off the glass.
SE (OFF): Sound of face being hit

Shinji falls back violently.

A clenched fist, quivering. Kensuke looks on with a face that says, “That's gotta hurt.”

In pain, Shinji gets up.
Shinji “Ugh…”

Toji looking down, resembling Bunta Sugawara. His eyes are narrowed and he is deliberating putting on an air of calmness.
Toji “Sorry, transferee, but I've gotta beat you up! I won't feel right until I've smacked you.”

Shinji averts his eyes.
SE: Footsteps walking away
He looks up.

Shinji's point of view.
About to depart, Kensuke leans forward into the foreground.
Kensuke “Sorry. His little sister was injured in that last battle, so he’s a bit angry.”

Shinji's mouth UP. He appears to have a nosebleed. We can't see the expression of his eyes.
Shinji “…I'm not piloting it by choice.”

Toji comes to a halt. Kensuke stops, thinking, “I knew it.”
Toji slowly turns around and pushes Kensuke aside, walking with quick, brisk steps.
He leans over in front of the camera.

Toji grabs Shinji by the collar and lifts him up.

Toji glaring at Shinji, super-UP.

Quick turn, super-UP. Shinji averting his eyes.

At the end of the cut, Toji's rage deepens.

Three people seen from inside the gymnasium window. Toji punches Shinji, knocking him down. Toji and Kensuke walk away, leaving Shinji there collapsed.

From Shinji's viewpoint; the clouds move slowly.
SE <Footsteps

Shinji looks in the direction of the sound. A girl's feet are in the foreground.

Shinji's viewpoint. Rei stands there, expressionless as always.

Disconcerted, Shinji wipes his bloody nose.
Rei looks down at him.
At the end of the cut, Shinji glances at Rei.

Rei “An Angel attack. Come.”
She leaves.

Rei running off. Shinji, further in.
Shinji is left behind, alone. Slowly, he gets up.
A pause, and then.
SE: Alarm siren

Panoramic view of Tokyo 3 from the school. The siren and announcement echo throughout.
Female Announcer (OFF) “A special state of emergency has been declared for the entire Kanto-Chubu region. Please take refuge in your designated shelter immediately. Repeating…”

In the light blue shimmer of hot air, the polarized silhouette of something can be seen.
SE: Ultralow sounds, faint

Seen from a great distance, a close-up of the Angel, glowing red and purple over the red waters.



Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 3: A Transfer”

A fishing harbor in the vicinity of Manazuru. Beyond a lighthouse, the Angel passes through at an ultra-low altitude with incredible speed.
SE: Siren

The monitor fills the screen. The Angel advances in the air above a forest, the Angel mask staring up at the crew.
SE: Command Center
Aoba (OFF) “This Angel’s even uglier than the last one.”

Command Center. Misato intrepidly gazes at the Angel in the front monitor.
Misato “It's a lot sooner than we’d hoped, too.”

Misato in front of Hyuga. They speak rather nonchalantly.
Hyuga “The last time they gave us a fifteen year break. This time it's been only three weeks.”
Misato “I guess they don’t care about what’s convenient for us”

Misato and Hyuga in silhouette; Shamshel in the monitor beyond them.
Misato (backside) “They're the type we women hate the most.”

On Misato’s other side Ibuki.
Ibuki (backside) “The committee demands that we dispatch the Evangelion again.”
Misato (further in) glances at her when she talks.
Misato “Those interfering idiots.”

Misato side UP. There is a cold air to her; she doesn't bluff.
Misato “Of course we’re going to sortie!”

Eva-01's plug rotates and becomes fixed in place.

The crane disengages. The plug cover comes down.
Woman A (OFF - Speakers) “Entry commencing.”

Inside the entry plug. The LCL becomes clear with an electric charge. Shinji appears as if he were sleeping.
Ibuki (radio) “LCL electrified.”
Operator (radio) “Pressurized lock released.”
His eyes open slightly.
Shinji (MONO) “Why am I piloting this thing again, even though my father's not here?”

(Insert Toji censuring Shinji.)

His expression changes subtly.
Shinji “Even though I got beat up?”

