Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness Memories Cain's past ❯ Who is he? ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 2

One day…

Cain was sleeping. He was having a nightmare… the same one than the other day, but this time, it felt quite different. He felt as if someone were Really biting him, like when he became Vampire…

In the shadow of the room, there was a person's outline. He got closer to the slept Cain and crouched, his face nearly touching Cain's. With his tongue, hi licked Cain's lips `till they were damped. With his lips he touched delicately Cain's neck. Then, he bitted him.

"You'll remember me, dear Cain" he said. Cain woke up sweating, his breath was accelerated. He was feeling some sort of pain in his neck… he touched it. When he look at his hand, there was some blood in it. He looked at himself in front of a mirror. Two little marks were in his neck.

"Dammit! Someone had bitten me!" He said angrily, if not humiliated. "The only one that had bitten me through all these years was…" He stopped, he didn't want to remember his name, the one who made it who he was now, the one that gave him the suffering of eternity.

When Shido and Riho arrived to the office, he said:

"He wasn't lying"

"Shido, how can you be sure of it? You can't trust in Cain's Words!" Added Guni

"No, I know I'm right I…" He stopped and sighed "I had lived many years with him, I know his lies" he said "His eyes doesn't lie as his mouth does" he added.

"So, what are you going to do, Shido-san?" asked Riho intrigued.

"And why should you worry about that lusty vampire?" Said Guni.

"Perhaps his strange way of acting has to do with the case, perhaps there is a relation that we can't see; there's no other way, I have to talk with him" Concluded Shido.

After that, Yayoi arrived to the office with the piece of news that some hours before, a man was murdered by their supposed vampire.

"Death is a gift, I'm punished by not dieing so please, accept my gift" The vampire murderer wrote.

"Quite ironic" Guni said "That phrase sounds as if it was from Cain's mouth, that philosophy is Cain's"

"I'm going to talk with him right now!" Said Shido firmly and went out.

"But how will he find that damn vampire?" Asked Guni

"He knows Cain better than what we suppose he does" Said Yayoi quite amused.

"What was the relationship Shido had with that vampire?" asked innocently Riho.

"They were lovers" answer Guni " Before you ask, Cain used his vampiric powers to charm Shido, that's why".

By the other hand, Shido went to the furthest park of the city. As he thought, Cain was right there, sitting with the hands grasping his head, he looked overwhelmed.

"What's happening here?" Cain thought "What was that bite in my neck? Was Von Geiermerier? If it's him, where is he? Why does he comes after all those years?" Cain was really confused. Anyway, he was taken out of his thoughts when a hand laid on his shoulder. Surprised, he turned back. When he saw Shido, he return to his position.

"Cain, what's wrong?" Shido asked seriously.

"Do you care?" asked sarcastically Cain. "Doushite?" [=Why?]. Shido sighed. Having a conversation with Cain was the last thing he wanted to do.

"I have to solve a case" He started. Cain laughed ironically.

"So, you come to me because you need my help, was that your real purpose?" He asked.

"Yes and no" answered Shido. " It's a vampire's case, not a breed's case. There's a vampire that is killing people very cynically, writing a… philosophic phrase, if you want to call it like that" Shido said.


"And my partners think that you're the writer of the phrases, there are: Where there is light, there is darkness, you, people of the light believe darkness doesn't exist, but how wrong you are… and , Death is a gift, I'm punished by not dieing so please, accept my gift"

"It has quite an interesting point of view" admitted Cain. "Von Geiermeier did it, I'm sure of it" Cain Thought.

"So? Do you know something?" Asked Shido

"Sorry my love, but I don't know anything" Cain lied, more similar to reality than last time.

"And, another thing, what's wrong with you?" asked now an intrigued Shido.

"Only a strange hunch and a person that follows me" He answered and stood up. Shido knew that wasn't all the story, so, when Cain was leaving, he held Cain by his arms, not letting the blonde vampire go. It was quite amusing, usually, it was Cain who touch, held, embraced or do something worst (I won't write it) to Shido. Surprised, Cain move back, towards Shido, for their bodies to touch. Shido stayed there and whispered "Ok, now the truth"

"I can't deceive you, can I?" Said sarcastically Cain.

"Not in such a mood" Said Shido. Cain turned around and held Shido by his errm…. Waist?. Shido was petrified, embarrassed, Being held by Cain was one of the worst thing that could happen to him, but he was quite sorry for him. Cain crouched and, touching the lila haired vampire's head with his, he said:

" I had a strange dream some days ago, I dreamt with my past. That dream repeated last time with the feeling of someone biting my neck" With that words, he vanished.

