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Wolfram’s Third Bruise: One One-shot Sequel to:  “Wolfram’s Second Bruise” Crossover with: Only the Ring Finger Knows Written by:Chocho (chochowilliams) Disclaimer:I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh! or the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:   The first time he proposed it was an accident, but now it will be on purpose. Chapter summary:  Yuri is on Earth and gets lost while looking for a jewelry store called “Parfait”. Warning:M/M, sexual situation, Yuri/Wolfram Inserts:  -- A/N:  I want to give a special thank you to angee, Nikki23534, Mrs. Suou, Ashweena200966, XZanayu, ladyaymie (and I meant “crossover, obviously.  My brain was not working that day.  Sorry), Badger-Chan, rueLF94, tenshi-gosuperu, anon azure, Eternal MoonPeach Goddess, hannah-asakura, TrulyWished, xXxMidNightShaDowxXx, ArmyNGgirl17 for their reviews.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  Thank you all for your kind words.  And thank you to everyone else who favored me and put me on his or her alert list.  YEAH!  And of course, a very big thank you to the rest of you.  For those of you who wanted one, I hope you like it!   ------------+------------+------------+------------   (Last Time)   “We must plan the wedding at once,” Lady Celi gushed.   Both Yuri and Wolfram turned towards the ex-Demon Queen.  “What?!”   “Now look here Mother,” Wolfram objected.   “Now Wolfram,” Lady Celi huffed.   Suddenly understanding, Yuri dropped down in the chair with a cry and hung his head in his hands.  Why did these things always happen to him?   +------------+------------+   (Present)   Okay.  Now he was officially lost.   “Damn,” he muttered to himself.  “Maybe I should have let Murata come with me when he asked.  He’s better at directions than I am.”   Yuri Shibuya quickly shook that thought aside.   What the hell was he thinking?  Murata was the last person he would have wanted to come with him today.  Or would that have been his mother?  Either way, the young demon king was just glad that both had been too busy with other things to pester him.  Well, more accurately, Murata had come back to Earth with him because he had his cousin twice removed’s wedding, or something.  And Yuri’s mother had not been home when they arrived.   Yuri glanced from the scrap of paper that he had torn from Shori’s school notebook in his hand to the buildings that surrounded him.  He ran his fingers through his hair in confusion.  He knew it was around here somewhere.  It had to be.  It was the right street.  The problem was that none of the buildings had addresses.  Or at least none that were visible.   “Damn!  This sucks.”   “Kazuki,” scolded a voice from behind him.  “That was uncalled for!”   Yuri’s head snapped around.  Coming towards him were two boys.  The taller of the two, whom Yuri assumed was this “Kazuki”, was smirking.  His eyes were gleaming devilishly.  They reminded him of Wolfram’s when the demon prince was trying (and succeeding) in seducing Yuri.   The shorter of the two, the one who was shouting angrily, looked flustered.  His ruby red Tee was half pulled out of a pair of dark denim jeans.  There were worn-in patches across the right knee.  The boy’s disheveled dark hair shone brilliantly in the light.  He had large dark eyes that scowled up at the other boy, but they did not look angry even though his tone suggested otherwise.  As the boy fixed his white zipper-up hoodie, Yuri saw the sun glint off something on his right ring finger.   Kazuki with his right hand tucked into the front pocket of his worn-in looking jeans and his scuffed up sneakers and black graphic Tee that was pulled over a white long sleeved shirt, looked as if he had just stepped out of an ad for some designer store.   Yuri smirked at the sight of his cousin’s band, Bad Luck, embroidered in white above the silhouette of the lead singer’s face across the guy’s chest (1).  He would have to tell Shuichi next time he saw him.  He always got a kick out of things like this.   “Don’t complain Wataru,” Kazuki replied calmly.  He did not look the least bit fazed.  In fact, if anything, he appeared happy now that Wataru was upset.  “You never said no.”   “Th-that’s not the point,” Wataru shouted back.  His face was bright red.   Yuri smiled nostalgically and wondered.  “Excuse me,” he called out to them.   The one called Kazuki turned curious eyes towards him.  “Yes?”   Drawing a sharp breath, Wataru stared wide-eyed at the guy who had spoken, as if hypnotized.   In a pair of loose and baggy tan khakis, a white graphic Tee that stretched across a wide, toned chest underneath a white cargo blazer that outlined broad shoulders and sneakers so white they had to be brand new, this guy was nearly as tall as Kazuki with the blackest black hair Wataru had ever seen that fell nearly to the guy’s shoulder blades.  Dark piercing eyes roamed over the two of them, as if assessing them.  Wataru had a feeling that this guy missed nothing.   “I am looking for…”  Yuri glanced down at the piece of paper in his hand.  “I’m looking for a store called ‘Parfait’?  They make custom made jewelry?”   His voice was deep and commanding.   “I-it’s just…down the street,” Wataru answered shyly, pointing over his shoulder.   Kazuki turned sharply to Wataru.  He eyes than narrowed at the guy before him.   Yuri smiled kindly at Wataru.  “Thank you.”  He inclined his head in gratitude before vanishing among the thick cluster of people that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.   “Are you planning on standing there all day?”   The sound of Yuichi’s voice shook Wataru out of his stupor.  Wataru shook himself, as if awakening from a deep slumber.  “Wait up, Kazuki,” he called out to his boyfriend.   “You’re drooling,” was what Kazuki said as soon as Wataru had caught up to him.   +------------+------------+   There was a tinkling of bells as Yuri pushed open the door to the jewelry shop.    “I’ll be right with you,” called the voice from the back of the shop.   “Take your time,” Yuri called back.  He was not in any hurry.   Yuri glanced around the shop.  It was rather small, but very quaint.  He liked the place instantly.   He moved to the display shelves.    There was a wide range of jewelry the store sold he noticed.  Everything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, cuffs, cuff links, chokers and collars to earrings, toe rings, watches, pendants, pins, and charms.    There was a variety of different settings, gemstones, beadwork, metals, patterns, shanks, styles, filigrees, finishes and engravings.    There were rings and bracelets made from spoons.   Beautiful diamond rings.   Studded leather wrist cuffs.   Multi-colored beaded string necklaces with matching bracelet.  Some of them had pendants.   A gold pendant with an engraved picture of Buddha on a chain.   “Hello,” came a polite female voice.  “Sorry about that.”   “It’s alright,” Yuri replied as he turned from a blue crystal teardrop with a strand of white ivy with flower buds engraved across it.  It was similar to the one he wore.   He blinked, slightly taken back as he saw the sales woman was nothing more than a girl who appeared to be younger than he was.   “I’m Karin.  What can I do for you today?”   Yuri found her oddly enchanting.  Her black hair fell to just below her shoulders and was pulled back into a tight ponytail.  Stray strands framed her face.  Her large dark eyes watched him patiently.  Her clothes consisted of a white blouse and pinstriped black suit pants that gave her a professional appearance.  But there was something oddly familiar about her.   A picture of Wataru flashed through his head.   Ah!  So that was what it was.    CHEATER!   Yuri felt his face pale as he heard Wolfram’s voice sharp and clear in his head.   “Are you alright?”   Shaking his head, Yuri smiled pleasantly at the girl.  “Yes.  Yes, I am fine.  I heard you make custom made jewelry?”   “Yes, that’s right.  Was there something you wanted to have made?”   “Yes.”  Yuri pulled out a red folder from the messenger bag he had strapped across his chest.  From the folder, he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to her.   Karin gave the crude drawings a quick once over.  “Hm.  Let’s have a seat over here,” she suggested.   They made their way over to a two-seater bistro table in the far corner near the front window that was displaying several beautiful pieces on headless busts.   Yuri lifted the strap over his head and set his bag on the floor at his feet as he sat down.   Karin set the drawing on the table in front of her and smiled at Yuri.  “So, what exactly can I do for you?”   +------------+------------+   “Okay,” Karin said as she ripped the invoice from the printer that was under the counter.  She gave it a once over as she made her way back to where Yuri was waiting to make sure everything was in order.  Setting the sheet on the counter, she grabbed a pen and marked the invoice in three spots.  “I need you to sign here, here and initial here,” she told him.   Yuri took the pen she offered and signed the spots she had indicated.  It was not until he was finished that he realized what he had done.  Yuri had spent the last what would be the equivalent of two years here on Earth singing papers practically from the moment he woke up to the time he went to bed- if he was lucky- and they were always signed the same way.   Shibuya Yuri Harujuku Furi.   He felt his face flush with embarrassment, but quickly shook it off.  Nothing he could do about it now without drawing unnecessary attention to it.   “Alright,” Karin muttered.   If she noticed anything odd about his signature then she said nothing, for which Yuri was extremely grateful.   Karin ripped the edges off both sides of the invoice and tossed them into the wastepaper basket under the counter by her feet.  What had been one sheet were now suddenly three.  The top sheet was white.  The middle was yellow and the bottom one was green.  She grabbed the top sheet and handed it to Yuri with a smile.  “Here you go.”   “Thank you.”   “Now.  Like I said, it will take up to five days to have a sketch ready for your approval.”   “Right.”   “At that point, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost and after your approval, we will proceed.  Or if there is something you do not particularly like about the sketch, we can work on a new sketch for you.”   Yuri nodded.  “Alright.”   “Now, when we get the go ahead, we will require a fifty percent down payment.”   “Right.”   “We accept all major credit cards, checks, wire transfers or money orders.  We do not accept cash for orders over two hundred thousand yen (about 2000 USD).”   “Sure.”  There was no way Yuri would be stupid enough to walk around with that much money anyway.  Anybody that dumb was just asking for trouble.  “So, now, how long will it take to complete?”   “About three to four weeks after the approval of the sketch.  Depending.”   “Alright!  Sounds good.”   “Alright?  Then we will be seeing you in about a week?”   “Sure.  See you then,” he said with a wink.   A rosy tint colored Karin’s face.   YOU NO-GOOD TWO TIMING CHEATER WIMP!   Yuri ignored Wolfram’s voice screaming bloody murder in his head.  He got enough of that back home.  Or tried to anyway.   But by all that was holy!  How in the name of the Great One had he fallen in love with Little Lord Brat?  Wolfram’s annoying possessiveness grated on Yuri’s nerves even when his fiancé was not with him.   Yuri felt the beginnings of a headache coming on.   Fixing the strap of his messenger bag, Yuri inclined his head at Karin and turned to leave.  But when his gaze swept over the pendant he had been looking at earlier, Yuri paused.  His forehead creased in thought.   After stapling the crude drawing to the store copy of the invoice, Karin set the stapler back under the counter.   “Excuse me.”   Startled, Karin looked over her shoulder and smiled when she spied Yuri.   “I would like to purchase this, if I could.”   Karin glanced at the deep blue teardrop shaped pendant Yuri held out towards her with a smile.  “Of course!”   +------------+------------+   Karin sighed heavily as she watched the raven-haired god vanish out of Parfait with a flourish of bells.   “For your girlfriend?” she had inquired politely.  She had been waiting anxiously, hoping against hope that he would say no.    Yuri had laughed.  “Girlfriend?”  He had shaken his head.  His dark eyes had sparkled in amusement.   She had mentally squealed.   “If I had a girlfriend, my fiancé would have my head on a platter.”   Karin groaned.  Why were the good ones always taken?   “No, this is for my daughter.”   Daughter!  Can you believe it?  This guy looked not much older than her brother Wataru and not only did he have a fiancée but a daughter!  Life was so not fair.   Taking the invoice, she rounded the counter and vanished into the back room to begin on the pieces Yuri had ordered, all the while wondering what horrible crime she committed in a past life to receive such unjust punishment.   +------------+------------+   The sun was slipping behind the horizon when the sound of jangling keys was heard.  Moments later, the front door to the Shibuya house was thrown open.   “Yu-chan,” Miko Shibuya, otherwise known as Jennifer called as she stepped into the house.  “Sho-chan!  We’re home!”   Shoma stepped into the foyer behind his wife with a heavy sigh.  He set the armload of green cloth bags down and shut the door behind him.  “Now, Honey, Shori has his own apartment, remember?” he reminded his wife in a clam clear voice, similar to how one would speak to a child.  Sometimes, it was the only way to get her to understand.  “And Yuri is-”   Jennifer waved her husband’s words aside, giving them no heed as she gave a tired sigh of her own as her greeting was met with silence.  It just was not fair.  Both of her boys had no time for their mama anymore.  Shori as the demon king of the Earth and Yuri as the demon king of the Great Demon Kingdom.  Her little Yu-chan was even engaged to be married and had a precious little girl of his own that she hardly ever saw.  Boys were just no fun.  They grew up too fast and then abandoned their mama.  She was absolutely certain that if she had had a girl, things would be much different.   “Don’t worry, Honey.  You always have me.”  Shoma grinned broadly.   Feeling even more depressed, Jennifer moved sluggishly into the kitchen after removing her shoes and slipping into her house slippers without saying anything.   Quickly grabbing the grocery bags, Shoma followed his wife into the house.  “Honey?  Jennifer?”   ------------TBC------------   (1)  For those of you who don’t know, I have been writing Gravitation fanfics for several years (not on FF though) so I just had to put a slight reference to it in the story.  Besides, there will be a pre-sequel to “Wolfram’s Bruise” that will be a crossover with Gravitation     A/N:  Sorry this was so short.  Ten pages according to Microsoft word.  This was originally going to be a one-shot, but if I waited to upload it until it was finished, you would have waited for a long time because I am working on several other things at the same time.   So, what did you think?