An edgy Toji (glaring at the ceiling and straining his ears). The roar of cannons above ground sends a tremor throughout.
SE: Refugee chatter (students in front)

Toji, barefooted, is impudently making himself at home. At his side, Kensuke is in an unsettled state. He flickers sideways glances at Toji as he waits for his chance.
Finally, his mind made up, he draws his face towards Toji.
Kensuke “Hey, I need to talk to you, alone.”
Toji “What for?”
He draws near again.
Kensuke “Just trust me, okay?”
Toji “Well, okay.”

Hikari chattering with a girl friend.
Toji (OFF) “Class Rep.”
She turns, smiling.
Hikari “What?”

Hikari (in front), Toji with an amazingly haughty air. Kensuke is apologetic.
Toji “(immodestly) We both hafta use the john.”

Hikari looks disappointed.
Hikari “Come on, you were supposed to go earlier!”

The camera pans continuously across an uninterrupted row of urinals.
Toji (OFF) “So, what is it?”
Kensuke (OFF) “I have to see it, I have to!”
Toji (OFF) “The battle up there?”
Kensuke (OFF) “Nobody knows when or if the enemy will come again!”
Toji (OFF) “Kensuke, are you serious?”
Kensuke (like an officer) (OFF) “If we let this opportunity escape us, we may lose it forever!” (speaks normally) “Please, help me get out the gate.”
Toji (OFF) “But you'll get killed if you go out there.”
Kensuke (OFF) “We might get killed if we stay here. If I could be killed anyway, I'd rather see it first.”
Toji (OFF) “Idiot. Nerv is protecting us.”
Kensuke (OFF) “And what is Nerv's most important weapon? It's the robot the new kid pilots. He protected us last time, but you hit him pretty hard. Twice!”
Toji “Uh…”
Kensuke “If he refuses to pilot the robot, we're all going to die.”
Toji “…”
Kensuke's final words are as feigned as they are contrived.
Kensuke “Don't you have a duty to watch him fight?”
As Toji speaks, he straightens up and dries himself off.
Toji “Ah, whatever.”

Toji, has fallen into Kensuke's trap. He knows that Kensuke's words are just a means to an end, but if that's what he wants to do, Toji figures he'll be a good sport and try to go along with it.
Toji “But you do realize we’re risking death?”

Kensuke nods, even more excited.


Shinji inside the entry plug.
SE: Call sound
Misato (OFF) “Child One, are you ready to head out?”
Shinji “…Yes.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Listen to me. Let Pilot Zero neutralize the enemy's A.T. Field, then fire a volley from the pallet gun. You’ll be fine.”
Shinji “Right.”

Misato side UP.
Misato “Launch!”


The locks on Eva-01's feet release!

Eva-01 shoots up.

Eva ascends.

The locks on Eva-00’s feet release.

Eva-00 suddenly roars and jumps off of the launch pad before it can be sent upwards.

The dugout gate is left ajar.
SE: Outdoor sounds (mountains and forest)

A flight of stone steps going up to a mountainside jinja (Shinto shrine). Two people race up them as fast as they can.

Kensuke runs up, holding his camera. Toji follows close behind. The jinja and its torii (shrine archway) are further in.

The Angel, shining red, emerges from behind a building.

The Angel, hidden behind buildings. It transforms into its battle form. The orientation of its head stays the same, while its left and right appendages spread out to the sides. Its 'legs' continue scuttling.

Toji cowers at the sight of the grotesque Angel. Kensuke, on the other hand, is in high spirits.
Toji “…”
Kensuke “Awesome! This was worth it! Oh, this is what I've been waiting for!”

Lift Building. Lock bolts on the rooftop rise up.
A warning sound rings out.

The base of the lift building. The warning lights on the ground turn on. Running along rails on the four corners, cylindrical guides rush up with great force. (The screen shakes.) When the screen shake ends, the lock bolts sink into place.

The shutter on the building's front surface opens and Eva Unit 01 appears, equipped with a pallet gun.

The two are completely awestruck.
Kensuke “It's here.”

Eva UP.

Misato “Shinji-kun, there’s been a slight problem… Eva-00 won’t be joining you for this battle.”

