Original Poetry Fan Fiction ❯ A Cool Girl and A Good Friend ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

I once knew a girl,

A girl who was very cool,

And very kind.

That girl brought me joy that one time we met,

And her name was Joy.

When I was on an adventure, looking for my way back home,

I met that pretty young girl who lived out of town.

I only knew that girl for one day,

But the small time we shared will never die.

I remember us sitting on the sidewalk,

Looking at the nighttime sky.

How much we laughed and had in commen.

However, even though I only saw her once,

I will never find another girl like her.

After my parents came to get me,

At the same time Joy went back to her hometown;

That cool and lovely girl was now just a memory.

I'm not sure if I had feelings for that girl,

But she was a great friend otherwise.