Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Sausages, It was a Tuesday ❯ Chapter 6

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Sausages, It was a Tuesday
By Lord Raa
Chapter 6
Disclaim-me-do: I find your lack of pants disturbing.
Sitting in her office after the test, Ritsuko was considering what the most appropriate form of revenge would be. Part of her wanted to introduce Gendo to the business end of a rusty saw blade. But as she read more of her mother's secret diary and she learned of how much effort Gendo was putting into Instrumentality, she was tempted to disrupt it.
When she used the MAGI's recently discovered feature to look at classified files, her decision was made for her.
“I will enjoy being a saboteur to that asshole's plans,” the blonde smiled evilly.
As she pretended to finish up her report, she began to code locks and blocks on the MAGI's higher functions. The MAGI would be able to easily bypass them if they were placed on only one or two of the units, however if they were placed on all three of them, then NERV would find itself unable to do much more advanced then keep the environmental controls for the Geo Front running.
And thanks to Ritsuko's access the MAGI would not know what to look for during their self diagnostics until it was too late.
Gendo sat in his office, looking at the latest results of synchronisation tests. “The Third Child's ratio is improving at an impressive rate.”
His second-in-command nodded. “It seems that Dr. Akagi's intervention has proven useful, if unexpected.”
“Yes, and that is what concerns me. The mental state of the Third Child is critical to the HIP,” Gendo said with his usual callous tone. “We may need to deal with Dr. Akagi's influence on the boy.”
“What are you thinking?” the older man asked.
“I see two options at this time…” Gendo said, placing the report on his desk.
Asuka was panicking over what Kaji had said to her about the state of Misato's apartment as she sat in the canteen.
While she was not a lazy girl, one does not graduate from university in their teens if they are improperly motivated, she saw domestic tasks as being below someone of her status as saviour of the world.
Such menial duties were the domain of those more suited to them than her. Like the Third Child, he was always good at that sort of thing. The fact that the lunch he made her today was tasty was sufficient proof of that.
A thought occurred to her. “Perhaps I can convince Shinji to tidy up that hovel for me.”
Ritsuko overheard the redhead's comments and frowned. `I'm not letting her treat Shinji like a slave.'
The blonde left the eating area silently, thinking the best way to get Shinji to stand up for himself, especially since that would upset Gendo's plans.
Shinji sat next to Rei, waiting for Ritsuko to finish her shift. He had started to like the blonde a lot more since she had allowed him to practice his cello and wasn't embarrassing him by parading around in front of him in her underwear.
`I wonder is she liked the lunch I made her?' he asked himself.
Rei was as quiet as she usually was as she sat beside her fellow pilot. The Commander had still not ordered a report on his son, but she felt that she should keep observing Shinji.
`Ikari-kun's disposition seems to have improved since his relocation. It is having a positive effect on his performance as a pilot,' the blue haired girl noted.
Shinji looked up at the girl sitting next to him. “Yes, Ayanami-san?”
“I wish to know if I can visit your new accommodation,” Rei answered. “This evening, if possible.”
“I-if you'd like to,” Shinji stammered.
“Do not be alarmed, Ikari-kun, I will not be conducting a search, like Captain Katsuragi,” Rei informed her fellow pilot, misreading his reaction.
“It's not that, Ayanami-san,” Shinji whined.
“Then why are you distressed?” Rei asked with her head cocked to the side.
“I'm not, it's just that a girl has asked to come over and see my home,” Shinji answered with a blush.
“I do not understand,” said Rei.
“This occurs as part of the courtship ritual,” Ritsuko said as she walked up to the pilots.
“I see,” Rei nodded in understanding. “I will defer my visit until a more suitable time then.”
“Are you ready to go home now, Ritsuko-san?” Shinji asked the fatigue audible in his voice. “I have to make lunch for tomorrow.”
“Yes, we can go now, Shinji-kun,” Ritsuko smiled. “We'll see you tomorrow, Rei.”
