One Piece Fan Fiction / Zatch Bell Fan Fiction ❯ Konjiki no One Piece ❯ Chapter 2

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Konjiki no One Piece
Today was the start of a whole new adventure for Monkey D. Luffy. He had met a creature called a mamodo and his name was Jugon. He also had the ability to release energy from his body, but Luffy had to be there to insure that.
“WHAT?” two of Luffy's friends spat in retaliation to the story that their friend had told them.
“You mean to tell me that this seal has special powers?” asked a boy by the name of Zoro. He had green hair, a white T-shirt, black pants and a green truss around his waste.
Luffy nodded and grinned while saying, “It's so amazing. This guy cut down an entire tree.”
Jugon waved his arms back and forth, blushed and said, “Oh, it's nothing. I'm sure you could pull that off too!”
“Don't be so modest,” said a girl named Nami. She had orange hair, a short sleeveless top with the word `gold' in the chest section and a short white skirt. She also wore a pair of black sandals.
As Luffy and his friends talked about this strange phenomenon, they failed to notice a strange figure looming through the halls. This man was quite strange. He was the Science teacher.
Apparently, he used to be a normal person with lots of respect until one day, one of his animal experiments went haywire and he, himself, turned into an animal… well, at least his body hair did. Now he looked like a white lion. He had rounded ears, white fur that almost looked like a costume and a pair of black shorts. He was the Scientist who also tamed animals. He was Mohji.
Beside him was a strange green-haired lion with glowing purple eyes. His name was Ritchie.
“Look at that,” the man said, “It looks as if we've found a mamodo already.”
“This is perfect,” Ritchie said, “I'm so lucky that the first mamodo I found was Jugon.”
“You sound as if you know him,” Mohji replied as the lion nodded and explained, “He and I went to battle school together. He was always picked on for being weak and I managed to steal a lot of money from him.”
Mohji nodded, grinned and said, “I see. So you already have the ability to defeat him.”
With that, the two laughed maniacally. The laughter ended as the bell rang and the two hung their heads low and Mohji readied himself for more cracks about his body hair problem.
“LUFFY!” Luffy's teacher, a man by the name of Kuro spat. Mr. Kuro was a simple yet ill-mannered Englishman. He had short black hair, a fancy top, black pants and a pair of black sneakers. He always had a sinister look on his face as if he was plotting something.
“How many times have I told you not to bring wild animals into the classroom?” the teacher asked angrily, obviously referring to the seal on Luffy's desk.
“Uh…” Luffy thought for a moment and said, “He's my pet!”
Kuro nodded and said, “Nonetheless, I do not approve of pets or animals in particular in my classroom!”
Then, he sighed and said, “I guess it's too late to send you home, so just keep him tied to your desk leg or something. Also, I can't wait for the day when you stop wearing that hat to class.”
The kid then pulled out a rope and tied Jugon's tailfin to his seat. “Sorry,” he said, “If I don't do what he says, he'll give me a detention.”
Jugon nodded and said, “I understand. Maybe I should stay at your house when you're at school.”
Luffy gasped. Even he knew the dangers of an animal talking in the middle of class. Luckily, everyone was too bored to care and more than half the students hadn't arrive on time for the bell.
The lecture was long and boring, but the day went by. The second the school bell rang, Luffy got up and untied Jugon only for a crowd of students to ambush the poor seal and start petting him.
“WOW!” shouted one girl, “He's so cute!”
“Who ever heard of a seal that could survive in our climate?” a boy asked.
Luffy laughed and said, “It seems as if you have yourself a fan club!”
Jugon simply blushed and thought, `I never got this kind of respect in Mamodo School.'
Finally, the kids were off and were headed home. Zoro and Nami walked home with Luffy for tonight was meatloaf night and Luffy's mom made the best meatloaf.
“Look, we know that he can talk, but he doesn't exactly look like a fighter,” Zoro said, referring to Jugon.
“SHUT UP!” the seal spat, “I can SO fight!”
“Really?” Nami asked, “Let's see you do it.”
Luffy grinned and reached for the little red book in my backpack when Jugon hit him upside the head and spat, “LUFFY, YOU MORON! WE CAN'T JUST GO OFF DEMONSTRATING MY POWERS UNLESS IT'S NECESSARY!”
Unfortunately, the kid completely ignored his mamodo's pleas and shouted, “APPA-KATTO!”