In the background, Nerv technicians, Ritsuko, and Ikari are all gathered around something, working desperately.

Misato “But you’ll be just fine. Just go through what we’ve talked about.”

Shinji’s eyes, wide with fright.

Shinji “Misato-san… I don’t think-”

Misato “Now. We don’t have any other choice. Just do it.”

(flashback) Shinji holding Rei in his arms.

Shinji “Is she going to be okay?”
Misato (OFF) “Shinji-kun!”

Misato “We don’t have time for this!”

Shinji's mouth UP. He mutters to himself, although we can't hear him too well.
Shinji “Target in the center, pull the switch. Target in the center, pull the switch…”
Ibuki (OFF - radio) “A.T. Field deployed.”
Misato “Do it just as planned, alright, Shinji-kun?”
Shinji “Right.”
After he speaks, he moves slightly.

At the start of the cut, Eva nimbly rushes to the side.

Eva draws out the gun and starts firing.

Eva (in front) and the Angel.
The Angel is soon engulfed by gunfire.

Shinji continues to squeeze the trigger frantically.
Shinji “Come on… please….”

Eva and the Angel (an antenna in front). The Angel is hit by gunfire.

Eva continues to attack. The Angel is still hidden by the barrage.
SE: explosions

Misato “Idiot! The enemy's covered in smoke from the explosions!”

At the end of the cut, Eva ceases the attack.

Shinji breathes heavily.

Eva in front, slowly trailing smoke further in.

The Angel in the smoke. The Angel mask lights up slowly for a moment.

A close-up of the mask.
It goes dark.

With great speed, whips of light fly out, swinging.

A surprised Shinji.
Shinji “!?”

A narrow escape!
It drops its hips to avoid the whips of light, but the pallet gun is cut straight in half. Further in, the lift building, sliced through, starts to collapse.

Toji and Kensuke watch the battle. Kensuke holds his camera steady.
Toji “What the hell?! He's already losing!”
Kensuke “It's all right.”

Misato leaning in front of Hyuga.
Misato “I'm sending you a spare rifle.”

An armored building's shutter opens.
A spare pallet gun lies within.
Misato (OFF - RADIO) “Take it.”


His hand shakes, clasping the grip rigidly. Beyond that, the “Take the gun” siren flashes on and off.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji-kun? … Shinji-kun?”

Kensuke's video screen. Eva is still down, motionless.
SE: VTR activation sound
Kensuke (OFF) “Oh, man!”

Kensuke “Being beaten up must have really messed him up.”
Toji is a little agitated.
Toji “Sh…shut up!”



Shinji freaking out UP.
Shinji “Ah… Ah…”

Eva in front; the Angel draws near. Its glowing whips undulate with great speed.

The Angel. The glowing whips fly into the foreground.

Bird's-eye view of Eva. It is still on the road, petrified with fright. Disconcerted, it flees. At the end of the cut, the whips of light enter grandiosely from the foreground.

Clouds of dust rise up before the Angel. Eva escapes in haste. The whips of light flail about.

Buildings are cut apart. Clouds of dust are quickly raised, and the Eva is sent flying.

Eva crashes into an armored building. Debris comes down onto it.

The whips of light demolish a building and send Eva through the debris.

Within the smoke and debris, the severed cable sparks intermittently.

Inside the entry plug. The Remaining Energy display commences countdown. A hysteric warning sound. Shinji is scared.

Command Center. Misato in front of a giant backwards-counting clock.
Aoba (OFF) “The Umbilical Cable has been severed!”
Woman 1 (OFF) “Field down by 0.2.”

Misato from above.
Hyuga (OFF) “Eva has switched over to internal power.”
Ibuki (OFF) “4 minutes, 53 seconds of activation remaining.”

Smashed cars, street light, etc. The concentric outlet, crashed into the side of a building.

Eva props a hand on a building and rises.

A ground-hugging tentacle comes after it.

It twines around Eva's foot.

Shinji is dragged down.

Beyond the buildings, Eva is dragged down. The Angel flings it.

Toji and Kensuke on the hillside (in front); Eva comes flying toward them.
Kensuke (backside) “It's coming this way!”