After Shinji had completed his self assigned chores, he began his cello practice. This time, he started playing Elgar's Cello Concerto.
Ritsuko wasn't familiar with this piece, unlike “Air on a G-string,” so she didn't notice many of the errors that Shinji made, but she assumed that he would improve with enough practice. The blonde moved to her computer to look at what else she could find out from “Gendo's Secret Files”.
Cursing the slow speed of her connection from the MAGI, Ritsuko began to wish that she hadn't tried to grab the files relating to Shinji's mother. But luckily, she was able to preview some of the data as it downloaded. She saw something that made her drop her coffee.
The sound of the shattering cup interrupted Shinji's playing. “Is something up, Ritsuko-san?”
Ritsuko didn't answer, instead switching the monitor off. She turned around to see Shinji walking towards her, concern clearly visible on his face.
“What is it?”
The blonde reached for her cigarettes, needed the nicotine to calm her nerves. After smoking half of it, she asked, “How do you feel about me?”
“Ritsuko-san?” Shinji blinked in confusion.
Ritsuko finished her cigarette before starting another. “Do you like me?”
“Yes, I do,” Shinji admitted with a light blush. “Why?”
“Do you trust me?” Ritsuko finished her last cigarette of the packet, before explaining her questioning further. “Do you think that I would try to hurt you?”
“No, I don't think you would,” Shinji said, hoping to avoid trouble.
“That's nice to know, Shinji.” Dr. Akagi smiled warmly at her roommate.
“Why are you asking me these questions,” Shinji asked as he fidgeted.
“I've got a dilemma, Shinji,” the blonde sighed.
Shinji frowned. “What is it? Is it bad?”
“It's about secrets.”
“Yes, Shinji. You see, I have to tell someone a big secret. I'm talking about colossal, life changing information. The problem is this: if I tell them, they'll be hurt. But if I don't and they find out, they'll be hurt, possibly more so.”
Ritsuko stood up, looking for more tobacco. “Plus if the secret got out, Shinji, there would be a lot more questions asked. Questions that certain people don't want asked.”
“Who were you thinking about telling?” Shinji asked.
Ritsuko sighed then walked over to her couch. “Sit next to me, Shinji,” she said as she patted the cushion next to her.
“This is about me, isn't it?”
“I'm afraid so.”
Shinji did as he was told, though his body moved like it was carrying diving weights.
“So then, Shinji, what do you want? The truth? And I do have evidence to back it up. Or do you want me to say nothing and hope that I don't get drunk enough to allow it to slip out?”
“I-I-I think I'd l-like to k-know,” the young Ikari finally managed to get out.
“I think that's the right choice,” the blonde nodded. “How do you feel about Rei?”
“What's Rei got to do with this? Is she in danger?”
“No. But if you think of her as one of your friends, then I think she should know this secret. I'll call her,” Ritsuko told the wide eyed pilot.
“Hello?” Rei answered her ringing phone. “Dr. Akagi, what can I do for you?”
“¬Rei, I need you to visit me and Shinji. It's very important that you come quickly. Do you know where I live?¬”
“I do. I will be there in approximately 15 minutes.”
Ritsuko ended the call with Rei and decided that she needed to get out of her work clothes.
“Shinji, I'll be in my room getting changed. Could you please prepare some tea for when Rei gets here?”
“Yes, Ritsuko-san.”
A few minutes later, Ritsuko exited from her room, wearing a pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt. She went to the kitchen and picked up a rag and dustpan & brush set.
Walking to where she'd dropped her coffee, she noticed that Shinji had leapt into action and already cleaned up the mess.
“Thanks, Shinji,” the blonde called out to the kitchen.
“You're welcome,” Shinji replied.
`He still feels obligated to clean up other people's mess,' Ritsuko noted as she shook her head.
The ringing doorbell alerted the doctor. “I'll get it, Shinji.”
