Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness Memories Cain's past ❯ The case is solved, and now? ( Chapter 4 )

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Darkness memories

Chapter 4 The case is solved, and now?

"Where were you?" Asked intrigued Cain

"Just feeding myself" answered Anton. "You didn't eat since I'm with you, don't you drink anymore?"

"Yes, of course I drink" He said, offended "It's just that I didn't want to" He lied. He was too concentrated in his thoughts that he was forgetting to feed.

"Don't lie to me, I know you're hungry" Said the short haired vampire, smirking. "Come here". Cain did as he was told and got closer to Von Geiermeier. They were sitting on a sofa. Anton inclined his head, for Cain to bit it.

"Can I?" asked Cain.

"Of course you can" he said erecting "If not, I wouldn't offer it to you". Cain got even closer, and delicately kissed Anton.

"What a strange feeling" Thought Anton. He wasn't bitten by a Vampire since 8 hundred years ago, when he became a vampire. "It doesn't hurt too much" He thought, but he changed his opinion when Cain sucked more of Anton's blood.

"Huhh" Anton said. "It's hurting me now" He communicated Cain through his thoughts. Then Cain stopped. Anton was agitated, his heart beating and his breathing accelerated.

"Are you Ok?" Asked Cain, quite amused if that was possible .He had never seen the reaction of a vampire when his blood is sucked.

"Yeah, I'm right" Said Anton "Death is a gift, I'm punished by not dieing, so don't worry" Cain remembered Shido with those words.

"That was what the murderer had written with one victim's blood" He thought.

"Anton, have you feed cynically these days?" Asked Cain.

"Why?" Anton sounded confused.

"No, nothing important" Answered evasively Cain, but, damn, the other vampire was reading his mind right now!

"I'm afraid you've discovered me, my love" Said Anton.

"Why did you do that?" Asked Cain, now he was the one who was confused.

"Why? How can you ask me that! Because I need to feed as you!" Anton was getting angry.

"Yes, of course, but you made a scandal with your victims" Said quietly Cain, trying to keep his circumspection.

"Are you talking about those phrases?" Asked Anton, calming down.


"Aren't they true? You can't tell me that you don't think so, I know you share my feelings towards that" Said Anton.

"Yes, but that's not the best way of showing it" Recognized Cain. At that moment, someone appeared in the room.

"Shido?" Asked Cain.

"So that you're here, assassin" Said Shido angrily to Anton.

"So, you're the famous Tantei Shido, aren't you?" [tantei:detective] Asked Anton smiling with presumption.

"What are you doing here, my dear?" Asked Cain.

"I came to solve my case" Informed Shido.

"I see" said Cain "I'm sorry, but you can't arrest him, my dear. You made the same things that Anton made" Shido swallowed saliva. Cain was true.

"So, what are you going to do, Tantei?" Asked smirking Anton.

"I don't have another way, I'll have to kill you" Informed Shido "I'm sorry Cain.

"No, I'm the one who's sorry" The undulate haired vampire said "Because you're not going to touch Anton"

"Don't worry, my love, I'm going to fight him" Concluded Anton, standing up lazily. "But I'm afraid you're not going to win, Tantei" Said Anton, secure of himself. If you can't win a battle with Cain, less with me, I'm much older than him". Anyway, they want out. Shido was in trouble, he was much older, in consequence, much faster, and stronger. They started fighting. Shido was moving really fast, but not as fast as Anton, who was dodging Shido without any effort. Cain was watching worried.

"If Shido wins, I'll loose Anton, and if Anton wins, I'll loose Shido" He was in a hurry. When Anton started attacking Shido, he wounded him without any problem. Shido was really injured.

"If he continues, my Shido will die" thought Cain.

"Stop! Pease!" He cried. Shido on the floor and Anton, near to scratch him, looked at Cain.

"Don't fight anymore" he said "Shido, if you want to have a person to blame, blame me, then" Shido glanced at Cain. That way of acting was really unusual in him.

"He must love this man" Thought Shido. Both of them, Anton and Cain heard that.

"Yes, I do" Said Cain "But I love you too, Shido, that's why I can't let you die".

"It's Ok, I won't kill this man if he doesn't bother me" Said Anton, feeling compassion towards his Cain.

"He said that he loves me! Charming" he thought. Mean while, Shido stood up slowly and informed

"Fine by me, I won't bother your lover if he doesn't make that scandals with his meals".

"So, do we have a deal?" Asked Cain, helping Shido not to fall over.

"Ok" answered in choir Anton and Shido, both in a bad mood. After that, Anton vanished, not before telling Cain:

"I'll be back…"

"Let's help you" said Cain to the wounded Shido.

"You helped me enough" Said Shido, not wanting Cain to touch him.

"You'll die anyway if we don't treat those injuries" Said Cain, forcing Shido to lean on the floor. He started unfastening Shido's shirt. Shido din't say anything. In that state, he couldn't do anything but let Cain help him with the wounds. Cain started licking Shido's chest with pleasure.

"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Shido.