Suddenly, Nami and Zoro were both shocked to see Jugon, completely against his own will, perform and uppercut as a stream of energy soared out of his arm. What surprised the group more was that the attack had actually hit someone.
“I already know that,” said a deep voice. Nami, Zoro and Luffy screamed in horror to discover that the voice belonged to a two-legged lion holding onto the Science teacher.
“You dick,” he cursed, “You knocked out my bookkeeper!”
Luffy tilted his head to the side and asked, “What?”
“That's right!” the lion exclaimed, “You're not the only one with a mamodo! The Science teacher has one too and that's me, Ritchie!”
Jugon trembled with fear at the sound of his name and said, “I knew you looked familiar. Luffy, this guy used to pick on me everyday and steal my lunch money!”
With that, the Straw Hat wearing kid grimaced and shouted, “Let's take him down together!”
Jugon grabbed onto Luffy's pant leg and said, “Hold on, we don't have to beat the mamodo. All we have to do is burn his spellbook and he's gone forever, and with his owner out like a light…”
Before he could finish his explanation, Mohji awoke and shouted, “YOU BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU FIRE ENERGY AT ME LIKE THAT?”
“HOW CAN ANYONE SURVIVE THAT?” Nami spat as Zoro shrugged and said, “I could've survived that.”
Then, the green-haired boy went to sleep and said, “Wake me when it's over, Luffy.”
“Why aren't you worried?” Nami retorted, “This is Jugon's first fight in the mamodo battle!”
“So?” the boy replied back, “We're not the ones in danger.”
This was a good point, so Nami sat down and decided to observe the fight from a safe distance.
Mohji laughed and taunted, “Poor Luffy! You'll never defeat me! Ritchie is just too strong! You'll never hit me like that again, let alone burn my book!”
“I guess we may have to beat Ritchie after all,” Jugon stated as Luffy simply nodded in understanding.
That said, the kid whipped out his spellbook again as Jugon faced Ritchie. Luffy opened the book and shouted, “APPA-KATTO!”
Unfortunately, the attack had no effect. All Ritchie had to do was place his paw right in front of his face to avoid extensive damage.
“Come on!” Mohji shouted, “Let's show him what we're made of! HANDO!”
As Mohji shouted his spell, Ritchie's right paw increased in strength as he delivered a large blow sending Jugon into a wall. It seemed as if the lion was still too strong for the seal to beat.
“You see that?” he asked, “That moron was never a match for me from the start. Now, kid, give me your book so I can burn it.”
Mohji laughed and said, “Yeah, do as the lion says if you know what's good for you.”
Luffy's eyes widened in horror as the lion was ready to strike again, but before anything could happen, Luffy's spellbook glowed a beautiful red light out of one the pages. He turned to that page and noticed that he could read another word.
Jugon regained consciousness and was very weak. Ritchie was about to strike when the seal got in the way and readied himself to take in another blow.
Luffy looked up and shouted, “NO! JUGON, HANG IN THERE!”
He then gritted his teeth and thought, `I have no idea what this book does, but I'm more than ready to try it out.'
He then cleared his throat and shouted, “The second spell, TENTOU!”
That said, Ritchie's fist hit Jugon dead-on, but it hit Jugon's hands… or whatever you call the end of a fin. The lion stared in shock as Jugon used a large force of energy to send Ritchie's paw flying right at his face and sending the lion flying into a tree.
“That's unbelievable!” Nami exclaimed, “It seems that if that attack counters incoming attacks with twice the force. Luffy, now's your chance!”
Luffy nodded and shouted, “APPA-KATTO!” as Jugon released more energy thus hitting Mohji's book dead-on and burning it to the ground.
Mohji cried as his lion disappeared and started to bawl. He sniffed and said, “That lion was my only friend! How can you be so cruel, Luffy?”
“Hey,” Luffy said, “He was bound to lose some time for another. Mr. Mohji, get up. You have better things to do than waste your life battling.”
Mohji grinned and took Luffy's hand. He sniffed and said, “You're right. I have students to teach, and maybe, one day, I will have a friend.”
Luffy grinned, placed his hand on the teacher's shoulder and said, “You have a friend. You've got me.”
Zoro awoke and asked, “Is it over?” as Mohji cried into Luffy's pants and exclaimed, “You are so understanding! Thank you for giving my life meaning, kid!”
Then, that was that. Luffy rejoined his friends and left Mohji crouched in the middle of the path waiting for some more words of support.