The duo from above. Their features become incredibly warped with fright. Both scream.

An everyday vista. A giant humanoid figure comes down with a whomp.

Inside the entry plug, Shinji is limp. Warning sounds are heard along with Misato's voice.
SE: All kinds of warning sounds
Misato (OFF - radio) “Shinji-kun. Can you get up? Shinji-kun! (to Hyuga) Damage report?”
Hyuga (OFF - radio) “No problems detected. He can make it.”
Shinji gets up and notices the monitor.

Shinji's head in front; Eva's hand onscreen. Human figures in the gap between its fingers.

Close-up of that. Between the fingers, Toji and Kensuke cover their heads, trembling.

Tears in their eyes, Toji and Kensuke finally raise their heads. They look up at the Evangelion.

The two looking up.

Shinji looks down at them in horror at what almost happened.

ID data for both of them appears.

Misato and Ritsuko behind the sidescreen.
Misato “Shinji-kun's classmates?”
Ritsuko “What are they doing there?”

Quivering, the two boys look up. The sudden appearance of a shadow surprises them.

The Angel floats in the air above the Eva.

The whips of light heat up and extend sharply into the foreground.

Eva lifts its left hand, cutting in front of the duo. Clod and dust are whirled up.

Eva undertakes the whips of light with its bare hands, seizing them fast.

Shinji bears with it.
SE: Warning sound

Eva holds out as its palms are roasted.

The whips wriggle, burning the palms.

The two remain paralyzed with fright. Kensuke speaks with a questioning nuance.
Toji “Why doesn't he fight?”

Kensuke “He can't move freely because of us!”

Countdown clock UP.
Ibuki (OFF) “Eva-01 activation time remaining…”

Misato with her lips tightly pursed. She is making a decision.
Ibuki (OFF) “… 3 minutes, 28 seconds.”

Eva's hands grasping the whips, steadily being melted.

Shinji bears it out. The two people at his feet are what he's worried about.
SE: Warning sounds
He turns to Misato's voice.
Misato (OFF - RADIO) “Shinji-kun, let the two of them…”

Misato (OFF – RADIO) “…into the cockpit!”
Beyond the lever, Toji and Kensuke are magnified on the screen.

Shinji reacts with surprise to Misato's words.

Ritsuko and Ibuki in mute amazement.
Misato (OFF) “Once you've got them, make a temporary retreat. We'll regroup!”
Ritsuko takes intensive action, stepping forward hysterically.
Ritsuko “What makes you think you can let civilians into the entry plug without authorization?!”

Misato looks over her shoulder, composed.
Misato “I'm authorizing it.”

Ritsuko draws in her chin and speaks firmly.
Ritsuko “You're exceeding your authority, Captain Katsuragi!”

The Command Center is tense. Misato and Ritsuko glare at each other. All is silent save for Ibuki's voice.
Ibuki (OFF) “EVA-01's remaining activation time, three minutes.”
Misato faces the front and speaks to Hyuga.
Misato “Hold Eva on the current commands and eject the entry plug. Hurry.”

Shinji inside the entry plug.
The single pilot lamp is left in total darkness.

Toji and Kensuke in front.
The entry plug is ejected.

Misato (OFF - SPEAKERS) “You two, get in! Quickly!”

The pilot lamp is alone in the sheer darkness. The sounds of two people jumping in.
Toji (coughing) “What the… It's water?”
Kensuke “(coughing) My camera! My camera's…!?”
The lights turn on. Both of them have pained and surprised expressions as they hold their breath.

The Angel is on-screen (and Shinji before it); Kensuke and Toji in front. Static on the screen.

Shinji. The screen beyond him is jumbled with noise.

Toji and Kensuke are still frozen with shock.
Ibuki (OFF) “An abnormality has occurred in the nerve system.”

Monitor. The display shows the abnormality in Eva.
Ritsuko (OFF) “It's due to the incorporation of two foreign bodies.”

Ibuki and Ritsuko, the display super-imposed in front.
Ritsuko “Noise is getting mixed into the nerve pulses.”

Eva's left hand. As the suit burns away, the bare hand becomes visible.

Shinji straining and whimpering.
SE: Warning sounds

Eva pulls on the Angel's whips and chucks her away.



