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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 3 Cain's memories

Cain was still in his bed, leaning against Anton.

[Cain remembers…]

I was walking along a narrow street when I felt someone behind me.

"Who are you?" I asked innocently. Yes, at that time I was young, there was some innocence inside me.

"A friend that wants to help you" he said "I know you don't like your life, am I right?"

How could he know it, I had never met him before. But he was true, I hated my miserable life, in fact, walking along that street was to reach a murderer, or someone that wanted to kill me. My mother was in a coffin from a few weeks ago, and my brothers were all death too, I had nothing to live for.

"So?, Am I right?" he re asked.

"Yes" I said, thinking that he would perhaps kill me, but, how wrong I was…

"Then, I'll help you" he said

"Why" I asked.

"Because I'm hungry and you would be a good company" He smirked. I didn't understand that words. He told me to follow him to a dark church. When we were there. We sat in one of the church bench, closer than what I wanted to. He started talking to me.

"And were are you from, child?" Child? I was already a man, I though, so, why was he calling me child.

"Because I'm much older than you" he smirked again. How could he? We appeared the same age.

"So, were are you from?"

"I was born in Transylvania, but I had to move here, to Germany, because all my family needed to" I answered, I hesitated a moment, and then whispered "But they all died" My eyes were filled with tears, yes at that time I was more sensible than now.

"Child, please don't cry, I can stop your suffering" he said to me.

"Can you?" I asked.

"Of course" he said with a misleading looking, drying gently my tears. He was really pale and cold, I thought, what could had happened to him? I asked myself.

"I can give you death, if you want so" he started deceiving me " But, if you prefer, I can give you another life, you can choose" I has hesitating.

"I'll give you eternity…family…love" I was quite insecure, but before I could say anything, he put his hand at my cheek and forced me to look at him, then he pulled me into a kiss. It felt really weird, I was feeling his tongue inside me, but I was feeling some distasteful thing coming out of me. Wait, what I was tasting was…my blood?? I couldn't believe it, I tried in vane to separate, but he was holding me strongly. I felt one of his hands around my waist, and the other one holding my head. I was loosing blood. My eyes started to see colors, many colors, but I couldn't focus anything. I was feeling a strange pain. Suddenly I dismay. When I woke up, I found myself inside a chamber. I was really weak, so it took some time before I got up, wait, was I inside a coffin? Yes, that thing I was leaning in was nothing else than a coffin!. I started opening the curtains, but a hand stopped me.

"Don't do it, you would suffer a horrible pain if you do so" He told me.

"Why?" I asked intrigued.

"You're a VAMPIRE now" He said. I couldn't believe that. So when he kissed me, he was really sucking my blood. I fell down because of the surprise. Me, a vampire! Before this, I didn't believe in vampires… But I was feeling strange, my eyes were seeing more clearly, my nose could smell things I had never smelled before, like someone's smell, I could hear things I had never heard before. It took some minutes for me to accept the fact that I wasn't human anymore. When I did it, I asked the old vampire.

"So, why are my senses more delicate?"

"It's part of the vampire's nature" He answered softly. He had a very sexy way of speaking. Being a vampire let me notice that, I thought.

"And, why do vampires hate light?" I asked intrigued.

"Oh, we don't hate it at all" He cherished my cheek after saying that. His voice… penetrated in my mind, I never forgot it. I asked something else, only to hear his voice:

"I didn't ask you something, vampire, what's your name?"

"Anton Von Geiermeier" he answered gently, now holding my waist. I was getting intimidated by this vampire, so I made a step forwards him.

"Are you scared?" He asked with his sensual voice.

"Not at all, it's just that I don't like men to hold me" I answered. At that time, it was true.

"I see…" He said, looking disappointed.

"Well, after all, I'll have to change him" he thought. Wait a moment, was I reading his thoughts? I couldn't believe it, after I could stop myself, I muttered:

"Why will you have to change me?" . As surprised as myself he said:

"I see… All vampires have dark gifts, I see that one of yours is reading minds, Isn't it?

"Could be" I smirked. "And what's your gift, Von Geiermeier?"