Rei stood in the doorway looking as she normally did. “Dr. Akagi.”
“Rei, come in. I need to talk to you and Shinji about something very important.”
To be continued…
This short chapter was pre-read by Chi Vayne. In order to make up for the lack of length, I have decided to include some omake. I'd apologise for this, but I'm not really sorry for inflicting it on you.
Omake 1
Rei rang the doorbell to the scientist's apartment. She saw Ritsuko's head through the gap between the door and the jamb.
“Dr. Akagi?”
“Please come in quickly, Rei.”
Rei did as she was asked and was highly surprised to see the blonde woman dressed in a leather peep-hole bra and panties set.
“Have I come a bad time, Dr. Akagi?”
“Now, Rei. Lord Shinji ordered me to call you over,” Ritsuko said, her eyes cast towards the floor.
A loud thwack made the scantily clad woman jump. “OW!”
“Silence, slave. I did not give you permission to speak.”
Rei turned to the voice. “Ikari-kun?”
“Hello Rei. Would you like to join me in a little fun?” a smiling, Shinji wearing black knee length shorts and a plain white t-shirt asked.
“What did you have in mind?” Rei asked, still unsure of which way this situation was going to turn out.
“My slave has been naughty and must be punished,” Shinji punctuated his remark by bringing his riding crop down on Ritsuko's barely covered buttocks.
“I see. Ikari-kun, your technique is imperfect. Allow me to show you how to get the most out of this tool,” Rei smiled as she took the crop from Shinji's hand.
Another loud thwack and Ritsuko made a noise that was a combination of a yelp of pain and a moan pf pleasure.
“I see,” Shinji said, stroking his chin and nodding his head.
Omake 2
“Dr. Akagi, where is Ikari-kun?”
“He's in his room,” Ritsuko said sadly.
“Why is he there?”
“Because of his uncle Genma's martial arts training methods, he's petrified of Penny-chan here,” Ritsuko said as she took a drag on her cigarette.
“I do not understand, Ikari-kun does not have any mention of a martial arts background in his file,” said a puzzled Rei.
“He quit after that Neko-ken training. The strange thing is that Genma didn't want to put Shinji through it. His father insisted and offered the fat idiot a large some of money to torture poor Shinji.”
“If you knew that Ikari-kun was afraid of cats, why did you agree to be his guardian?”
“I thought he might start acting like one, like Ranma does. It's so cute when he curls up in my lap,” Ritsuko admitted with a blush.
Omake 3
Rei stood in the hallway in front of Ritsuko's apartment. She rang the doorbell.
“Rei,” the blonde greeted.
“I am dressed as you ordered,” Rei informed the woman.
The door opened for the blue haired pilot to enter.
The quiet girl was not surprised to have her trench coat taken from her as she stepped past the lab coat clad woman.
Rei noted that the air conditioning was on, though not at full blast.
“I've not got it as cold as you normally like it, Rei, for a good reason.”
“Can I assume that I will be joining you and Ikari-kun in your sex games, Dr. Akagi?”
“Yes you can, Rei,” Ritsuko said as she slapped Rei on the right butt cheek.
“Good. I have wanted to do the nasty with you and Ikari-kun since I used the NERV security system to spy on him in the shower. It is time for him to show Lilith just how much he has grown up,” Rei said with a lecherous grin.
Omake 4
“I am Ikari-kun's mother?” Rei asked.
“Yes Rei,” Ritsuko nodded.
“Does this mean that I can suckle Shinji-kun at my breast? My research tells me that it can be most pleasurable,” Rei asked with the hint of a smile.
Ritsuko was stunned into silence by Rei's request.
“If not, then perhaps I can make sure Shinji-kun is properly cleansed?” Rei stood up and left for the bathroom. “How is mama's dirty little boy?”
In the bathtub, Shinji shivered despite the hot water.
“Why do I have this feeling of dread in my stomach?” he asked the walls.
Until laterer comes.