Misato leaning forward.
Misato “Now! Retreat!”


Slouching, Eva gets up.

Toji holds onto the interior. Shinji has his head down.
Misato (OFF - radio) “Recovery route 34, retreat to the east side of the mountain.”
Toji (talking over the second half of Misato's line) “New kid… She said, 'Retreat'.”

Shinji side UP.
Toji (OFF) “New kid!”
Shinji “I can do this… I can do this!”
He raises his face, revealing his languishing expression.
Shinji “…I hope…”

Shoulder plate. It opens up and the Progressive Knife emerges from within.

Misato says nothing.
Hyuga (OFF) “Progressive Knife engaged!”

Eva extracts the knife and comes to the ready, back hunched.

A battered hand holding the knife UP.

Shinji UP.
Misato (OFF - radio) “Shinji-kun, obey my command. Retreat!”

The energy display. Less than one minute remains.
Misato (OFF - radio) “Shinji-kun!”

Shinji screams.

In a single dash, Eva starts sliding down the slope.

Eva goes towards the Angel.

Misato is disgusted.
Misato “That idiot.”

Eva rushes down the slope.

Eva side UP.

The Angel draws near, its whips buzzing

The whips pierce through Eva's abdomen. They melt the armor plating instantly.

The charge halted, the Eva's body stretches out.
SE: Sound of creaking metal and straining muscle

Eva stopped dead in its tracks. The whips that had pierced it wriggle about. Eva sinks down, as if all its strength has been spent.

Everyone in the Command Center. All except Misato have faces of shock.

Shinji lets out a vigorous scream (half-crazed). He leans forward, tears flying, screaming.

As if tracing his movement, Eva dynamically thrusts the progressive knife up from below.

It thrusts into Shamshel's core from below. The blade oscillates and sends sparks scattering.

Inside the entry plug, Shinji pushes on the lever as he screams.
SE: Warning and grating sounds

Closeup of Shinji's hands pushing on the lever.

The Progressive Knife digs into the core. Sparks scatter.

Shinji continues to scream.

Ibuki speaks as she looks at the monitor at her fingertips…
Ibuki “EVA-01's remaining operation time is…”

Ibuki (OFF) “…30 seconds.”
Digital countdown.

Misato sternly looks at the countdown screen.
Ibuki continues her countdown.

Toji and Kensuke are shocked speechless by Shinji's screaming frenzy.

Eva UP. It is showered by sparks.

Eva's backside, pierced through by the tentacles.

Kensuke and Toji cling to the plug. Beyond them, the entire screen fills with noise.

Shinji with his face down, still screaming.

Eva, pierced by the tentacles. Sparks fly from the Angel’s core.

The light of the core flickers on and off.

Eva UP. It is showered by sparks.

Cracks finally form. The core's light weakens, and then turns grey. The Progressive Knife stops.

The Angel explodes into blood, splattering the Eva and the countryside.

Inside the entry plug, the power shuts down. Shinji is still clutching the lever and drooping his head. The monitors inside the plug vanish, revealing the metal plates behind them.


Command Center. The clock remains stopped at 0.
Ibuki (OFF) “Eva Unit 01 has reached the operational limit.”
Hyuga (OFF) “The target is completely silent.”

Misato continues to glare at the screen.

The faint light of reserve power. His hands, still grasping the lever. An indistinct sound.

Toji and Kensuke say nothing.
Shinji whimpers.

Shinji's shoulders tremble. Toji's point of view.

Toji's face is cheerless.
Shinji sobs.

Eva and the Angel's whips, still impaling the Eva, in the setting sun.

Text: “To be continued…”





Text: “Next Time”

Shinji, covering his ears, running.
Misato (OFF) “Unable to overcome his own feelings,”

Shinji’s empty bedroom, with a letter on the desk.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji runs away from Misato.”

Men approach a tent in the woods.
Misato (OFF) “But Nerv brings him back without hesitation.”

Misato yelling at a smiling Shinji.
Misato (OFF) “There were no kind words waiting for him.”

Kensuke, Toji, and Shinji sitting on a bench.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Isolation’.”