"Vampire saliva is better than human's, it will close your wounds, trust me" Said Cain, and continued licking Shido's injuries. He was wounded in his cheek too, so Cain sat astride on Shido's waist to lick Shido's cheek. Mean while, the lila haired vampire was really embarrassed, all he wanted was to finish with that punishment.

"Cain is really slow" He thought "perhaps he's doing it o purpose".

"I'm not" said Cain, who had already red his mind. "I want to see what happened to Anton, but I have to finish with you first".



"Who do you love?" Asked Shido, wishing Cain to say that he loved Anton.

"I don't know" Said confused Cain, licking now Shido's abdomen.

"My feelings are disordered" He confessed "I have finished" he informed.

"Thanks Cain," said Shido "and please, love someone that corresponds you, and you know I don't". Cain vanished in the shadows. Shido put his shirt on and went back to the office. He decided not to tell his partners the last part of the story, but the rest of it.

Mean while, Cain walked along the street, trying to put in order his thoughts and feelings.

"Really, who do I love?" he asked himself. Cain thought, with his strange logic, that Von Geiermeier was, in some way, his father, the one who turned him who he was. And, by the other hand, Shido was his son. It would be more logical to spend time with his "Son" he thought, but Shido didn't want to spend time with him. And, his "Father" wanted to be close to him.

"What should I do then?" He was still confused. On top of a building near him, Anton was hearing Cain's thinkings.

"Let me take out your confusion" Anton offered to Cain. The undulate haired vampire turn around to find Anton's face in front of him.

"I'm perhaps not your blood relationship father, but I love you anyway" He said with a sensual voice, wrapping his arms around Cain's waist. Cain was feeling strange, only more confusion was entering to his mind. In the confusion, he held Anton by his neck, leaning his head on the vampire of the blue ribbon (If you don't remember, the one of the blue ribbon is Anton).

"Doesn't help, isn't it?" Asked Anton, cherishing Cain's hair.

"Perhaps not, but it feels nice" Admitted Cain "I feel loved when someone embraces me".

"Does that tantei, Shido, embraces you?" Asked Anton on purpose, trying to make Cain see how the situation was like.

"Never, I was always the one that embraces him" Confessed sadly Cain.

"And… does Shido loves you?" Asked again on purpose Von Geiermeier.

"Not at all" Said Cain, embracing Anton stronger as he did the same.

"I… I…" Started Anton, but he interrupted himself and pulled Cain into the deepest kiss he had never done.

"How nice he tastes" Thought Cain, forgetting about Shido and focusing on the kiss.

"Are you better now?" Asked Anton to Cain's mind, still kissing.

"Completely" answered Cain. When they broke the kiss, Cain separated of Anton agitated. Anton smiled.

"What do you feel now?" Asked him.

"For 2nd time in my laaarge life, loved" Said sincerely Cain. Some hundred years ago, when he became a vampire, he felt love, and the one who made him feel that, was again Anton. Then he remembered what Shido said it some hours ago "love someone that corresponds you, and you know I don't"

Making Cain lean against the wall, Anton told him:

"I'm the only one that had really loved you" interlacing his legs with Cain's, he kissed him again.

"Now I'm sure of my feelings" Thought Cain pleased.

"So, finally he confess it" Thought Anton, reading Cain's mind.

Mean While, in the office, Shido was thinking.

"What have you decided, Cain?" Yayoi was at her house, Riho sleeping (it was near the sunrise) and he, leaning inside the coffin.

"I hope you love Anton, Cain". He went out of his thoughts when he heard someone's steps. When he got up, making Riho a side, and went out of the coffin, he found a letter on his desk. It looked really formal, and when he opened it, he recognized a beautiful handwriting. It was Cain's.

"Dearest Shido,

I'm writing this letter to you because I know you was worried of me…"

"I'm sure that he smirked while writing that" Thought Shido ironically.

"…Well, don't worry anymore. I won't bother you anymore. Don't misunderstand me, I still love you…" Shido sighed while reading this. "…but I won't waste more time wanting you, whishing you, I'll live my own life.

Love, Cain."

"So, I wonder he decided to stay with that weird Anton" Thought Shido, calming down.

Cain was sleeping now, in... errm… Anton's coffin. Mean while, Anton was contemplating him.

"What a handsome man he is" He thought. In the hurry, he didn't take out his cloak.

"I'll take it out" Said Anton to himself taking delicately Cain's cloak out, not wanting him to wake up. Carefully he took also his vest and unfastened his shirt.

"He's got a manly chest" He told himself. Then he leaned inside his coffin, next to the sleeping Cain. Anton was wearing just his old pair of pants. The coffin was quite small so they were really crowded together. Cain woke up. Looking sweetly to Anton he huddled in his chest. Anton embraced Cain strongly and kissed his head.

"What a soft hair you have, my dear" Said Anton. Cain didn't answer but licked Anton's chest.

"Huh, it feels nice" Said softly Von Geiermeier. "His tongue feels warm" He thought. Cain red that in Anton's mind, and started licking upper. He founded Anton's lips. They kissed. Cain founded Anton's sharp fangs. Anton touched Cain's warm tongue with his. While doing this, he unfastened Cain's pants.

"How dare you?"