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Disclaimer: I do not own Night Walker. I wish I did but I don't! All characters or places that I make up in the course of this Fan fiction is my property and cannot be used elsewhere without my permission!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on with the story!

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The Dawn of the Golden Age


The year is 2243 and more than 80% of the world population is dead or missing. In this new world order "missing" means dead and there's not enough to fill a thimble or that the person has been changed.

It all happened so quickly, even for those who have an immortal lifespan the war seemed to start and end overnight.

Survivors of the first day became the victims of family who just seemed to have miraculously survived; just to fall in the next moment to the demons who had taken over their loved ones bodies.

To call what happened a war would make even a breed roll over in laughter, for humankind was unable to put up even a token resistance and was thus either killed or enslaved.

Only a selected few managed to evade the demons and setup safe zones, some were human with seeming little hope, some were immortal with slightly higher chances of survival and the rest were just something else altogether. The question came down to whom could anyone trust?

This is the story of a time more than two hundred years after the fight began when the forces of good and evil will clash, when hearts are broken and bonds are strengthened, when the natural occupants of earth are standing on the edge of a knife point with seeming no chance of parrying the oncoming blow.

This is a time when the night walked and earth piled with the corpses of the dead.

*********************************************************************** *

Well it's a beginning, stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead for the continuation of what will be my first fanfic, though you've got to admit I picked one of the best anime series to write on, please send your flames and reviews, I can take it… honest.