"Why should I tell you?" He grimed " If you can read minds, you'll discover it" He was making fun of me, I could know it. I wanted to leave him, but, well, perhaps his voice, his delicate movements, his slender, there was something that made me stay there. He laughed.

[End of the memory]

After remembering this, Cain stood up, leaving Anton leaning on the bed. Then he said firmly:

"You want charm me again"

"Did I ever charm you?" he asked, misleadingly. "What do I have to charm you?"

Cain trembled. He was using again his sensual voice. Was that what charmed Cain, years ago? Then it hit it, THAT was the answer to his old question.

"So that's your charm, isn't it?" Cain smirked.

"It took you all these years to discover it, Am I ok?" Anton thought, he knew that Cain was in his mind. Cain grimed.

"And, what did I have to charm you, years ago?" . Anton stood up and vanished, to appear behind Cain. Crouching and putting his head on Cain's back, he whispered:

"Where shall I begin?" Cain, uncontrolled because of Anton's charming voice, turned around and pulled Anton into a deep kiss. Anton looked from de corner of his eye and smirked with the corner of his mouse, while kissing.

Mean while, in the office, Shido was already awake. Riho and Guni too, and Yayoi was coming.

"Shido-san, have you got any conclusion from Cain's words?" Asked Riho.

"The only certain thing that I know it's that it wasn't Cain" Said sadly Shido.

"And what about this motherf***er vampire's dream?" Asked Guni.

"I didn't think about his dream" Said Shido thoughtful. "Perhaps the vampire that bit Cain is the murderer, but nothing's certain"

"Shido-san, is there something you're not telling us?" Asked intrigued Riho. Since Shido returned last night after meeting Cain, he was quite strange.

"Why?" Asked Shido trying to dissemble his feelings.

"That's true Shido, you're acting quite different" Corroborated Guni.

"I don't think so" Said evasively Shido, scratching his cheek.

"You didn't drink since last night, and you're more silent than usual" Said worried Riho. What was happening here? Was he worried about CAIN?

"That can't be true" Shido said to himself.

"I'll go walking, I have to clarify my mind" Said Shido and went out. Walking along the street, it didn't take long for him to find Cain's scent. He followed it. Perhaps he was just a "lusty damn vampire" like Guni said but, if it wasn't because of Cain, he wouldn't be there with Riho, Yayoi and Guni herself. Also, if it wasn't because of Cain, he wouldn't be a vampire either… that was a point against him, he suffered a lot being a vampire. All this thoughts were in Shido's mind while following Cain's scent. Now it was stronger, he should be near.

"What a strange thing, a park" Said sarcastically Shido. He saw a long blonde hair man sitting on a bent, but he wans't alone. There was another blonde man, his hair much shorter than Cain's.

"Who is he?" Thought Shido. He hid behind the tree closest to the bent and heard what they were saying, of, better said, to deduce what they were doing. He jumped up to the tree to see them.

"They're really close, perhaps he is Cain's victim" Thought Shido, but this thinking went out of his mind quickly, because this man's clothes were really old, perhaps the same old as Cain.

"It must be another vampire" He said to himself, still watching.

"Cain, just don't move" The blonde vampire said to Cain's mind.

"Don't worry, I already know who's behind us" he answered to Anton's mind.

"I simply can't hear anything, why did they stop moving?" Shido asked himself.

"Let's go" said Cain, looking towards the tree. They both stood up, walk a few steps and vanished.

"Ok, at least now I'm sure the other man is a vampire too" Said ironically Shido, and went away.

Mean while, at the office, Yayoi was waiting for Shido. Another case. When he returned, Yayoi, Guni and him, went where the murder took place. With blood it said:

"If killing people is a sin, both of us are sinners. If lust is a sin, both of us are sinners. So, who's the sinner here, detective Shido?"

"I guess this person knows you very well, Shido" Said Yayoi.

"How could he know I was coming here?" He asked.

"Do you still think that the murderer isn't Cain?" Said Guni.

"Yes" Said firmly Shido.

"But then, apart from Cain, who else knows you that well Shido?" Asked Yayoi.