"So, that was the reason for Cain to act that way" Thought Shido.

When Cain was walking towards the city, he noticed that someone was following him. His delicate ears could hear steps behind him, but, every time he turned around, he found nothing. Suddenly he stopped and whispered:

"Why are you following me?" If it was a vampire the one who was behind Cain, and the he was sure of it, the mysterious vampire would hear him. Nothing answered, instead of that, the person behind Cain jumped to top of a building. Cain followed him. This mysterious person was as blonde as Cain, but his hair was much shorter, it was tied with a blue ribbon. He was Cain's height, as slender as him. He was wearing odd clothes, really archaic, similar to Cain's, perhaps older. On the roof, the vampire introduced himself.

"I'm Anton Von Geiermeier, son of Ryner Von Geiermeier, from Germany"

"I know you perfectly well" Cain said. "Why did you return after all those years?"

"I wanted to see how big you were" Said sarcastically Von Geiermeier.

"Don't say non-sense things, you know I don't become taller of older" answered Cain.

"Oh, outside, you don't change, but inside, you DO become older, and your mind changes" Von Geiermeier said. "I want to see who you became"

"You became me what I am, YOU should know who I became in!" Shouted Cain, out of control. He jumped and angrily he scratched Von Geiermeier's chest.

"He is faster than last time" the older vampire thought. "Your skills are becoming better with the time, don't they?" he said.

"It's not thanks of YOU" Answered Cain.

"I don't want to injure you" Von Geiermeier said

"You didn't answer any of my questions" said Cain, trying to relax. It was amusing, Cain was used to be the one who intimidates other people, the one who make them feel bad, scared, in love… Von Geiermeier narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, I know who you become in, you're a part of me" he said.

"Again that non-sense things that you say" Replied Cain.

"It HAS sense, half of your blood is mine, I murdered you, I made you rebirth, so you're like a propriety of mine" he said.

"I'M NOT YOURS!!!!" Shouted Cain, out of himself "I have my own heart, I control my body and I think myself, so I'm not a part of you.

"No, you're not, but you ARE a part of me. The part of you that is mine, I can control" He said, and with a wrist movement, he made Cain twist of pain.

"STOP!!!!!" Cain cried, he was feeling humiliated again, Von Geiermeier used to humiliate Cain like that. This fact increased Cain's anger. Finally, the pain finished.

"What a cynic person you are!" Shouted Cain.

"You are the same" Laughed Von Geiermeier. "You appear to hate me, but, inside that manly chest, you love me"

"Is he entering in my deepest thinkings?" Cain asked himself.

"Yes, that's what I do" Said the vampire of the blue ribbon. "Your skill aren't bad at all" he started saying "You are a good chaser, your charms are as beauty as usual, I think that's your special thing, you can charm people simply using words"

"Were you testing me?" Asked Cain.

"I was" said Von Geiermeier "You became very fast and strong, and you're as graceful and cute as usual" he added narrowing his eyes.

"You're slender too, but has that something to do with skills?" asked ironically Cain.

"I has" answered Von Geiermeier " If you slender or cute, it's easier for you to find someone to bite"

"Why did you got lost for these many years?" asked Cain.

"Because I wanted you to be stronger, if I stayed all eternity behind you, You wouldn't grow up" He answered "Nice to meet you awake" He added, and vanished in the shadows.

Shido went back to the office and told Guni, Riho and Yayoi what happened some time before. The sunrise was coming, so the vampires went to sleep and Yayoi went away.

Mean while, Cain was in his big bed, trying to sleep, what he couldn't. The facts that took place that night were difficult not to think about. It was a hot night, so he wasn't under the blankets, but he was wearing only a pair of pants and an unfastened shirt. However, his eyes closed as he heard someone's steps through the bedroom. He felt a person leaning in his bed. Cain simulated to be sleeping. "What's HE doing here?" he thought, thinking about Von Geiermeier. Cain felt his arms wrapping his waist and getting really close, so that Cain felt Von Geiermeier's shape behind him.
"Does it brings you some memories back?" He asked gently.

"This is obscene" Cain said, really wanting Von Geiermeier to stay there. It was nice to feel someone that close to him, and this time it wasn't Cain himself the one who got close to someone, it was exactly backwards.

"Lust itself is obscene" Cain said.

"Yes, but love isn't" Anton whispered back. [You remember Von Geiermeier's name is Anton, don't you?]. With his hand, he cherished Cain's chest sweetly. What will you do, Cain?