Onmyou Taisenki Fan Fiction ❯ I Don't Want To Forget ❯ I Don't Want To Forget ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
No matter how much he didn’t want to admit it, Riku knew that sooner or later it might just happen. It had only been three weeks since he had formed the contract with Kogenta…or rather three weeks since he had found his first true friend and pulled into the all out war between the Ten-ryuu and the Chi-ryuu. He thought that he and Kogenta would be together until the battles were over; yet he found to soon that if he lost a battle, then he would lose not only Kogenta but all memories of him. From that day on, every night he looked at the Drive sitting on his desk he would silently start to cry. Riku didn’t know how he could live without remembering Kogenta and all the fun times they had shared. Sure he had his friends from school, and Souma; a former Chi-ryuu member who was now his friend but Kogenta was just…more special to him than anyone else.

Day after day, he just shut himself up in his room. It was the only place he felt safe from the battles and from losing his best friend. Riku hadn’t eaten anything in three days, and only left to use the bathroom. Though Souma tried to talk with him, to make him feel better; it was no use. Though Kogenta wanted to say something, he knew that seeing him wouldn’t make matters any better for Riku. If anything it would make them worse. While Kogenta and Souma had been talking for awhile, they hadn’t come up with a way to snap Riku out of it. Sooner or later an enemy would attack them and while they both tried not to picture it; they kept seeing Rangetsu smashing down the whole house with that insane strength of his.

Souma hated seeing Riku like this. He had done the same thing for days upon arriving; but he knew all that time that it wouldn’t do any good. Time didn’t turn back for anyone, and things that they may not want to happen; could very well happen. Somehow Souma and Kogenta had to knock Riku out of this. Kogenta had an idea, though he needed for Riku to summon him from his Drive. That was the real test, as Kogenta was sure he could bring Riku back from his emotional depths. It was up to Souma to get Riku to summon Kogenta, and he had a few ideas; however he wasn’t sure if any of them would work.

Souma lightly tapped on Riku’s door. “Riku-sama, can I come in?” He asked softly. He waited a few seconds, but heard nothing. He pressed his ear to the door; but still nothing. He wondered if Riku was even in there, and that worried him greatly. It wasn’t a good idea for Riku to be wandering outside in his state. It would only take a half a second for a passing car to…

Souma shook his head to get rid of such images, he didn’t want to think about that no matter what. He took a deep breath and pushed the door aside. Inside Riku’s room it was dark. The shades were closed; blocking out most of the light. Souma could hear Riku now that he was in the same room-yet he see him. However it only took him a minute or so to find Riku, his back pressed against the wall and holding onto Kogenta’s Drive. His head was buried in his arms; so Souma assumed he couldn’t see him. The smaller boy walked over to his friend and kneeled down in front of him.
“Riku-sama…please look at me. It’s not good for you to be locked up in your room all day.” Riku stopped for a moment and looked up at Souma’s face. For the first time, Souma saw his friend in pain. Tears were rolling down his face, so much it seemed like an endless waterfall.

“Souma-kun…I don’t want to lose him. If it means risking that, then I don’t want to fight anymore. I just can’t handle it.” Riku looked down upon the Drive in his hands, like it was the last thing he would ever see in his life. “Why can’t the fighting just end? Why must we battle each other? Why can’t this war just stop…?”

“Riku-sama…I know how you feel a little…” Riku’s eyes shoot open upon hearing these words from Souma. “All of this time, I kept thinking about if my brother would forget about me if the Chi-ryuu won…I still think about it even now. Not knowing how things will turn out can be painful; but it’s that same unseen future that can make us change the course of our lives. If you really want to help everyone, including Kogenta…then summon him and let him tell you the real truth.” Riku could just barely see it. Small tears had begun to well up in Souma’s eyes. Riku knew he was right, and nodded to him. Even then it took him awhile to gather enough strength to summon the byakko.

Once Kogenta had taken form; Souma moved aside and let Kogenta kneel down in his place. “Riku what Souma says is true. One can change the course of their future, it all depends on if their willing to do it though. I know that if we lose, then you’ll forget me; but with that in mind we need to focus our efforts on obtaining more In and stopping the Chi-ryuu from completing whatever plot their dreaming up. I know it’ll be tough, but this is the only true way to go about this. I can’t promise you that things won’t turn out bad, but that is why we must continue moving forward. You humans only get a small amount of time to live, and you may end up regretting many things at the end of your life. However that is why no matter what, you should always head toward your goal; and make due with the time that you have left. We may lose tomorrow, but if we can enjoy the time we’ve had together until then…we’ll end up having no regrets.”

Riku looked at Kogenta and fell into his arms. He kept crying on his shoulder, as if letting all his bottled up feelings the past few days out in one burst. Souma wiped the tears from his own eyes and smiled at Kogenta who didn’t take notice. It was the truth, they couldn’t know when they would lose so they had to make every second count.

The following day Riku came out of his room, feeling slightly better. He started eating again, but still didn’t leave the house. He just wasn’t ready to face the world yet, he still had one thing left to do. He went back to his room, Kogenta sitting on his floor with a mindful look upon his face. He stood up upon seeing Riku, who wrapped his arms around him.

“Kogenta…no matter what I don’t want to forget you…I promise you that I’ll make every second with you count in cause we do lose. That is my goal.” Riku smiled up at his friend, who returned it to him.

“Yes Riku…even if we do lose, we’ll never forget these times together. We’ll never forget.”

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