One Piece Fan Fiction / Zatch Bell Fan Fiction ❯ Konjiki no One Piece ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Konjiki no One Piece
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or any of its characters nor do I own the idea of Mamodos and that whole idea behind Gash Bell.
We start off our story in a city known as Fuchsia City. (This is my first OP fic that doesn't take place in the grand line) Here, many people lived in piece and harmony with one-another. Nothing out of the ordinary every happened, although there were a few oddballs living in town.
One of them was a young boy with a straw hat, a scar under his left eye, black hair that was a bit messy on the bottom portion, a red sleeveless shirt, jean shorts and a pair of sandals. His name was Monkey D. Luffy, and he is the hero of our story.
One day he was lying in his bed when a woman called and shouted, “LUFFY, WAKE UP!”
This was the call of Luffy's mother. She was a young woman with a slim build, green hair in a ponytail and a bandana. Her name was Makino.
Luffy ran into the kitchen with a huge monkey-like grin on his face and asked, “What's for breakfast, Mom? Huh? Huh? Feed me!”
Makino laughed and gave the kid a plate of bacon and eggs. He happily gulped it down at the speed of light as his mother laughed and said, “Don't force it down all at once. You still have school, remember?”
Upon hearing this, the kid groaned and wined, “I don't wanna go to school.”
“But you need an education,” his mother sighed, “How else will you get a job when you grow up?”
“It's quite simple,” the boy answered, “I'll travel the world like my father.”
Makino gasped upon hearing this. She pulled out a piece of paper and placed it in front of Luffy.
“Now that you mention Dragon, that old man of yours sent you a letter this morning,” she said as Luffy happily opened it. He browsed the words for a while, grinned, laughed and asked, “Mom, can you read this for me?”
Makino sighed and thought, `How did he ever make it to the twelfth grade?'
With that, his mother sighed and read the letter for the boy. It told of how Dragon wanted Luffy to have help getting through school so he could become a big success and not a traveler.
“That's a load of bull-crap!” he spat in response to the letter, “My father became a traveler, and so did my older brother! Why can't I?”
“Listen,” Makino said, “Your father is just looking out for you. He never even approved of Ace following in his footsteps. Your father just knows that you're not built to face the big world all by yourself.”
“I won't be by myself,” Luffy replied, grinning, “I'll be with my good friends, Zoro and Nami. They'll always be by my side!”
With that, he ran out the door with his backpack reluctantly headed to school. He knew he couldn't just run out at that moment. The truth was that he also knew that he wasn't ready for the real world. He was just too proud to admit it.
On his way to school, Luffy froze to notice a small being rustling through the bushes. He turned around and blinked.
`What was that?' he thought, `I hope it's an animal. I'm starving.'
He then dashed towards the bushes where the figure had been spotted and dove into it. He was about to sink his teeth into the animal, which he had caught, when he noticed something strange about it.
“EW!” he spat, “I HATE SEAL MEAT!”
This reaction was due to the fact that this creature was, in fact, a seal. It had brown fur, stood on its tail, and had sharp tusks coming out of its mouth, round pupils with now eyeballs and a light-brown chest. It also wore a green pirate bandana and a blue sleeveless shirt. It was also holding a strange book.
He looked up at Luffy and said, “Hi, thanks for not eating me. My name is Jugon.”
“WAH!” Luffy reacted in terror, “IT TALKED!”
“Of course I can talk,” the seal, known as Jugon replied, “I'm not an ordinary seal.”
“Whoa!” Luffy shouted, snatching the book from the seal's hands, “Wow, what is this book about? I'm usually not interested in books, but it's titled `Mamodo Spell Book'. I like magic!”
He then opened it up, and amazingly, he was able to make out the first paragraph, which, unlike the other blue letters, was written in red. He gazed and asked, “How come I can read this word `Appa-Katto'?”
He was shocked to see the seal in front of him change. His eyes turned white as if he had been possessed. Then, his fist emitted with a large force of energy as his delivered an uppercut into the air a stream of light energy emitted from his arm cutting a nearby tree in half.
Luffy blinked at the destroyed tree, turned to the seal and asked, “What just happened?”
Jugon stared and looked up at Luffy who held the seal's book. He blinked as his eyes started to shine and a grin covered his face.
“You're my bookkeeper!” he exclaimed as Luffy turned to him and replied, “I'm your what?”
“My bookkeeper!” the seal replied, “See, in my world, my race is filled with creatures like me known as Mamodos. We all have the ability to cast spells and use magic, but in order for it to work, we need to find one person who can read our spells and allow us to use them. Once every hundred years, we come to Earth to start what's known as the Mamodo Battle. There are 100 of us in all, and we each have our own bookkeeper. The last one standing becomes king of the Mamodos, therefore, one wish is granted to the winner. My wish would be the end the Mamodo battles. I don't like having to fight my friends.”
Luffy took this in, blinked a couple of times, grinned and said, “All right, we'll win this battle of yours together. That way, your wish can come true and you can save your kind from going to war with one-another. How does that sound?”
Jugon stared in shock. Never had he expected something like this to become of him. He grinned with delight and said, “That sounds great! By the way, who are you?”
This was the start of a new friendship. These two were determined to be the very best and stop the battles from taking place. Luffy couldn't wait to tell his friends of his new-found purpose of existence.